Gargron, to random avatar

I'm tired of hearing about AI, to be honest. I never cared for it. I don't respect people who use generative AI, and I despise companies that sell out people's data to train it. Yes, people will lose jobs to it, but the world will not be better for it. It's just that consequences are rarely immediately apparent in such complex systems.

EyeQ62, avatar

@Gargron Oppression breeds rebellion

Jakra, avatar

@Gargron As always, there will be enormous benefits, for a small percentage of the population. Whether the benefits flow on to the rest of the economy, at the global, national, and local levels remains to be seen.
The eventual benefits of the industrial revolution, which took away jobs, and disrupted the economy, are the very foundation of our current, technological world.
The fact that those same changes to the economy also cause climate change, waste on a truly horrendous scale, the poisoning of the air and water, should not be overlooked. So even if AI eventually becomes an economic boon to the world, it may well still be to the detriment of the planet.
Or maybe I just think the sky is falling.

daph, to random French avatar

Bon bah c’est parti !

Une alternance en en Vendée (Pouzauges, les herbiers, Chantonnay, Cholet, la roche sur yon), possibilité d’aller jusqu’à Nantes si au moins 3 jours de télétravail. Début de contrat souhaité en septembre 2024 mais je suis libre à partir du 1er août.

lutindiscret, avatar

@daph peut-être @aukfood

daph, avatar

@lutindiscret d'abord merci pour le compte, je savais pas qu'ils étaient sur masto. je sais pas s'ils ont un pôle cuber, par contre Guillaume intervient à l'ENI régulièrement, je l'ai déjà eu en formateur @aukfood

piou, to music French avatar

Bonjour les p'tits mammouths !

Je me suis endormie comme une crotte à 21h et j'ai même pas l'impression d'être reposée....pfff

Bon. C'est pas tout ça mais va falloir se bouger. Le café et le thé sont sur le comptoir

Bonne journée et des bisous !

piou, avatar

@Wildebeest coucou le gnou 😘

1HommeAzerty, avatar

@piou @Grumpfff
Oui bonjour, c'est la reprise qui casse tout.
Toy Dolls, Kids of Tyne and wear.
#TootRadio #PouetRadio

Freyja, (edited ) to random French avatar

Vous avez un compte sur LDLC?

Une base de données d'1,5M d'utilisateurs est en vente.

Attention au risque de phishing.

Les données fuitées sont :

  • Civilité
  • Prénom
  • Nom
  • Email
  • Tel portable et fixe
  • Adresse
  • etc.

#infosec #leak #ldlc

EDIT: même s'il n’apparaît pas dans le leak, le conseil de changer le mot de passe reste important.


Freyja, avatar

@John_Livingston j'ai pas de compte LDLC mais j'ai changé celui sur avec un mdp généré type "L$w1@c8UpG5x%b#t#dfMsHxF4RYL6QP2" et c'est passé.

Je ne sais pas ce que tu as mis pour le faire bug.

En sus je parie que c'est dans le javascript donc interprété par ton navigateur, en vrai tu peux le faire sauter si c'est le cas (du coup un hacker ne se générait pas)

John_Livingston, avatar

Aucune idée du mot de passe en question, je l'ai généré avec keepassxc, sans même utiliser l'ASCII étendu (donc c'est pas foufou non plus les caractères utilisés..., c'est de l'ordre de /*&... ). Et je ne l'ai plus sous la main.

Je n'ai pas cherché à débugger si c'est coté client ou serveur que le message est généré.

underlap, to random avatar

Is office365 unavailable today?

gilesdring, avatar

@underlap @cymplecy Underrated toot. 👏

underlap, avatar

@numeredevs I can't tell as I only use it when I absolutely have to.

(Unfortunately, I have to use Teams later today, so let's hope that's down.)

Ruth_Mottram, to climate avatar

It matters where the water comes from.

Why does the loss of ice in Antarctica affect Northern Europe more than melt in Greenland?

Apparently, many people are confused about how global and local sea level rise are not the same so I wrote a brief blog post to try and explain it.

Posting again for the European morning crowd..

#ClimateDiary #SeaLevelRise #ClimateChange
#Antarctica #Greenland #iceSheet

pvonhellermannn, avatar

@Ruth_Mottram oh wow, thank you! One of those things I have never understood. Very much look forward to reading this.

Loukas, avatar

@Ruth_Mottram the whole distance gravity effect thing is absolutely outrageous and I'm not sure we should allow the natural sciences to get away with this kind of science fiction stuff.

dgar, to random avatar
leece, avatar

@dgar what was it smoking?

Loukas, to Autism avatar

Is self-diagnosis valid for autism? I argue that self-diagnosis is the only valid form of diagnosis.

Firlefanz, avatar


Self-diagnosed Autistic here.

Getting an official diagnosis in Germany is expensive, exhausting and often not helpful, so I'm not seeking one.

I am holding a day job (and counting down the days to retirement), so there's little I can gain from an official diagnosis and possibly much to lose.

Even so, learning to respect my needs as Autistic person is already changing my life. And learning to make good use of my amazing abilities is... way beyond life-changing.


Loukas, avatar

@Firlefanz thank you, that's a very important insight.

echo_pbreyer, to random German avatar

Ärztliche Zwangsuntersuchung von Führerscheininhabern alle 15 Jahre ohne jegliche Auffälligkeit? Grüne, Volt, ÖDP, die PARTEI waren dafür - wir konnten es aber verhindern.


Wenn jemand nicht mehr fit genug ist ein Auto zu führen, dann ist der- oder diejenige eine ernsthafte Gefahr für alle Menschen im Straßenverkehr. Besonders für ungeschützte Verkehrsteilnehmerinnen wie Fuß- und Radverkehr.

Mit einem Kraftfahrzeug kann man erheblichen Schaden anrichten.
Freiheit, Würde und Teilhabe ist NICHT allein vom Auto abhängig, sondern von einem angemessenen & kostengünstigen ÖPNV-Angebot für alle.

root42, avatar

@helgenug @echo_pbreyer du hast hashtag teilhabe vergessen

melissabeartrix, to random avatar

Just had a call from my mum, her ex husband is still trying to get in contact with me ... {Yes my "father"} ... I don't want this shit at the moment ... He is more than likely going to call me tomorrow

Hugz & xXx

Weanerdog, avatar


Good luck.
Sending hugs.

melissabeartrix, avatar


Thank you ... Hugz

Hugz & xXx

msquebanh, (edited ) to music avatar

Now going on a full out appreciation thread.

Starting with this:


cmdrmoto, avatar

@msquebanh About disease baby,
Rock Hudson, rock, yeah!


msquebanh, avatar

Just skip the rest of above & just listen to this 😃

cheeaun, (edited ) to random avatar

🤔 Hmmm #️⃣test

callionica, avatar

@cheeaun Looks like this on iOS. Clicking it works and the title of the hashtag page displays correctly.

cheeaun, avatar

@callionica I'm seeing this on Safari too. Codepoints got split between tags (span), inserted by Mastodon. Somehow Chrome manage to render it as if they aren't split.

pluralistic, to random avatar

Things I'm not allowed to do in my hotel room.

glennf, avatar

@pluralistic Those are things the hotel owner cannot do! You should swear a lot.

glennf, avatar

@katzenschiff @pluralistic An office landlord for below Class C space (informal but zoned correctly, non-office-building “junk“ class) had an obscenity and pornography clause in the lease. As a bunch of writers and designers, we couldn’t agree on principle and also because it was too easy for an excuse to break the lease. But also, he swore he never modified the lease for anyone…and forgot to accept changes in Word so we could see all the changes he had made for other people.

Claire, to random French avatar

😭 la put*** de ses morts
Sortir d'une maison labyrinthe avec beaucoup de pièces et d'escaliers en dansant le tango avec VGE c'était ma mission de la nuit

Neko0001, avatar

❤️ ❤️
Ben dis donc.
je sais pas ce que c'est VGE, mais dansser dans un labyrinthe, olala, le rêve

Claire, avatar

C'est Valéry Giscard d'Estaing 😭
Mais ça aurait pu être merveilleux sinon lui, oui 😁

owa, to random avatar

5 DAYS left until Apple breaks all Web Apps on iOS in the EU.

📰 Contact/Talk to media
⚠️ Raise the alarm
📢 Spread the word

Don't let Apple kill mobile web apps all for the sake of profit

✍️ Sign the open letter:

matrakuku, avatar

Who buys their products?

mborus, avatar

@owa Signed. As an iPhone mini user I’m hurt by this a lot (really need full screen web pages because the screen is small).

Anyone recommend a high quality Android phone sub 6 inch screen size if Apple doesn’t track back?

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