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Via David Cay Johnston

& Co. intend to force a despite our Constitution expressly forbidding any establishment of religion.

Jews, Muslims, agnostics, atheists, and actual Christians should be horrified by words below from a retired general who has shown his disloyalty to America..👇🏼

Trump’s former (& future?) nat sec adviser Mike Flynn: “If we are going to have one nation under God which we must, we have to have one religion. One nation under God and one religion under God”

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Lot's of gullible subjects in Amerikka. Maybe because Amerikkka is mired in advertising, we are very susceptible to brainwashing? Hard to figure out how so many people have gone literally insane.


@GottaLaff Okay, how about making Judaism or Islam our national religion, Mike?

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Sad to hear they're discontinuing work on the Apple car

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@TheBreadmonkey Cat: “Is that worm driving an apple, or is the nip finally kicking in?”

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📌 Via Tamar Hallerman: 1/...

Coming at 1 pm: closing arguments from Fulton election defendants who are arguing should be disqualified from the case. We're also expecting both sides to try and submit additional evidence, incl text messages, cell records and an affidavit

Live stream here:

Among today's spectators: Scott Grubman, att'y who rep'd defendant Ken Chesebro. Former Dekalb CEO and gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones is also back

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@tokensane 👍🏼

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@Hootsbuddy Thanks.

I don't know. I thought he did a great job with the details, legally, etc, but sounded unsure of himself (his delivery). I hope the judge gets it right. I have mixed feelings about him.

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Sigh. Via Anna Bower: 1/...

Update from Ft. Pierce: Judge #Cannon did not set a trial date for the classified documents case during the morning session of the scheduling conference.

But she told prosecutors for the special counsel that their proposed July trial date is “unrealistic.”

#TrumpIndictment #Florida #legal #JackSmith #Trump

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@Beachbum Thank you for remembering that.

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If you will all please forgive me, I am about to do a "Brag About The Kids" moment.

My stepdaughter (who is now finishing her third year at Harvard Law School) made this video while bored during the pandemic:

Me, my husband, and her shirtless younger brother make a brief appearance at the end.

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@Teri_Kanefield She’s beautiful and talented, and …what was that little dance you did out there? What era was that from? You all look great!

Teri_Kanefield, avatar

@Catawu That wasn't me! I was the one at the table telling my shirtless son to go get his shirt :)

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i did The Thing I had been avoiding for weeks and it was embarrassingly easy. please clap.

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@thejikz hell yeah

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@lzg same tho sub years for weeks

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Thank u Will. And yes, this is how conspiracy theories and smear campaigns work! It’s exhausting to be targeted in this way just for doing my job.

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@taylorlorenz Appreciated. I think my continued worry is that the thesis hinges on the fact that people will see LOTT as outright dumb based on the interview, and I'm just not confident that is true especially in light of Trump. Maybe that is comparing apples to oranges, though?

nazokiyoubinbou, avatar

@taylorlorenz True for anything on the Inter- ... anything period actually. Fox does this all the time. I remember in particular the way the "Killary" crapola managed to fool so many people including someone who used to be a good friend I thought was smarter than that. Such thing spread all over and everyone took them seriously.

Memetic thinking is a seriously powerful tool with humans I guess.

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Okay just a little experiment I'm gonna link a couple songs, can you listen to a bit of it, and give me a couple adjectives about how it makes you feel?

zakalwe, avatar

@RickiTarr I've always found the Moonlight Sonata — the first movement, at least — peaceful, meditative, restful. Almost minimalist in places, with sometimes just one note every other measure penciling out the melody.

Second movement, honestly, doesn't do much for me.

rothko, avatar

@RickiTarr i find that piece annoying AF. especially toward the end where he trots out all the different instruments. yes, mike, you can play 87 different instruments, that's very clever, but do you play any of them well? not so much.

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I do really want to thank @nivenly (and especially @esk) for sponsoring the work to fix the critical security vulnerability found in @pixelfed earlier in February:

Nivenly stepped up, even though they don't have a stake in Pixelfed, they just wanted to see the Fediverse be safer, more secure and all that.

Without their support, I wouldn't have been able to dedicate the time to handling that (since I'm a freelancer)

See also:

#nivenly #pixelfed

esk, avatar

@thisismissem thanks for being awesome and doing the hard work to research & close it out! ❤️

and thanks @pixelfed for building something awesome for the fedi ❤️

pixelfed, avatar

@esk @thisismissem We really appreciate the support, thanks Emelia, Esk and Nivenly!

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Okay, let me try to ask this question, in a coherent way!

When we hear certain kinds of music, arrangements and tones, we associate them with feelings and emotions, like this sounds magical or whimsical, this sounds bouncy and happy, or dark and tragic. Do you think that is this is innate, like the combination of certain notes and tones just illicit these feelings in most people or is it because we've seen it related to these kinds of emotions on the radio or in movies and TV?

TwoClownsEating, (edited ) avatar


I think it's innate up to a point, then becomes finessed and influenced by experience

Having played a wide range of music around babies and very small children (my own, I'm not a preschool DJ) I've seen reactions that track with the tone of the music

I was playing a Techno record when my eldest kid was very small. He ran out of the room to his bed. We went in and he said "I scared, from de music". Oddly he said it in a slightly English/Dutch accent which we've carried as a family catchphrase ever since for anything unsettling. He was 4 at the time

The track was this, he had a point

3 Phase - Der Klang der Familie

billyjoebowers, avatar


Innate. Per individual, of course.

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Apple backs down on killing web apps! 🎉

But the fight goes on!✊

Read More:

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@westbrook Our work over the last 4 weeks was just to ensure everyone's existing apps continued to work. Apple is obligated to support third-party browser engines in web apps, and we will make sure that it happens.

westbrook, avatar

@owa Love to see it!!

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I made it to Restaurant Ernst in Berlin today - folks, everything I heard about it got topped by the real experience.

I will not call it best because there is no way to compare Vermeer to Van Gogh or El Greco to Mucha, they are too different - but it's definitely among my absolute recommendations.

I had the full menu (their only option) + the non-alcoholic pairing. Wanna come along?

(P.S. Folks, remember, I block ruthlessly if you poop on my party.)

IcooIey, avatar

@vicgrinberg this thread is fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

mina, avatar


Wow! What a menu!

If I read you correctly, they aim to highlight the special qualities of each main ingredient, rather then decomposing it.

I reckon, this is a great way to honour the people actually providing us with the basic ingredients.

Once I finished my move to Berlin and am financially solvent, this is a place I what to dine.

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Periodic reminder: The only way to write good code is to write tons of shitty code first. Feeling shame about bad code stops you from getting to good code.

mrcompletely, avatar

@chip @hadleywickham when I got back into doing visual art I started mercilessly recording and sharing all the absolutely terrible shit I did in the first couple years specifically to own the record of that process. I love seeing successful creators in any field share their failures and half-successful learning pieces. Some of our top engineers here routinely do so and it's encouraging for all the junior talent lol

tartley, avatar

@hadleywickham thank you for posting this. I've been doing this 30 years but this is exactly what I needed reminding of today.

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👉🏼 CVS and Walgreens Will Begin Selling Pills This Month
The pill mifepristone will be available with a prescription at pharmacy counters in a few states to start.

Chancerubbage, avatar

@GottaLaff @WarnerCrocker

And now it’s visible without a click.
Assuming one recognizes the states.

Thanks for the link. The thumbnail of which btw was obscured AND different where visible.

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@GottaLaff umm child abuse?

no strike that, criminal child endangerment and manslaughter


@GottaLaff Thank you, superintendent Walters, for your “thoughts and prayers…for the community” you White Christian Nationalist leper’s penis. (With apologies to any lepers out there.)

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