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Old roaming Tom Cat (zwerfkater) but still young at heart. Toots EN, (NL,FR,DE). #DevOpa - interested more in retro tech / culture / aesthetics than new stuff. Also transport and public infrastructure in general (with a UK/European focus)

Welcome to the secret goose shed!

Avatar is a tabby point Siamese cat - header picture is a Stentor FM radio transmitter designed in the Netherlands; popular with small pirate radio broadcasters in late 1980s

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vfrmedia, to random
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Her Late Majesty the Qween

Jaden3, to random
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Keep seeing Nigel Farage and milkshake on my TL from folks I follow in UK.
I'm from the US . Who is Nigel Farage? Why did he get milkshake thrown at him?

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@Jaden3 he's a far right wing politician who helped push Brexit (UK leaving the European Union) wants to be the British Donald Trump (he is actively trying to help Trump get elected in USA as well)

All that happened just about 45 minutes drive from where I live...

ProfLouiseL, to random
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Genuinely quite surprised at the number of people coming out to say throwing a milkshake at Farage was 'assault' and must never happen to politicians. I absolutely agree politicians should not be subject to violence, but there is a long, proud history of throwing foodstuffs at people as a form of protest. Intended to humiliate and ridicule, not to injure. Pleased to see Mastodon mostly agrees.


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@ProfLouiseL the large criminal damage fine the first guy got also exposed that Farage was wearing a hidden microphone concealed behind his rosette (if it were for normal broadcast it would usually be visible) so is very likely also covertly recording all his interactions with the general public for unknown reasons..

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@gsuberland @ProfLouiseL

thats understandable (I was recently interviewed with a recording by a history student researching the 1990s rave scene, which reminds me I should scan and send the consent form), but it was all done openly. Hiding a broadcast quality radio microphone covertly within a rosette is definitely dodgy behaviour (and was only exposed by the milkshake guy)

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@gsuberland @ProfLouiseL its likely a combination of both (he has his own team of videomakers and PR folk as well as security shadowing him)

VeryBadLlama, to random
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my elderly Egyptian Uber driver happily informed me that he “supports the gays now” because he lives with a lesbian couple and “the husband lesbian is a better husband than I was”, happy pride everyone

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@obtener @VeryBadLlama last year they had a Trans Pride march in Clacton on Sea, a coastal town in Essex which has been blighted by right-wing politics. The streets were lined with loads of old people aged 70+ cheering in support of the marchers! (many of the seniors round here are cool, its the younger folk you have to be wary of)

onepict, (edited ) to random
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Sometimes I feel the arguments against UBI are a little like the arguments against the babybox (Finland and Scotland).

As "but you need others social support , otherwise it's just the money, the rest of capitalism stays in".

The baby box in Scotland did come with some social support as in Health Visitors during pregnancy and also after. It wasn't just bulk buying baby stuff.

But people got all riled up about well off folks getting a baby box. They realised it was an idea I'd an equal start.

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@sarajw @onepict as a lad I wanted to get more into media / music production but there was no way I could afford it, and by the time I earned enough to get things like studio/DJ equipment my day job took up more of my time and energy. I know a lot of working/lower middle class folk who laundered drugs money to afford DJ kit/sound systems, but too many just ended up deep into addiction and/or served prison time (and thus became near unemployable on release)

vfrmedia, to random
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#Busted - A specialist #police officer (Roads Policing Unit) in #Yorkshire Northern #England has been sacked for #driving at 154 mph (248 km/h) in a Police vehicle without a valid reason to do so (I don't understand how he thought he'd get away with it, the vehicles are full of telemetry and surveillance kit)


RickiTarr, to random
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America: You need to have health insurance!

Me: Cool, that makes sense, but it's going to cover my whole body, right?

America: Depends, do you use your teeth and eyes?

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@btuftin @RickiTarr

Britain also only has limited NHS provisions for vision correction and dentistry (and that is often only a financial contribution to a private provider for a relatively small selection of patients). I get free eye tests and a contribution towards costs of spectacles due to being highly nearsighted since a young age, but contact lenses and the space-age laser thing that scans your eyes cost extra..

sullybiker, to random
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It's on Reddit so I have already eaten my own fingers this morning, but this is an interesting find about the dangers of automotive telemetry. Of course they're fucking selling it. One ithat made me think of @onepict

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@onepict @sullybiker

younger folk in UK have already been conditioned to accept it for insurance (its not "compulsory" but made unaffordable without the tracker, although usually only for 1-2 years after getting their licence).

18+ stux, to random
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Haha omg :bloblaugh: I wanted to take a shower and noticed they forgot something at the hospital lol

Or perhaps it’s just self removal idunno :blobcatgiggle: didn’t feel them anymore after few hours

(tummy pic)

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@stux beterschap!

(they are for connecting the electrodes to the equipment in the ambulance that monitors your heart rate, blood and other vital signs)

HistoPol, to random
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You are driving a German 🇩🇪 or Korean 🇰🇷 car to an Italian 🇮🇹 coffeeshop to drink Brazilian 🇧🇷 or Etheopian 🇪🇹 Coffee, made by a Mexican 🇲🇽 or Ukrainian 🇺🇦 barrista. You then go go home buying Chinese 🇨🇳 or Indian 🇮🇳 takeaway, eating it sitting on a Swedish 🇸🇪 couch in front of a Chinese 🇨🇳 TV to watch US 🇺🇸 shows, and you are still complaining that your neighbor is an immigrant?

Everyone is a foreigner almost everywhere.

Without immigrants or migrant workers, most economies would contract

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Mein "deutscher" VW Polo enthält Teile aus der Tschechischen Republik, Südafrika, Südkorea, China usw..

vfrmedia, to random
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What is this? Some kind of #seeds / #pollen that has been blowing about the entire yard the whole day - it made me cough and I even had to abandon valeting the interior of a recently purchased fleet car (as it was pointless trying to hoover the carpets as it was entering the car in some quantity). What tree/plant is it from?

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@ubo @alex

I photographed two large trees nearby before it got too dark, and plantnet.org (filtered for Northern Europe) identifies one as a black poplar - so this must the source of all the pollen..

blinry, to random
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Booked an Interrail Pass to travel to #emfcamp, a hacker camp in the UK! #emf2024

Getting excited! 😆 This will be the first time I use the Channel Tunnel!

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@christian @blinry @leyrer

even in my own lifetime growing up in 1980s Britain, I was taught both by Computer Studies teachers and when I did work experience at British Telecom about the work of Alan Turing, but warned that "some of this is still classified". It was only declassified well into the 21st century..

AnnaAnthro, to magASEAN
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China’s #durian prices drop as Vietnam steps in to make up for gaps in Thai supply

Durian - fruit of the gods - is all about timing! #tootsea


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@AnnaAnthro @veer66 frozen and thawed they are £40 here (about 1856 THB). A lot of Malaysian folk were driving to Watford (a suburban town just North of London) to buy them around Chinese New Year

futurebird, (edited ) to random
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Have you thought much about, or engaged with "liminal space" content in the past 10 years? (Through a reddit group, tumblr, compilation videos etc.)

Regardless if you care about such content now, if you ever spent some time enjoying or being disquieted by such images and media... that's "engaging"

If you don't know what this is about you have not. If you know what it's about but just never paid it any mind? Same.

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@Willow_Crow @futurebird >40 and I engaged with it IRL before it was Internet phenomenon, spending a lot of time in abandoned buildings either used as squats or for raves (or both) and spent a lot of time wandering through such spaces especially in the afternoons after the party was finished and there were few people around (although the squatters were sometimes followed around by an entire gang of local cats, a mix of pets and strays (one tomcat was later rehomed by a fish supplier))

onepict, (edited ) to random
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Seeing some rather recognisable attitudes in arguments against NetBSDs stance against AI generated code.

How do you know, how would you stop it. You can't stop us.

Like aren't we meant to be better than that?

Disturbingly similar attitude to when we ask folks to not scrape folks posts on the fediverse without asking.

Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

Plus there are some very real licence considerations which will affect copyright (and copyleft).


@vfrmedia@social.tchncs.de avatar

@onepict this is literally the attitiude of a petty criminal / sociopath (not even an activist who generally openly says what act they are going to commit (or admits to it and accepts the consequences). I often suspect folk like this would have done actual crime in previous years (and perhaps some do, all the high tech methods used to nick cars and commit other frauds nowadays must have some tech muscle behind them)

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@onepict whole tech industry is full of it, particularly from sales/marketing types and predatory behaviour is actively encouraged in adtech which quietly funds a lot of "FOSS" projects..

Dianepatterson, to random
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Yes, people really refer to “a war on cars” when any other transportation option gets the slightest bit of attention.

War on cars? Why San Francisco drivers say they feel under siege - San Francisco Chronicle https://www.sfchronicle.com/sf/article/sf-drivers-say-war-on-cars-vs-safe-streets-19451511.php

@vfrmedia@social.tchncs.de avatar

@Dianepatterson has a lot of parallels with whats been happening in London, England over last few decades (although at least Mayor Sadiq Khan was comfortably re-elected in spite of major opposition and serious threats to his safety (he has to be shadowed by armed police everywhere he goes in public).

I wonder when this "war on motorists" paranoia started? Its not something I see in old books I collect about motoring from 1950s to 1980s (but then again I guess cars had priority back then)

StillIRise1963, to random
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"We should not in good conscience support or consume the art someone created if they are a piece of crap in reality. One of the reasons some of these horrible celebrities feel empowered to continue their deviant behavior is because they know they will continue to have supporters no matter what, and those supporters will continue to put money in their pockets.”


@vfrmedia@social.tchncs.de avatar

@StillIRise1963 @MaryAustinBooks I was never into sportsball and only a part of my family are, but I really liked music and was a DJ for many years (particularly on the rave scene), and there are unfortunately too many artists and fellow DJ's who got nicked not just for recreational drugs (which I consider a non-crime) but genuinely nasty stuff like domestic violence and I've had to cut those out of my life..

@vfrmedia@social.tchncs.de avatar

@MaryAustinBooks @StillIRise1963 the hardest part of it with the rave scene (as it was a partly underground subculture I was deeply involved in) was dealing both with the facts that even folk you considered friends or acquaintances were involved in abusive behaviour /and/ the realisation the cops/social services/health authorities had a point when they clamped down on the scene (as even partydrug use can lead to impulsive and unpleasant behaviour)

StillIRise1963, to random
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"CBS News, in partnership with The Trace and Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting, reviewed records from hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the United States and found that many had routinely resold or traded in their used duty weapons -- a practice that has sent thousands of guns into the hands of criminals.”

Our lives mean NOTHING to these people. THIS IS A SICK GAME.


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@Aviva_Gary @StillIRise1963 @crazybutable @LenW @_L1vY_

I wonder how long it will be before folk just start shooting at each other in the streets like in an action movie over trivial disagreements; or if it does already regularly happen but doesn't make the news unless more than 2 people have been shot...

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@StillIRise1963 @thesquirrelfish @Aviva_Gary @crazybutable @LenW @_L1vY_

Over here this kind of thing only happens (very rarely) in big cities. Everything apart from long guns is prohibited (with very few exceptions) since late 1990s, and firearms licences are only supplied to folk who have a good reason for them (as expected they usually live or work in rural areas).

There have only been 2 shootings in last 5 years in my area, both in semi rural locations..

vfrmedia, to GraphicDesign
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Margaret Calvert recently turned 88 years old - along with Jock Kinneir she is the graphic designer responsible for the UK's distinctive and
of road signs introduced in the 1960s, which is one of the few things this country can still be proud of (the signs are easy to read from a distance even at night).

The font of the gov.uk website is also the same one from the road signs..


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