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New AWS ca-west-1 (Calgary) region now available (

Amazon has finished setting up their second Canadian AWS region. This is big news for anyone in western Canada as regional public cloud coverage has been non-existent, until now. Previously, your only options had been eastern Canada (Montreal) and eastern Canada (Toronto). This is also big news for data sovereignty on AWS....

OpenTF fork is now live (

The Github repository for the community fork of Terraform (called OpenTF) has been made public. If you use any third-party tooling (SpaceLift, Scalr, Env0, Terraspace, Terragrunt, Atlantis, Digger, etc.) you will probably want to plan a switch to using OpenTF instead of Terraform to remain license compliant. Well, it is actually...

AWS CloudFormation finally, indirectly added looping support (

CloudFormation is the most featureless of the Infrastructure-as-Code template languages. It is miles behind Terraform, Azure ARM/Bicep, and Google Cloud Deployment Manger. I don’t think there has been any direct improvement with the language syntax since the introduction of YAML support over a decade ago. The core syntax and...

Hashicorp's license change and what it means for the Terraform community (

The recent change in licensing across all Hashicorp products shows that Hashicorp is not able to or willing to compete with competitors to their enterprise offerings. Even though they officially don’t state it, the change is targeted at competitors such as Spacelift, Scalr, and Env0. Those competitors only came to be to fill...

Digger - A scalable and secure alternative to Atlantis for Terraform Automation and Collaboration (

I have been researching the current state of Terraform automation and collaboration tools on behalf of a client and this is a new one that has emerged as a possible option. The client needs something to help manage their many pipelines and state files, but they are not big enough to need a full enterprise Terraform management...

Anyone have experience setting up an environment on Beanstalk?

I’m following a tutorial for creating docker containers, and it is having me go through the AWS beanstalk to create the environment to host the app, but I can’t get the environment all the way there. Everytime I get some error about an instance profile I think it was called, and I’ve tried creating users, roles, and giving...

AWS will charge for public IPv4 addresses soon (

I was wonder how cloud providers seemed to have a bottomless pits of IPv4 addresses and weren’t more resistant to handing them out like candy. They should be charging more for this scarce resource. AWS was, until now, the only cloud provider to not charge for static public IPv4 addresses, as long as the elastic IP is in use....

OpenTelemetry metrics ingestion into Prometheus (

Prometheus will soon include support for ingesting OpenTelementry metrics into the platform. Even if you understood all of those words, you might be asking, “so what?”. This is a big deal for observability (fancy name for monitoring) as it is getting us one step closer to using a single agent to collect all observability...

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