jonny, to OpenAI avatar

seeing whether reading the elon musk sues sam altman lawsuit would bring pain or joy, and as always I love reading the "guy sues everyone" style lawsuit because who are these precisely 100 other people listed as Does here?

Also is et seq. the rich guy etc.? and is complaint (5) just "Accounting"?

jonny, avatar

how is the richest guy on the planet who owns nothing but closed, for-profit companies going to go after google like this

jonny, (edited ) avatar

you'd think that scoring so highly on an examination for a trade that relies entirely on taste and smell, senses that GPT4 does not have, would raise some red flags about whether something else was going on here aside from GPT4 being really smart

StillIRise1963, (edited ) to random avatar

The thing I'm most appalled by with regards to this pandemic is that oligarchs took away our agency and stole our ability to protect ourselves from a deadly virus.

mentallyalex, avatar

@StillIRise1963 and we have cheered them on.

schwa, (edited ) to random avatar

Haven’t heard thunder like that in a while.

schwa, avatar

@lisamelton it’s ok. Daisy barked at it to keep us safe.

lisamelton, avatar

@schwa At least one of us knows their purpose in life.

CrimethInc, to random avatar

From a vigil in memory of Aaron Bushnell in San Antonio, Texas, where many people knew and loved him.

MLE_online, to random avatar

Almost twins, but one is normal and one is not

North, avatar

@MLE_online those eyes are really giving me "valid to eat fingers"

MLE_online, avatar

@North same eyes!

alexkidman, to retrogaming avatar

This week's #retrogaming game of the week, in honour of it being Wrestlemania season is... WWF Super Wrestlemania.

Oh. Why do I do this to myself?

#retro #WWE #WWF #SNES

(cc; @retrogaming )

MrJameGumb, avatar

At the time this was the best graphics you were going to find in a console wrestling game! The gameplay was pretty limited, but they fixed that with the WWF Raw game after this! It was so much fun!

vsp, to keyboard avatar

So, last week I broke a mechanical key on my keyboard.

Today, I soldered a new mechanical switch back on.

It was the "Esc" key, so it was pretty important.

Anyways, I also added small plastic rings to each key as well.

When this keyboard returns to work on Monday... my cubicle-mates will appreciate my near silence keystrokes! No more will they have to deal with the 'thock' of MX-reds.

#Keyboard #SilentBoard #Soldering #sodder

vsp, avatar


And Kilmat. Placed it underneath the switches.

And underneath the keyboard itself (with little holes cut out for the feet of the keyboard).

vsp, avatar

Here are some photos of the newly repaired and updated keyboard.

Two keyboard switches, with keys removed.
The keyboard in question.

drahardja, to github avatar

#GitHub is under attack.

“The flow of the campaign is simple:

  1. Cloning existing repos (for example: TwitterFollowBot, WhatsappBOT, discord-boost-tool, Twitch-Follow-Bot, and hundreds more)
  2. Infecting them with malware loaders
  3. Uploading them back to GitHub with identical names
  4. Automatically forking each thousands of times
  5. Covertly promoting them across the web via forums, Discord, etc.

“GitHub besieged by millions of malicious repositories in ongoing attack”

blue0a6m5c, to random

フォローされてれば取得自体はするようになったのかな リプライだかDMは行かないらしいが



StefanThinks, to random avatar

People try to gatekeep that I'm not a nerd because I don't care about board games or pop culture stereotypes like Star Wars, comics, Harry Potter, or video games. Still, I made a joke two weeks ago that got 80 likes, while somebody made the same joke today and already has 2k likes.

billyjoebowers, to random avatar

In elementary school music class one day a substitute teacher comes in, doesn't say anything, puts this record on and we listened to it.

My life changed forever. It was like a light came down from Heaven.

Ohio Players

billyjoebowers, avatar

I thought Sugarfoot was the coolest person in the world, my first Rock Star.

jfmezei, to random avatar

Am currently tethering. DSL connection went bonkers last night and continued today. Constant resynch, everytie at different speeds. had to submit something to CRTC ad link failed 3 times as I filled the form and send my document. (and with link down, can't get the email for 2 factor authentification so couldn't restart while tethering desktop) so had to be patient.
Ebox, now a Bell flanker had tech support queues of over 50 all day today. Have to hurry research on new ISP.

jfmezei, avatar

I know it is just a coincidence, but a week or two after speaking against Bell at #CRTC, on the very day of important document filing deadline, my line goes bunkers and ISP won't answer its phones.
I'll write it off as Murphys Law. But...
Finding an ISP who will accept me as customer won't be easy.

dave, to music avatar

NOFX - Dinosaurs Will Die

"Kick back, watch it crumble
See the drowning
Watch the fall
I feel just terrible about it
That's sarcasm, let it burn"

#Music #Mood

dave, avatar

The Offspring - I Choose

"This is life
What a fucked-up thing we do
What a nightmare come true
Or a playground, if we choose
And I choose"

#Music #Mood

dave, avatar

Basement Jaxx - You Don't Know Me

#Music #Mood

nukehavoc, to random avatar

I need a Big Dumb Movie while I futz around with my #ElementalApocalypse regional map.

#AquamanAndTheLostKingdom should do the trick.

nukehavoc, avatar

A giant glowing seahorse that whinnies while underwater?

Yeah, I'm watching the right movie.

anthropy, to godot avatar

couldn't sleep so I made a very basic proof of concept for a modular colony sim game I've had in my mind for a while using #GoDot 4.2, with the 'Compatibility' engine, meaning it even runs in the browser (tested, have to set some headers for it to execute the wasm correctly but it works)

actually surprised how easy GoDot is, I managed to pick it up and build this in a few hours, can really recommend it to anyone; Just install 'GoDot Engine' (Steam has it!) and run it, everything you need inside

video showing the GoDot Engine editor, running the program in debug mode. Next a Capsule shaped 'Miner' actor moves from a Prism shaped 'IronOreVein' to a rectangular 'OreStorage'. Debug output indicates it fetches 5 ore and then heads to the ore storage before going back to mining.

anthropy, avatar

here's a screenshot of it running inside firefox

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