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Most of the alphabet soup: Queer Bi Lesbian and Non-binary Trans Woman.

Disclaimer: I am a bimbo, so assume that any claims I share are likely more nuanced and careful than my ditsy ass can put into words at any moment. Apologies in advance. 😅



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JoscelynTransient, to music
@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

Super random question: Are there any or musical artists people would suggest that play with horror/dark fantasy/goth-y themes?

I just realized that while I know so many other genres that cross over into horror themes (from psychobilly to hyperpop), I can't name any that are more rooted in Hip Hop, Rap, or R & B. I gotta imagine that there's someone crossing over into these themes. I mean, MF Doom did amazing things playing with superhero and fantasy, gotta imagine there's someone who has done similar with horror.

Mog, to random
@Mog@horrorhub.club avatar

Ten years ago when I was a few months away from turning thirty-five, I was absolutely certain that I was a cis het neurotypical woman.

Mind you, I wasn't very good at being a woman. Or neurotypical. But still. I was positively certain that's what I was.


@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@Mog I'm right there with you, convinced I was neurotypical, straight, and cis man at 31....an ADHD, bisexual disaster, nonbinary trans woman by 36. 😅​

Honestly, the experience of letting my egg crack and confronting what I had buried has taught me a special kind of humility about what I "know." I really thought I "knew" those facts about myself, and was just so completely twisted up and upside-down on all of it. Being open to being wrong about ourselves, learning, exploring, growing, and blossoming is a beautiful way to live. 💖​

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@Mog Also....I am absolutely terrified to learn what I don't know about myself now in 5 years. Am I a furry? Did it turn out I was really good at cross-stitch? What did it take for me to join an anarchist militia in the mountains? ....only time will tell...

JoscelynTransient, to random
@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

So um....gay?

emmalilian, to random
@emmalilian@eldritch.cafe avatar

Oh god my phone fed me an incredibly rare photo of me and wifey from 2016 when we went to Disneyworld and that’s… something. Hate looking at those old pictures.

I did look at it old enough to make a copy, crop it and stick it in my timeline album… just in case I want to play with it later though.

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@emmalilian yeah...it's a jump scare these days to suddenly see His face unexpectedly

faaln, to random

Second week in a row someone has expressed surprise that I'm 37 ​:puniko_shrug:​

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@faaln happens to me too! Have had it happen multiple times where people will say something like, "oh, but you wouldn't get it, you're so young." And i'm like...um...i'm the same age as you? 😅

bazkie, to random
@bazkie@chaos.social avatar

I'm a bit bisexual.. I know, that's very gay 😔 😳

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@bazkie What's gayer than being gay - being bisexual 👉​👉​

twipped, to random
@twipped@twipped.social avatar

Strange old hermits, living in deserts, distributing laser swords is no basis for a system for government!

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@OftOverthinking @twipped like....i'd honestly consider it at this point 😮‍💨

jasmine, to random
@jasmine@chaosfem.tw avatar

I really appreciate everyone who sticks around even when I turn into this infinite well of toots of darkness

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@jasmine um...you've seen my posts, right? I can get down in that well right there with, sister 💜

invalidname, to random
@invalidname@mastodon.social avatar

OMFG, Google’s AI answers know who the real villain on “Peppa Pig” is. This thing is brilliant.

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@invalidname wait...how did it even construct this combination of details?! How did Al-Qaeda get pulled in?!?!

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@invalidname oh, okay, that makes way more sense. I was out of the loop on that. 😅

JoeUchill, to random
@JoeUchill@mastodon.social avatar

Can I use gasoline to cook spaghetti faster?

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@JoeUchill okay, to be fair, if you saute garlic in gasoline, it will be....um....fragrant. 😬

WrenArcher, to buddhism
@WrenArcher@beige.party avatar

Over the past few weeks I’ve come across little reminders of the 15yrs-ish long Buddhist practice and spiritual walk I once had.

It’s been kind of….

It's brought back some fond memories.

Along with those little reminders, the recent, violent storm we experienced here in the Houston area was a big reminder. And then today, I had an appointment with my liver doctor. They have all reminded me of some of the teachings in which I tried to live my life.

And while I somewhat remember most of those I studied …
compassion for others and one's self,
connectedness and oneness, etc. I haven’t kept them at the forefront of my mind for nearly ten years?... twelve? I mean, I aspire to be a good person but I miss the mark daily. I am trying though. (see my pinned post)

Not sure why I’m posting this.
Maybe I needed the reminder. Maybe it's a nudge to begin a mindful, intentional practice again.

Maybe I need some coffee.
Maybe i need to start going to the gym again.
All of the above?

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@WrenArcher I sometimes think about putting more time and energy back into Zen as I used to practice semi-regularly too. It's something I put aside for a lot of reasons, but I keep wondering if it would do me some good to reconnect with that since it's one of the few religious spaces I felt more at home in.

If nothing else, the lessons of impermanence and compassion are good to place back at the front of our minds. Thanks for the nudge 💜​

winter, to random
@winter@translunar.academy avatar


@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@winter ....seek shelter with other lesbian, right? So we can smooch in private?

brooke, to random
@brooke@bikeshed.vibber.net avatar

they made a second season of "milf manor", the reality show where a bunch of hot middle-aged women compete for the affections of younger hot men

sadly they did not title it

"2 milf 2 manor"

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@brooke i swear that was a joke name for a reality tv show as a parody of how ridiculous reality shows were in a comedy...like...was it 30 rock? Is Tina Fey to blame? 😄

JoscelynTransient, to random
@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

Oh, I forgot, the other day was my HRT Anniversary! 4 years on estrogens! Roughly 5 years of transing about in the world and becoming me!

I'm pretty sure that means I'm in my early 20s in trans years and it tracks given that I am NOT ready to have kids of my own and would rather recklessly spend the night out dancing at a lesbian bar than get sleep...but I have the body of someone approaching 40 and it does not tolerate since indiscretion 🤣​

rooster, to random
@rooster@chaosfem.tw avatar

When @caroline photobombs your selfie with @erl

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@rooster @caroline @erl so many cuties in one place!!! 🤩🤩🤩

NicolaElle, to trans
@NicolaElle@chaosfem.tw avatar

And, in the latest installment of on trains…

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@NicolaElle trans on trains! 🤩

futurebird, to random
@futurebird@sauropods.win avatar

There is an ant colony that lives in the cracks of the asphalt in 2nd ave. In the center of the street. I don’t know if I should call them absolute legends or idiots. They use the cracks as highways like sidewalks ants. It’s a big colony although I can never get a good look at them without getting hocked at.

Perhaps I am the legendary idiot in this story.

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@futurebird RIP ant nerd died doing what she loves...looking at ants...in the middle of the street... 😅

CharlotteEowyn, to random
@CharlotteEowyn@chaosfem.tw avatar

Fuck them, still a girl, kinda sassy, maybe a bit cute.


@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@CharlotteEowyn Certified cutie 💯​

Impossible_PhD, to random
@Impossible_PhD@hachyderm.io avatar

I'll be taking next week off on SGW. Several reasons why, but generally busy. I'll be out of town for part of the weekend and....

I bought a new car on Monday. My very first new car. For those who haven't, buying a new car is a Whole Fucking Process.

So yeah. Taking the breather.

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@Impossible_PhD When I got our hybrid, that was one of the biggest things that was really nice but a process to get used to. I realized quickly how much I relied upon vibration and noise to tell me how quickly I was accelerating...and accidentally ended up speeding way too easily 😅​

RickiTarr, to random
@RickiTarr@beige.party avatar

Sometimes the way people phrase things is so telling. For instance, telling women they should be "taking care of" their husband and children. Another adult doesn't need taken care of like a child, what you want is for women to be a Sex Mom.

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

@RickiTarr not to be confused with a sex Mommy or sex Daddy - very different things! 😅

I do believe in a horseshoe theory of queerness - if you go straight enough you wind up in very kinky, queer territory! You have to submit to and take care of him? You need to be obedient and bend your will and do as your told? ....just um, get a dom, it's fine. Don't make it weird by bringing your family into it 😒

JoscelynTransient, to random
@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

What people don't understand about a white trash bitch is that we take care of our own - we can be incredibly tender and compassionate to our community because we know no one else will take care of them or see the good in them that we do. But we will also throw down in a fucking instant for our people because that's how we survive.

This is my ethos and written into my very nervous system by survival and trauma.

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

Okay, now I'm realizing I have a whole ass White Trash Bitch manifesto in me that I need to write down one of these days....When I am done grading these papers, you all are going to have a lot of ready to do!

JoscelynTransient, to random
@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

Abigail! You didn't just pop out of a ladies room and scream "LET'S TALK ABOUT FEMBOYS!" 🤣​🤣​🤣​💀​💀​💀​

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

And Abigail's quotes are being read by what is basically a list of my youtube subscriptions 😅😅😅

Like, if you can name each person by their voice alone (well, except maybe Mattie, her voice sounded like they're getting over a cold), then you are almost certainly trans :BlobhajTransPrideHeart:

@JoscelynTransient@chaosfem.tw avatar

I should note, this confirms my previous claim: cis people can't youtube. Cis people are now banned from youtube and the video essay format. They are only allowed to podcast from now on.

So sayeth the Joscelyn

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