skaly, to random avatar

I'll say it again:
Zionists = the absolute 99.999 percent of Jews.
If you try and make that difference, because you know a few American or European Jews or even are so yourself - you are giving into tokenizing Jews.
You can separate black people from the organisation of BLM, you can also say that some black people don't believe that black lives matter at all. But you can not say that black people (in west) and the BLM movement are completely separate.
Stop tokenizing Jews and all minorities.

Properganda, avatar

@scudery @61ennepi @skaly @sonyablanck Ask Arabs & Palestinians, who have rejected every opportunity for a two state solution & peaceful coexistence.

scudery, avatar

@Properganda @61ennepi @skaly @sonyablanck
You should really change your profil Pic.

BrodieOnLinux, to random avatar

If Linux is so good why isn't there a Linux 2

architect, avatar

@BrodieOnLinux That's why the last good OS was OS/2

NotAWeeb, to random avatar
pernia, avatar

@NotAWeeb cc @paula9

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TheVinylApe, to vinyl avatar

2024 Europe MOV pressing

I’d been after a #vinyl copy of this album for a very long time, but I was never going to pay $200 for an original pressing of it.
So happy somebody finally reissued this great album; a bit of a lost gem of the #90s #shoegaze thing, and one of the best albums to ever come out of my hometown of Boston.
If you like the genre, and don’t know this album, I strongly recommend it.
Thank you MOV for a great sounding pressing.
#vinylrecords #90smusic


laclobiche, to gamedev avatar

"Fish in the Dark" has just been submitted for two game jams! 😃

A VERY stressful day of finishing and playtesting the game, exporting it to HTML5/Windows/Linux/Android, and creating the page. 🤯

I was the only one to playtest it, so I'm pretty freaked out about having screwed something up.

But overall, I'm proud of this first submitted project. 🎣

Your feedback and support are most welcome! ❤️

jake4480, avatar

@laclobiche man, this looks cool as hell heheh. Will try it out for sure 😀

madbarrister, to HashtagGames avatar
elmiller0330, to animals avatar

Oh look, it's me when I'm faced with real-world responsibilities.

R1Rail, to random French avatar

après-midi arbre généalogique, la famille à fouiller les registres d'état civil de La Rochelle au début du XIXème siècle, en ce demandant "c'ets Robin, Rodin, Bobin ou Bodin ?"

matthieu, avatar

alors que si on te propose de devenir citoyen d'honneur-kébab, là ça va.


miodvallat, avatar

@matthieu @R1Rail Absolument !

VPS_Reports, to random avatar

I sincerely believe Ryan’s speech at the Nex Benedict vigil and march was Harvey Milk levels of powerful. That’s why I’m the only journalist who filmed it. The rest of the local media pretended this never even happened.

snurb, to random avatar

😣 Literally everyone (except perhaps the hapless Josh Frydenberg) saw this one coming:

For some analysis on why Meta doesn't care one whit about news on Facebook, here's some @qutdmrc research @antmandan and I prepared earlier:

afterdark, to random avatar
climatematch, to random avatar

Our academies are also a unique human experience, all from the comfort of your home 🥰 Only a few hours left before applications open on March 1st, everywhere on Earth!

JamesBoag, to random avatar

I don't wanna get too emotional but man oh man, every time I put the car in reverse it takes me back.

TomSullivan, to random avatar

There remains one guardrail left to check the conservative goal of restoring rich, white-Christian hegemony and the destruction of America’s pluralistic, multicultural democracy: Voters. YOU.

SteveThompson, to random avatar

Hasn't Project Veritas been found guilty of not veritas?

"Missouri AG sues Planned Parenthood over Project Veritas video involving fictional girl"

"Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey filed a lawsuit Thursday against Planned Parenthood, relying on a staged, edited video from a right-wing group to accuse the organization of illegally transporting minors out of state for abortions."

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