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UK: Prime Minister's speech about peaceful protests is 'deeply worrying' | Amnesty International UK

GhostOnTheHalfShell, avatar


We’ve moved to a new world, “democracy dies in broad daylight”.

QasimRashid, to random avatar

March is Women’s History Month.

A reminder that after no fault divorce was finally legalized in 1970, female suicide rates dropped 20%.🤯

The "strong 1950s family unit" GOP is nostalgic about ignores record high female suicide, suffocating domestic violence, & zero female financial autonomy.

Or maybe that’s the GOP’s goal.😐

MissMeow, avatar

@QasimRashid also the rampant drug and alcohol abuse.

Flobzh, to random French avatar

Bonjour Bonjour
Un grand et beau ciel bleu ce matin au pays du Roi Morvan.
Je vais en profiter pour m activer au jardin, finir le parc à poules, finir de taillera la haie qui dépasse de beaucoup chez le voisin et continuer les semis du potager.
Belle journée à tous 🍀
Bullez bien 😘😘😘

Flobzh, avatar

@MarSolRivas @Kahte il fait trop beau pour se reposer 😋

MarSolRivas, avatar

@Flobzh @Kahte Arf, pas ici 😅

nixCraft, (edited ) to linux avatar

>so how did you turn off your computer in 1995?

we typed:

sync; sync; sync; telinit 0  
nixCraft, avatar

@railmeat @popey you can configure or disable that action in gnome settings


@nixCraft no way, halt already existed in 1995

luckytran, to random avatar

Studies show that you need to rest when in you have COVID to reduce your risk of Long COVID. The CDC shortening their COVID isolation guidelines will put people at greater risk of Long COVID.

CassandraZeroCovid, avatar


“I had no idea that I should try to rest as hard as I needed to rest,” she says.

"Stories like Zimmernan’s—illness, improvement, exercise, crash—are common in the Long COVID world. And they highlight what many researchers, patients, and advocates say is one of the most powerful tools for managing, and potentially even preventing, Long COVID: rest."

freemo, avatar


It is really troubling the leaps you make contrary to scientific consensus on issues like this.

Yes not resting when you have COVID will increase your chances of long covid. However to imply that means more people will get covid by shortening isolation time is a huge leap, particularly if the isolation time is closer to correct and was excesssive before. Getting more rest after COVID is out of your system will not help you prevent long covid, so this is a huge assumption and leap on your part that makes no sense given the current data and consensus.

beandev, to random German avatar

Alptraum wird wahr: macht Drucken zu einem monatlichen

> "HP führt den All-In-Tarif ein, bei dem bis zu 36 Dollar pro Monat für eine begrenzte Anzahl gedruckter Seiten berechnet werden. Sie müssen auch zahlen, wenn Sie nichts drucken."

Wir bauen heutzutage 3D Drucker selbst. Also werden wir 2D Drucker bauen müssen, wenn mehr auf den Zug von HP springen.

ubo, avatar

@beandev Bin zwar mit dem Laserjet, den wir nun schon einige Jahre haben, durchaus sehr zufrieden. Aber das wird dann zweifellos der letzte HP sein. Mit derartigen Geschäftspraktiken können die sich ihre Drucker...

beandev, avatar


Für Bilder nutze ich wirklich Print-Shops, aber Online. Denn das kann ich mit Heimgeräten / Abo-Geräten ohnehin nicht realisieren, was ich da für einen Anspruch habe. Und es kostet dann wirklich extrem wenig.

Wenn ich gebundene Manuskripte brauche, habe ich dafür auch nicht etwas hier rumstehen. Das ist einfach nicht ökonomisch.

Nur, was ich regelmäßig drucke, sind Dokumente. Und da ist ein Farblaser sogar besser als Tinte.

VeryBadLlama, to random avatar

dear diary, it has been 437 days since my husband disappeared under mysterious circumstances. alas, I am unable to inform the police, for I am a mere woman.

WhyNotZoidberg, avatar

@VeryBadLlama Humming "Goodbye Earl"

toriver, (edited ) avatar

@VeryBadLlama very strong Christian Taliban vibes from that dude.

dgar, to random avatar
Kahte, avatar

@dgar 👋 😘😘😘😘

dgar, avatar

@Kahte 🤭🫶

timbray, to random avatar

So… if they’re gonna dump staff who’re trying to unionize. I have my music sitting on computers in my house, 400GB in Apple lossless, I have a fast Internet connection (firewalled of course), I wanna be able to do “shuffle all songs” or "shuffle Miles Davis" while I’m driving or walking around out in the world.

Anyone out there actually done this? [Don’t wanna be rude but would prefer to avoid answers of the “this should work” flavor.]

pl, avatar

@timbray you could use a mpd server exposed to the world? Don't know how well it would perform with bandwidth though but on a LAN it's unnoticeable. And then you'd need client apps (there's mpc and a few others like ncmpcpp). All those things can run on a Pi.. then you can add Bluetooth

johannab, avatar

@timbray @Crispius I’m also currently an Apple Music subscriber, but for years just synced devices and ran either a cable or BT into the car. If spouse is using Android Auto, i can just connect via BT, reverse if my phone’s doing the driving.

Daojoan, to random avatar

The only place you’ll get this configuration of dudes living together is prison.

So I guess that’s good news for Andrew.

kittylyst, avatar

@Daojoan Or:

Get a 4 bedroom house.

Move in with:

A CatDad
Spare room for when friends visit
Lots of cats

Take room 4.


TonyJWells, avatar

This is a New Zealand bunker after the fall of civilisation. And room 4 is not the predator, it's the janitor.

sjvn, to random avatar

This video sums up nicely what would really happen to the Republican Civil War wet dream.


macnchez, avatar

@sjvn let’s be real here though- these people have been fed so much fear and scary shit on Fox News over the last 20 years, what do you really expect? They’ve been groomed into this and will be used to fight civilians, not the government. Totally misses the point and making fun of them definitely doesn’t help. It riles them up and gets them angrier. It’s sick really… they’re not in their right minds.

JKirkpatrick, avatar

Could we put this guy in the first contest?

danhon, to random avatar

They're here.


Oh, and subscribe for when the stickers are out.

(You want the stickers.)

Made with @Ffangohr with a lot of fun.

lzg, avatar

@danhon i feel like “don’t explain capitalism to me” is going to be in my recents forever

timrichards, avatar

@danhon @Ffangohr @joannaholman Could we add "Do not complain about the paywalled link"?

alter_unicorn, to random avatar

C'est officiel, j'ai un nouveau depuis midi.
On a mis des pommes de terre et des pépins de citrouille, piment 🔥 et tomates.
C'est peut-être un peu tôt pour les graines, mais aujourd'hui j'avais le temps.

Nours, avatar

@alter_unicorn faut que je pense a planter mes tomates moi

alter_unicorn, avatar

@Nours je suis à Amiens 😅

Gargron, (edited ) to animals avatar

Hold cat gently like hamburger.

JeffGrigg, avatar


Great Flying Cats!!! ^-^

theropologist, to random avatar

It does wear a body down, being constantly at the mercy of so many motherfuckers.

tayfonay, avatar

@theropologist I'm feeling a sharp increase in fuckery this week and I don't like it

theropologist, avatar

OK, caveat: this has nothing to do with Mastodon. This is about simply trying to exist in a capitalist system in the year 2024 without having your soul completely crushed.

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