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Coder, manager, dog dad. Tech tinkering is my joy. Be kind.

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Watching the rabbit r1 launch. Something makes me want to root for this scrappy developer, but the bro energy is high in this room.


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Owncast and Peertube news on the same day!


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@Mrfunkedude That’s what happens in my brain when two video related apps make announcements on the same day. Fixed, thanks!

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After a short hiatus due to some technical updates made my Roku, Owncast (a federated live streaming service) is available again on the platform.

In addition, a new Owncast channel is now in the app, too!

Also don’t forget Owncast has an iOS app out as well. Lots going on with the platform.



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Threads has added achievement badges during special events. I wondered if the fediverse has similar and sure enough there are ideas around this! I know Sharkey has achievements but not sure they are federated.


#Threads #ActivityStreams #fedidev

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Continuing my journey into fediverse past, I listened to this fun interview with Eugen Rochko from 2019 on a podcast called “Nothing but the Toot”.

Nowadays I think Gargron is often seen as a caricature of sorts, and it was nice to hear a more human side here. Good to know their love of cat posts has been consistent all this time! 😸


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Threads has been adding special effects to specific hashtags and full screen animations when you like the post. Initially it was done for the cherry blossom festival. This time, Swifties were treated to similar.

What’s funny is that I built a plugin for Firefish last year that places sparkles on specific words in your timeline - very similar, eh?! 😅 Where’s my cut?


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Few things bring home how much big tech caring about diversity was a zero interest rate phenomenon like Women Who Code shutting down due to lack of funding.


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@carnage4life Ah, this breaks my heart. I always advertised my job postings with them, and was just about it to do so again. 😢

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Found an "ActivityPub Conference" channel on YouTube - looks like this happened from 2019 - 2021. I love running into little pockets of fediverse history!


#Fediverse #History

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So we are using open web and open social now?

Does that cover all types of federation, even outside of ActivityPub? Nostr, ATProto, etc.

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What's the best iOS/Mac/Web Podcast listening app?

I want to sync between all devices of course.

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Post.news shutting down. I think the largest fault was that it was JUST news. I guess for pure news junkies that’s great, but it’s not enough - you need to be tied into larger social networks.

Agree with Tim, federation is key. Not sure how they would have managed the paid posts, but they could have tried.


From: @timothyjchambers

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I promised I'd be giving updates on #Iceshrimp's #dotnet C# rewrite -a brand new fedi platform really- so here's where we're at at the moment! The backend's basic functionality is more or less finished, although there will undoubtedly be stuff to fix and improve during beta. So theoretically you could use it, but we don't have a frontend yet so you could use it only with masto apps atm. However, the frontend is where the focus is going now, and we plan to have a basic/working frontend soon so that we can release our first beta in a couple of weeks or so!

We expect performance and server requirements to be comparable to #Akkoma. Things are about to get exciting!

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@panos I’ve been impressed with the project management and code base I see when I check in on the iceshrimp dev community. Wishing the best for this one, can’t wait!

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Since , the demo of Emissary has been wiggling around in my brain. This article from @deadsuperhero of @hello walks through the process of using the framework to create just about any federated object you can imagine. 😱


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Birth year pickers when you’re getting a little long in the tooth be like:

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opportunities for techies. US based, full time. A national non-profit looking for an IT Project Manager (remote ok), Data Analytics Manager (remote) and a Help Desk Technician (onsite in Austin, TX).

These are all new positions, and they don't happen often. Current team has stayed together for 8-12 years, so come join us!


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@andycarolan thank you for creating my amazing avatar! 😍

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Dealing with U.S. Healthcare Billing

“You owe us $8,000!”

Me: Lol, no.

Doctor: “Ok, we negotiated with your insurance and it’s really $300. You are past due now!”

Me: Lol, no

“Ok we checked again and it’s really $30. LAST NOTICE!”

Me: Tries to pay online at youoweus.billpays.nz/3384848392992 and then gives up and calls someone.

“It’s an extra $20 because you called in. Also we show you owe us $8,000. Visa or Amex?”


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I have some exciting news to announce tomorrow, once I’ve had a chance to process it all and start figuring it out. Some eagle-eyed people may already know what this is.

No, this isn't me accepting a job with Mastodon gGmbH — I know they're hiring again, and in fact suggested that I wouldn't be a good hire for them right now & recommended someone else.

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@thisismissem I think I might know. If so, a perfect fit.

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Hooray! @phanpy now has an integrated animated gif selector (not enabled by default)

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Fill in the blank with any open source group. Not picking on Mastodon, just using as an example.

Mastodon has used Discord since at least 2018. I found essential tidbits about how featured profiles originated for an article I wrote - that information did not exist anywhere else.

All of that history will be lost if / when they move somewhere else.

I wish there was more use of self-hosted forums, but I get the enticement of real time chat.

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@gavin57 I'm not sure if you're joking but.. I'm already there lol.


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🛌 I'm going to bed at 9pm because there's no fucking AI in my bed.

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@anniegreens I’m sorry you’re grumpy but I got a good laugh out of this so thanks! Pleasant non ai related dreams. 🤖💤

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@dtgeek Between this and MKBHD it's not a good day for Humane. I wonder how Rabbit R1 will do - it's shipping soon.


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We are looking for a new member for our #Mastodon core team to work with @Gargron, @renchap and @Claire on building the Mastodon #backend and web app!

This is a #remote #fulltime position and requires an overlap with the CET timezone.


For more info and to apply:


#FediHire #GetFediHired #hiring

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@MastodonEngineering @Gargron @renchap @Claire Link is a blank page…position filled?

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