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I’m probably mad for attempting this again but… time to embark on ‘The Pilgrimage’ once more, with a year-long marathon leading up to the 60th.

Last time I did this was from the 49th to 50th anniversary. Quite a few more seasons added since then of course! Can I squeeze them all in? Let’s find out!

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The Long Game: this was possibly the only episode of season one without a particular “hook” to it, like ‘first outer space one’ or ‘first historical’ or ‘a Dalek!’. It’s been a bit overlooked, but its theme of media and news manipulation has only become more relevant.

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Moffat LOVES the trick of carefully-phrased dialogue so someone appears to say one thing but cryptically means something else. Now, he’s very very good at it and finds endless ways to do it, but it does get exhausting having to analyse every line for hidden meanings.

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i downloaded the free dnd rules pdf and i can feel @DarkestKale looking at me

18+ DarkestKale, avatar

@worthlessbums 'even when playing Destiny <this guy's a cunt>'

Why? Why play with people who make you unhappy?

RogerBW, avatar

@DarkestKale @worthlessbums My experience: because the rest of the group doesn't find them as offensive as I do, or because of Geek Social Fallacy #1.

worthlessbums, to random avatar

you know i think /r/rpg is like /r/gamedev

in the sense that i know most everyone in /r/gamedev is not making games

and i don't believe that most people in /r/rpg are actually playing these games

i think they're just making shit the fuck up

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"Any elf or half-elf forester has no abilities to detect secret or concealed doors, as he is never around these structures in the wilderness."

that is an aggressive drawback lol

RogerBW, avatar

@worthlessbums Dude, you've never met a tree with a secret door? Smoke some of this…

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IT'S TUMBLR THREAD TIME! I'll be posting about 5-10 screencaps a day from the very best of tumblr. The mob wants it. The mob will get it.

stavvers, avatar

executive dysfunction

stavvers, avatar

lord montague

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@RL_Dane @benjaminhollon @fbievan @sirber I sideload mobi files that I convert with calibre, workssreally well :)

worthlessbums, to random avatar

hey man i know it's super hard but like you can throttle spells as well

it's pretty easy

given how there are spell components to almost all the spells you love to hate

worthlessbums, avatar

well that's reassuring

RogerBW, avatar

@worthlessbums Step forwards, a safe falls on you.

worthlessbums, to random avatar

blood glucose still over 100 today

i have no fucking idea

exercise, no exercise, eating clean

18+ worthlessbums, avatar

Lazy breakfast

18+ worthlessbums, avatar

i put too much hot sauce in my soup and i accidentally inhaled it send help

worthlessbums, to random avatar


worthlessbums, avatar

i am finding out you can literally play the scum and villainy faction in x-wing

ghosttie, avatar

@worthlessbums what, like pirates and smugglers?

00dani, to random

guilty gears as text posts tbh 🧵

mcc, to random avatar

I've been told people on this website enjoy me trying to think through computer problems out loud while in incredible pain, so good news: I'm taking my new Thinkpad T14 ( out of the box and I'm going to install Linux on it first thing. So expect a LOT of complaining.

mcc, avatar

Fuck you

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Oh… right after posting this I tried to alt-tab, accidentally entered win-tab, and win-tab caused the weather widget I don't want to blossom into a picture of Donald Trump. I guess, somehow, a dedicated button for showing you a picture of Donald Trump is something I should expect of Windows by now.

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Apollo will close down on June 30th. Reddit’s recent decisions and actions have unfortunately made it impossible for Apollo to continue. Thank you so, so much for all the support over the years. ❤️


@christianselig huge thanks for the time we got with Apollo. Any chance you'd like to have a crack at making a Lemmy client?

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I’ve had a lot of questions about Reddit’s planned AMA today and “What if they…”, so I added a section to the bottom of my post to answer that and thought I’d share it here too.

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For the last year I've been semi-daily posting "What I'm Listening To Today" links in this thread:

The thread is now so long it is increasingly breaking Mastodon, so I am making a new thread, starting here.

To recap, here's the entirety of the year-one thread in the most impractical possible format: A YouTube playlist containing 246 songs and running for just over 47 hours:

mcc, avatar

What I'm listening to today: "Stay Crunchy", Ronald Jenkees

In this video a man in a little hat yells "Hello YouTubes" and slams directly into performing an absolutely mindblowing four-minute solo, on a MIDI electric piano VST over FruityLoops beats. (FLStudio/FruityLoops, is IMO, underrated as a serious production music tool.) Ronald, the musician, was an early vlogger who had a whole thing going on and this was the track of his that went most widely viral. It slaps

mcc, avatar

What I'm listening to today: "Funky Stars", Quazar

This is a poppy eurodance DOS tracker tune from 1997. Feels good, slick production, moody 80s/early 90s feel.

After 2000 the artist behind this .xm went on to have a conventional career as a producer, making club techno remixes for a bunch of hip hop artists plus Madonna under the name "Axwell", then cofounding Swedish House Mafia ("Don't You Worry Child").

This track is listed on some mod archives as "Hybrid Song".

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Today's theme is Normal!

You can take this test to see how "Normal" you are, and also how radically left wing you are! LOL Please share the results if you feel like it, or do nothing at all, because it really doesn't matter!

Nonya_Bidniss, avatar

@RickiTarr Yeah I like tech and spent a whole career with the military. Sure, I like big weapons ok but most "male" associated traits in our society seem pretty negative to me. Yet my best friends are male. Some of whom are gay. Gay Marines. It's a conundrum. 😂

DemocracyMattersALot, avatar


Wife disturbed by my “normal” score. LOL.

whangdoodler, to random Finnish avatar

the circus that currently performs in finnish government is getting so out of hands that im just waiting for the day it just implodes in on it self like couple billionaires in a submarine.

below some things from the government period so far:

whangdoodler, avatar

Biggest scandal this week in isn’t really about the nazis or their actions, hate campaigns, conspiracy theories or accusations towards international press being a part of putinist propaganda machine.

It is “is it okay to call a nazi accomplish or a nazi with mean names and overall use harsh language when opposing fascism.”-scandal.

For fucks sake I am 👌 close to completely loosing my shit over here.

whangdoodler, avatar

This weeks and protests in gathered well over 10,000 people in three cities.

Protests were held in Kuopio on Friday 1.9. as well as in Joensuu and Helsinki on Sunday 3.9.

The message is clear; this government is racist, fascist and inhumane in its actions & programmes and finnish people do not accept that.

Next protests is 5.9. in Helsinki as the parliament gathers for the first time.

More than 10,000 gather in Helsinki to protest racism, government. A large-scale anti-racism demonstration took place in central Helsinki on Sunday afternoon. YLE NEWS 14:30 Updated 17:56.
Article in Karjalainen. Couple of hundred people gathered at Joensuu marketplace into a antiracism protests. “This is the worst government in history”. photo of diverse group of people gathered among market stalls. We wont be silenced-protest gathered people of all ages to the marketplace on sunday.

CorentinLamy, to retrocomputing French avatar

Oh mais j'y pense, je vous ai pas encore abreuvés, sous Mastodon, de ma collection de vieux jeux PC 🤓

De passage chez mes parents où elle est stockée je vais pouvoir vous montrer ça, je commence par ce Caesar II que je viens juste de recevoir.

Un jeu que j'ai jamais possédé mais que j'ai poncé chez un copain, son "Plebes are needed" me hante encore.

Le verso et l'intérieur de la boîte. On y voit la notice et le boîtier du CD.

CorentinLamy, avatar

Fin des années 90, est à un tournant : continuer à faire des jeux comme et ou tenter une nouvelle formule ? Deux projets sont lancés, le classique par Julian LeFay, lead sur TES 1&2, et le jeu d'action/aventure par un jeune Todd Howard, qui refonde en passant le lore de la série. Ce dernier convainc : LeFay quitte Bethesda tandis qu'Howard se voit confier le dev de , qui devra au moins autant à Redguard qu'aux premiers .

Verso et contenu de Redguard

CorentinLamy, avatar

J'ai assez largement poncé II à l'époque, qui mélangeait gestion, stratégie et assaut de château en temps réel, à mes yeux c'était un des meilleurs jeux du monde, mais vu comment tout le monde l'a oublié je soupçonne que c'était pas si bien que ça. Je ne sais plus pourquoi je n'ai plus ma boîte de l'époque du coup par nostalgie je me suis fait offrir celle-là récemment.

Verso et contenu de Lords of the Realm II

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