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👋 Howdy! I'm the Director of Product Engineering for the group that includes the Jetpack plugin and Jetpack things like our data sync.

I totally understand the concern regarding the #WordPress news yesterday about Automattic's AI data handling.

Jetpack sites are not included, no matter what Jetpack features you have enabled (enhanced distribution, blaze, publicize, etc).

Only public sites/content hosted with (or Tumblr).

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@flameeyes so maybe having WooCommerce is 50 points and 50 points is the trigger point. You're selling stuff, so you're commercial.

Or, maybe it is worth 25 points and we look at traffic to your checkout page or something (just riffing) for when it exceeds a point.

I don't know how to write that into legal terms that are also transparent. But, IANAL so that wouldn't be my job either way. 😂

flameeyes, avatar

@kraft I'm honestly glad to hear it's at least being looked at. I can imagine how hard it is, particularly to make sure it's actually enforceable.

To be honest, personally it would have sounded less of a risk if there was a lower-priced tier to just pay for and be done with it. (But then, it needs to be reliable. Last I used it, as I wrote, it still couldn't tell different Android apps apart!)

But again, I'm seeing it only on the receiving end 😅

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In case anyone was wondering where I am, I just got out of hospital yesterday afternoon after gastro problems topped off with a blood pressure event.

All is not well with my world.

I’ll see you all on the other side.

Love Alex

lubieniebieski, avatar

@alexandra :( wish you a quick recovery Alex!! Stay strong!

box464, avatar

@alexandra Sorry to hear it. Rest and take care.

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@dgar what was it smoking?

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💕 Artist: #PhoebyNewYork (Libby Schoettle) - in City: #NewYorkCity Midtown #Manhattan, 1140 Sixth Ave 44th St, USA 🇺🇸 2024 - Title: "The Best is Yet to Come" ("Das Beste kommt erst noch") ( 📷 by Cats Coffee Creativity) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #UrbanArt #Pasteup #GoodMorning ! ☕🥐🥐

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@morsuapri 👋🏻😁👋🏻 Mooiiiiiiiin ☕🥐🥐

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@bberkholz ☀️👋🏻 Mooiiiiiiiin ☕🥐🥐😘

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Anyone who has not heard their Apple Silicon machine's fans has not performed a long ffmpeg conversion


@christianselig fast forward merges performing expert group

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Here’s a poem called ‘An Extra Day’.

RobertJackson58585858, avatar


Since becoming teetotal in 2003 I count each new year's day as an extra day ... It's lovely :))

NatureMC, avatar

@brianbilston Who says poems can't change the world? I'm doing something very "small" now. And because it's not done in one extra day, I have many more days to continue. 🥰 Thank you for this poem! 🙏

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If you are using the service for your website, you may want to reconsider. This was an amazing product, but the last maintainer sold the project and the domain to a China-based company without warning, and the domain is now pointing to a chinese IP running unknown code.

Birdside announcement by the project original author:

More context in a GitHub issue:

renchap, avatar

An alternative is to use, generously provided by Fastly (@devs) to help migrate to another more maintained solution.

It has been set up by the original project author (now working at Fastly), runs the code that was running previously on the main domain, and have an amazing track record at supporting OSS projects.

Their announcement with more details here:

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Imagine a movie from the future, scripted by an AI, with VFX made by AI, with replicas of AI actors, on a paid streaming channel with advertising:

1 - Tell me a reason why I want to see it.

2 - If you convince me to watch it, tell me a reason why I shouldn't pirate it.

Kubi, avatar

@harriorrihar @Roucan I don't disagree with you, but that doesn’t stop the movie studio's lawyers from coming after you.

harriorrihar, avatar

@Kubi @Roucan

It's not my opinion, the law says so!

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Pine martens caught on camera playing on children's swingset in Ardnamurchan, Scotland. The owner of the video, Les Humphreys, tells us this is a nightly occurence in his garden.

Credit: Les Humphreys, Ardnamurchan Wildlife Watch Facebook Group



GhostOnTheHalfShell, avatar

@globalmuseum cute as children.. prolly as hazardous..

thepoliticalcat, avatar

@globalmuseum What adorable little creatures! I know they're wild, and would never interfere with them, but it's lovely to watch them play for the sheer joy of play!

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We line up and make a lot of noise about big environmental problems like incinerators, waste dumps, acid rain, global warming and pollution. But we don't understand that when we add up all the tiny environmental problems each of us creates, we end up with those big environmental dilemmas. Humans are content to blame someone else, like the government or corporations, for the messes we create, and yet we each continue doing the same things, day in and day out, that have created the problems.

Sure, corporations create pollution. If they do, don't buy their products. If you have to buy their products (gasoline for example), keep it to a minimum. Sure, municipal waste incinerators pollute the air.

Stop throwing trash away. Minimize your production of waste. Recycle. Buy food in bulk and avoid packaging waste. Simplify. Turn off your TV. Grow your own food. Make compost. Plant a garden. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem. If you don't, who will?”

― Joseph C. Jenkins, The Humanure Handbook: A Guide to Composting Human Manure

Feel free to discuss this quote, in the comments just remain civil

compost, avatar

@jmbushcraft Absolutely, humanure is great to compost, here we use it on the landscape mostly, not in the vegetable garden. If you want to do hot compost piles, this will make them heat up very fast, it will pasteurize the pile. Then if you let composting worms finish the work you will have a really fine compost.

levampyre, avatar

@compost Well, sure, be part of the solution. But let's also hold big corps responsible. Climate change is not an issue that we can solve by individual choices. We need laws and regulations that force companies to behave and chose environmentally friendly techiques and materials. Or while we're ad it, let's overcome capitalism altogether, that system of glorified exploitation, that ideology of endless growth on limited resources. Let's become zivilized, caring and nurturing for each other.

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@Krisuuu @pfefferle

Too bad that #Gravatar is actually serving as a #tracker, and gets quite valuable information wherever it is used. See the Automattic #privacy policy on how/where that data can be used.

I disable Gravatar wherever I can and have it ad-blocked too.

melissabeartrix, to random avatar

Just had a call from my mum, her ex husband is still trying to get in contact with me ... {Yes my "father"} ... I don't want this shit at the moment ... He is more than likely going to call me tomorrow

Hugz & xXx

Weanerdog, avatar


Good luck.
Sending hugs.

melissabeartrix, avatar


Thank you ... Hugz

Hugz & xXx

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LinkedIn 5 partages
Masto 57 partages
Sur le même laps de temps ...
Vraiment on est bien ici !

daph, avatar

@Vive_Levant merci 😍

averell, avatar

@daph Ben oui, mais on n’est pas en relation sur LinkedIn…

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Cranky opinion: Notification systems make sense on phones, but have never made sense on desktop/laptop computers. I feel like I basically never get a notification on a desktop unless it's either some kind of ad or just the OS vendor deciding to annoy me.

Even on Linux, the notification system finds ways to show me ads for… other parts of Linux?

SonnyBonds, avatar

@mcc Slack has a tendency to pop up notifications when I have slack active, covering the area where I write in Slack.

mcc, avatar

Okay fine, I GUESS the Linux notification system DID a couple times notify me when there was a new firmware to install in the firmware updater, which is theoretically actually useful, but I don't want to give it credit for that because the Ubuntu firmware updater does not appear to work right

Everybody who told me I was a fool for choosing Ubuntu seems to have been right :(

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i've discusses this before in the context of decentralization and why so much of the web has become a giant pile of shit tools but it's worth repeating bits of it, so here goes

beka_valentine, avatar

when you look at the history of the web, it used to be in the 1990s that most things were transparent in how they were working, at least the site itself

you could right click and view source, and see how the HTML worked, how the CSS worked, how the JavaScript worked

beka_valentine, avatar

React is suited to the needs of Facebook, not you

Kubernetes is suited to the needs of Google, not you

Docker is suited to the needs of large corporations trying to scale to bajillions of people, not you

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