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Mastering Content Structure with Ease Thanks to Drupal’s Revamped Field UI (

Authored by: Nadiia Nykolaichuk. Whatever specific kinds of content your website needs — articles, news, testimonials, products, user profiles, events — fields help organize them into predefined structures or templates. This ensures consistency in how all items of a certain type are displayed and managed, and gives you...

@alexmoreno's (Drupal Innovation Coordinator at the Drupal Association) Updated Advice to Migrating D7 to D10. SPOILER: Use Dupal UI and DDEV (

This is a refresh of an old article I wrote in my previous life as a Technical Solutions Manager in Acquia. The old approach uses Drush, while the 2024 version is much faster to set up and easy to use through the Drupal UI.

Drupal Association - Turning Takers into Makers: The enhanced Drupal Certified Partner Program (

To fulfill our mission and to better support the availability of Drupal, the Drupal Association is re-orienting the Drupal Certified Partner program to recognize and highlight those firms who represent the “small number of contributors” that “are critical to the health and future well-being” of Drupal. In other words,...

Driving E-Commerce Revenue Success with Drupal Commerce (

Every e-commerce business has unique requirements. While some are simple plug-and-play solutions, others are tailored with custom development. Evolving trends like AI-driven personalization, seamless mobile experiences, and the growing importance of sustainability, are equally playing a part in an e-commerce application’s...

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