The Neglected History of the State of Israel (prospect.org)

One of Chotiner’s best interviews ran this past November. A leader of the militant West Bank settlement movement told him that Jews have a sacred duty to occupy all the land between “the Euphrates in the east and the Nile in the southwest,” that nothing west of the Jordan River was ever “Arab place or property,” and...

Israel must end its occupation of Palestine to stop fuelling apartheid and systematic human rights violations (www.amnesty.org)

Israel must end its brutal occupation of Gaza and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, which it has maintained since 1967, said Amnesty International, as public hearings begin at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to examine the legal consequences of Israel’s prolonged occupation....

Discussion: If I think Biden is too old, and I want to support a different nominee for the Democrats, what should I do? (mbin.grits.dev)

I am 1,000% going to vote for the Democratic nominee in November, because I don't want the world to end. I just want to make that clear because I know some people may be rightly suspicious of this type of post, for oh you know the reasons....

Palestinians Charge Genocide in U.S. Court; Biden, Blinken Sued for Backing Israel’s War on Gaza (www.democracynow.org)

The Biden administration is on trial in the United States for failure to prevent the “unfolding genocide” in Gaza. On Friday, lawyers for the Biden administration argued the court lacks the proper jurisdiction to decide the case, while Palestinians and Americans testified about atrocities committed by Israel with American...

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