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davidbisset, to random
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RIP to a real web tech.

" will stop working
from June 26".


I think this it for ICQ. I used to remember my ICQ by heart.

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@davidbisset Oh wow, end of an era!

stefan, to news
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"Hello, everyone! If you are seeing this email then you have been targeted by a fake antivirus company known as ‘Waredot’"


ernie, to random
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I have heard people say they don’t like the udm14.com name. That they want something more normie.

But the name is the point. It is intentionally named to make the URL tag famous, so as many people know about it as possible.

Plus, sanding off edges got us into this mess.

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@ernie Personally, my bigger concern would be the URL parameter changing in the future, but I suppose you can always register a new domain when that happens, and redirect to it.

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@ernie Fair point!

stefan, to fediverse
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I've recently created a new page for all of my with articles and data visualizations I wrote: https://stefanbohacek.com/category/fediverse-explorations/

Anyone else doing similar work? This could even be a blog, perhaps.

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I know @stefan posted https://stefanhayden.com/blog/2024/05/10/mastodon-federation-speed-test/ as a response to one of my own articles, to mention one example.

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@jupiter_rowland I mostly use data from http://demo.fedilist.com, and I do see 749 Lemmy and 17 kbin instances.

Note that some of these articles are a bit older, so the datasets are different.

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@jupiter_rowland And for some articles I used data from my own instance, so maybe I'm just not connected to enough instances.

researchbuzz, to random
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Local instance folks, say hey to @ray , they just got added to the instance.

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Welcome @alongtheray @ray !

And thank you @researchbuzz for the shout-out!

ahimsa_pdx, to fediverse
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Testing the "Fediverse share button" feature 😁

Fediverse share button | Stefan Bohacek


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@ahimsa_pdx Nice, thank you for trying this out!

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@ahimsa_pdx Yeah, fediverse sharing buttons are tricky, but there's a few options, so I'm hoping the adoption will grow. And sharing my project might help, so thank you!

stefan, to microsoft
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Good idea. You wouldn't want someone looking at and sharing private information on your screen.

"It’s all designed to prevent you from sharing screenshots with competitors, relatives, and journalists using Microsoft Edge for Business."


stefan, to til
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So this makes sense, and many of you will probably know this, but that the "print screen" button on our keyboards used to print the actual screen.

"In essence, whatever is currently on the screen when the key is pressed will be printed."


robb, to random
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I made a new thing: slash pages dot net https://slashpages.net/

What is it? A guide to common pages you can add to your website. Thanks to @shellsharks
for the help in getting a good description together as well.

My blog post about it: https://rknight.me/blog/slash-pages/

Two posts in one day doesn't seem like a good idea this close to the end but yolo as the kids say

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@robb @shellsharks Nice!

I wonder if humans.txt would fit into this, or perhaps an idea for another project?

Hmm, I was going to link to http://humanstxt.org, looks like the site's no longer around?


stefan, (edited ) to design
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I'm trying to get my personal site more organized, let me know what you think!


#PersonalWebsite #SideProjects #WebDesign #UXUI #design

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You can see the previous version (5.6) at https://version.stefanbohacek.dev, for comparison.

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I'll probably play some more with the design, the older version was perhaps more visually appealing, but because of the variety of topics my projects cover, it was also harder to make sense of and navigate.

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@liaizon Oops, thank you for catching that!

@stefan@stefanbohacek.online avatar

@jake4480 Thank you, glad you think so!

@stefan@stefanbohacek.online avatar

Made some more updates, pretty happy with the results.

@stefan@stefanbohacek.online avatar

@morganm Thank you!

Let me give that some more thought.

I wanted to simplify things on purpose, trying to get the design closer to what you'd see on https://brutalistwebsites.com.

etherdiver, to music
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Here's a digest of this week's #OPM writeups! 5 tracks from indie Fediverse #music artists to expand your musical horizons. Unusual ambient, wild ADHDcore, and more this week!

If you want the full, undigested versions (i.e. where I have more to say about each one than will fit in a single post) of these writeups, they are here:


Listen, fav and boost for good karma and a long life!


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@etherdiver I know I already thanked you, but this is a very kind write-up, really appreciate it!

stefan, to ShareYourMusic
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Hey , Moog is running a sale on some of their software, including the recently released Mariana bass synth.


Mac/PC only, demo may be available for some of the downloads.

Store link: https://software.moogmusic.com/store

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The only way for some of us to ever own a Moog. Oh well.

stefan, to fediverse
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What is a fediverse-neutral word for "subtweet"? People here use "subtoot", but that's based on Mastodon's "toot", which is no longer officially used.

"Subpost" doesn't sound quite right. But I guess that's it?

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@mcmullin Yeah, I don't really mind it too much, personally, but I'd like to see us move away from Mastodon-centric language. Including using hashtags like "bookstodon" etc.

You know, to make sure folks who use other platforms don't feel excluded.

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