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Shoutout to those born in the mid-to-late 1900’s!

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@dgar STAHP

pixel, avatar

@dgar @Kahte 75 here too! Woo!

GottaLaff, to random avatar

How’d I miss this one?

Lauren ’s son arrested, faces 22 charges

GottaLaff, avatar

@mscheffel I didn’t mock.

Chancerubbage, avatar

@GottaLaff @WarnerCrocker she is a rodeo clown, but actually does have enough sense to keep her family out of the ring.

GottaLaff, to random avatar

🤨”Marianne Williamson announced she is unsuspending her Democratic presidential campaign.

In a statement, released the day after the Michigan primary in which a sizable amount of Democratic voters selected "uncommitted" ..Williamson pointed to what she said was the president's vulnerability in a general election..”

GottaLaff, avatar

@mloxton Agree

jztusk, avatar


Agree. And NYT is sure to spin this into their anti-Biden narrative. Williamson is a bad person for doing this. I was just putting out an idea for why she was doing this.

daph, to random French avatar

Euh, ça veut dire oui ça ?? ou peut-être, ou quoi ? j'aime pas ces formulation pas nettes (même si je crois que ça veut dire oui).

Phipe, avatar

@daph @FoucPerotin

habavi pourquoi se casser le cul hein !

daph, avatar

@Phipe @FoucPerotin c’est bien connu qu’aucune meuf ne fait ce job.

ajsadauskas, (edited ) to climate avatar

If you care about the planet, please make sure you sit down before you start reading this post about ExxonMobil.


The CEO of ExxonMobil just said this in an interview: "We’ve waited too long to open the aperture on the solution sets in terms of what we need, as a society, to start reducing emissions."

Who's the most influential voice on climate change? Who's to blame for inaction on climate change?

According to the CEO of ExxonMobil, it's environmental activists.

No, really:

"Frankly, society, and the activist—the dominant voice in this discussion—has tried to exclude the industry that has the most capacity and the highest potential for helping with some of the technologies."

Oh, and the CEO of ExxonMobil also apparently thinks consumers are to blame for climate inaction:

"Today we have opportunities to make fuels with lower carbon, but people aren’t willing to spend the money to do that."

Gets better.

He thinks unnamed 'people who generate emissions' should pay for it. (Rather than, say, major transnational oil companies.)

"People who are generating the emissions need to be aware of [it] and pay the price. That’s ultimately how you solve the problem."

Worth including a quick reminder here that Exxon-Mobil made a US$36 billion profit in 2023:,higher%20oil%20and%20gas%20production.

Not gross revenue.


So, remind me again. Who knew about climate change before most of the public?

"Exxon was aware of climate change, as early as 1977, 11 years before it became a public issue... This knowledge did not prevent the company (now ExxonMobil and the world’s largest oil and gas company) from spending decades refusing to publicly acknowledge climate change and even promoting climate misinformation."

And just who, exactly, stood in the way reducing emissions all these years?

"ExxonMobil executives privately sought to undermine climate science even after the oil and gas giant publicly acknowledged the link between fossil fuel emissions and climate change, according to previously unreported documents...

"The new revelations are based on previously unreported documents subpoenaed by New York’s attorney general as part of an investigation into the company announced in 2015. They add to a slew of documents that record a decades-long misinformation campaign waged by Exxon, which are cited in a growing number of state and municipal lawsuits against big oil."


pelotron, avatar

Our military presence in the Middle East is a gigantic oil subsidy. Who does he think it is that is escorting oil tankers lol.

candle_lighter, avatar
helenczerski, to mastodon avatar

University College London shoutout! UCL is unwilling to set up a Mastodon account now, but they say that if there's lots of UCL presence here already it will nudge them in this direction. If you're at UCL or know someone who is, and you're on here, please reply to this to let us know! Current chief plotters: @sellathechemist , me and maybe more)

helenczerski, avatar
helenczerski, avatar

@WiltClan @sellathechemist Yes, this isn't a department thing - it's a whole-university thing. If they don't mind sharing who they are on Mastodon, that would be great.

scudery, to random French avatar

Donc l'enfant depuis ce matin est dans un mood turbo insultes, depuis 9h sa sœur et moi avons essuyé des injures telles que "caca Raspoutine" "manchottes", "espèce de fugueuse", et "tu pues le Pascal Praud".

Cet enfant va faire ressortir la Caroline Goldman qui sommeille en moi.

heldum, avatar

@scudery du coup il le dit avec l'accent ?

scudery, avatar

ah non pas du tout mais ce serait drôle !

SuperDicq, to random

KDE 6 got the real game changing features right there.

straw, avatar

@lanodan @SuperDicq @jeanjack to this day linux mint mate and xfce still ship with compiz and i think it's definitely gives me more confidence in that project to recommend to new users
it's not enabled by default but hey, it gives that underrated and important feeling of a system being not just usable but almost fun or interesting in a way, and i think that really helps drive adoption
atleast when i find out of ordinary or playful feature like that that's how i feel, even since i would poke around 98 or xp as a kid and find little details like that


tk, avatar

@SuperDicq Living like it's 2007. :blobfoxmlem:

sebsauvage, (edited ) to chrome French avatar

Rappel : À partir du mois de juin, Chrome (et ses dérivés) vont fortement se merdifier.
En effet va entrer en vigeur le ManifestV3 de Google.


  • les bloqueurs de publicité seront limités à 30 000 règles, pas plus.
  • ils ne pourront plus se mettre à jour quotidiennement, mais seulement lors de publication de nouvelles versions des extensions (que Google met parfois jusqu'à 3 semaines à valider)


Sans_DeC, avatar

@sebsauvage Ce n’est pas à partir de juillet que Google abat la concurrence en mettant fin aux cookies tiers dans Chrome ?


@sebsauvage c'est pour ça qu'il faut utiliser Firefox

vagina_museum, to random avatar

We're locked out of our instagram, for real this time. The reason? We questioned their moderation standards in censoring pubic hair in art.

ronanmcd, avatar

@vagina_museum and yet this is totally fine

vagina_museum, avatar

Oh hey, guess what? Instagram quietly reinstated the post and gave us back posting/reading privileges with zero communication whatsoever.

We're not holding out any hope that it won't happen again, but that won't stop us posting muffs in art on there.

BinGanzBrav, to random German avatar

Ein 🧵

  1. Der Jurist Ulrich Vosgerau, Mitglied der CDU, nahm im November 2023 an einem Geheimtreffen im Landhaus Adlon teil, gemeinsam mit Neonazis, mit AfD-Politikern, Mitgliedern der WerteUnion und u.a. dem Mörig-Clan. [1]

  2. Im Rahmen dieses Treffens wurde geplant Millionen Menschen aus Deutschland zu deportieren. Entsetzte Stimmen bezeichneten dieses Geheimtreffen als „Wannseekonferenz 2.0“.

BinGanzBrav, avatar


Danke schön

Recherchebuero_Schaumburg, avatar


mjg59, to random avatar

Thought experiment: imagine a language model where you can describe exactly how you want software to behave, and it produces a binary that does that. You don't get the source code, but it works 100% of the time. As long as you can install this binary on whatever device you have, does this achieve the goals of free software?

sldrant, avatar

@ben @mjg59 with a compiler analogy I'd say no if the compiler is not also open, as consent to that compiler could be withdrawn at any time

penguin42, avatar

@mjg59 @sil I don't think it's related to C's modelling of the hardware, I think it's related to having a definition of the input language. Could you replace your LLM by anohter LLM implementation that would be able to handle all the valid input that yours provided?

nixCraft, to random avatar

If anyone, especially the Nvidia CEO, tells you not to teach your kids maths, science, coding, art, or personal finance. Ignore him and do the opposite of what he is saying. Teach your kids the skills they need to thrive. Embrace education for all kids. By encouraging critical thinking and a love of learning, you give your kids powerful tools to shape their futures, which also helps build strong nations.

shokuninstudio, avatar

@nixCraft Jensen has always been a cunt. His bike jacket thing is there to make him look cool when he’s one of the biggest dip shits in tech.

peterbutler, avatar

@eugenialoli @nixCraft but there’s a difference between “don’t make computer science your only focus” and “don’t teach your kids to code”

There’s much value in learning to program software even if it becomes much less lucrative as a career

lain, to random avatar

is there an easy tool to encrypt a file with a given password? I know gpg can do it but it's so complicated. i want something like signify but for encryption with a password.

feld, avatar

@lain here you go

openssl enc -aes-256-cbc -in filename -out filename.encrypted

openssl bf -in filename -out filename.encrypted

noybeu, to random avatar

You thought paying for your seat was annoying? If Meta's "Pay or Okay" approach is legitimised by the EDPB, paying an extra fee for your privacy will become a standard for other services as well.

linos, (edited ) avatar

Excellent work of yours!

Something similar is already happening with discount cards and discount prices at #OEBB and other train companies. Without sharing data one can not purchase the cheap tickets.

aral, avatar

@noybeu @AnneTheWriter1 Excellent point, beautifully made.

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