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Got my Saturday list done!

Bicycled to the library
Bicycled to a garage sale
Bicycled to the store (solely to buy snacks for the pet rabbits 🤔)

Saw some fitness cyclers
A few kids on bikes
No adults doing any utilitarian cycling
Eight bazillion cars (Nobody walks/bikes in LA!)
Annoyed the clerks in a store asking them where the nearest bicycle rack was (answer: nowhere nearby)


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Observations: Although it's great the city here has added bicycle lanes, I personally think putting bicycle lanes on ALTERNATE ROUTES (not primary routes) would be a better way to entice people to ride. I find I am taking parallel (non-car intensive) routes INSTEAD OF BICYCLE LANES (on very high speed, car intensive routes) almost everywhere now. #bicycle #cycling #policy #infrastructure #BikeTooter

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That's what I do most of the time.

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@ai6yr I drove by those temporary bike lanes 2xs yesterday, looked like a construction zone despite the digital signs and small b/w arrow signs, had no idea otherwise

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@ai6yr thanks for the link, will do!

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@ai6yr Fortunately Berkeley did that, although those alternate routes aren't always really close to the arterials & since those are where destinations frequently are (e.g., my library branch) sometimes it's necessary to ride a fraction of a block on a busy street to get where you're going: Fortunately for that library, there are enough lights on the street that there are frequent gaps in the traffic so it's usually not to hard to get there from the closest cross street.

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@jmccyoung Exactly the idea! Glad to see it is being used, somewhere.

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@jmccyoung @ai6yr And it doesn't mean that Berkeley doesn't have cycle lanes on big arterials. The Bike Boulevards are a codification of what Berkeley's cyclists were already doing. Then Bike-Friendly Berkeley Coalition advocated and worked with City of Berkeley to create the designation "bike boulevard" and worked to push through traffic calming measures. It was an evolution over time driven by cycle advocates.

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