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Migrated off that other place after 14 years. Been here for a bit now and kind of like it. Still not sure what to put in the bio though. Primarily a lurker with a dash of replies on interesting topics. I repost / boost others frequently. To only see posts I write and not those I boost, click the setting on my profile and select Disable Reposts.

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jeffjarvis, to random
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Cheap shot:
Don’t blame Biden’s dogs for the blood on the White House floors https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2024/02/26/biden-dog-bite-commander-white-house/

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@jeffjarvis what a garbage column. Everything about it is sensationalized to drive a specific point the author gets to in the last sentence without ever offering up any supporting facts.

MaryClark, to random
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@MaryClark I should have found a stream like this and gone kayaking this weekend. This looks so tranquil.

Archnemysis, to random
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Amazing weather today in Phoenix. Cat and I lounging on the back patio in 79°F weather. Days like today are why I love living in AZ.

grsimpson, to food
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Hickory Smoked Armadillo Egg

#food #bbq #smoked #pork #jalapenos

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@grsimpson I am really hungry now! My smoker is broken until Wednesday awaiting parts. That just looks so amazing I might have to give it a shot using my mini Weber grill.

DaleTrexel, to drupal
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Why does #drupal make it so impossible to figure out the markup for referencing another issue by # in a new issue?

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@DaleTrexel gatekeeping? Maybe not intentionally, but it has that effect.

w7voa, to random
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Within minutes of the polls closing in South Carolina, Donald Trump is projected to be the victor in the state's Republican primary.

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@w7voa “Today is not the end of our story” is usually the last statement a politician puts out before they announce they are suspending their campaign.

jacqueline, to random
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i want to know the story here. nintendo electrical engineers my dms are open.

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@jacqueline Thank you for the descriptive alt text on all these images. It really helped me to understand what you were interested in and what it was I was looking at.

Archnemysis, to Jeep
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It’s been over three months since #Jeep told us our electric vehicles would explode and we shouldn’t charge them or park them indoors. Still no updates. Still Required to drive around with 500 pounds of deadweight burning gas. Still getting my brand new paint job ruined sitting in the sun. #JEEPCares
#Recall #B9A

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Seriously, every month #jeep sends me an email telling me I have an important safety recall. They emphasize how dangerous the problem is and yet they’ve done nothing to actually fix it. I accept I was an early adopter and these are going to happen with new vehicle models, but how about you finally fix the problem?

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Recall Date
November 22, 2023
FCA Recall #B9A NHTSA Recall #23V787

An internally failed HV battery could lead to a vehicle fire with the ignition on or off. A vehicle fire can result in increased risk of occupant injury and/or injury to persons outside the vehicle, as well as property damage.
Customers are advised to refrain from recharging these vehicles and not to park them inside of buildings or structures, or near other vehicles until the vehicle has the final repair completed.

evan, (edited ) to random
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"An individual should be able to run an ActivityPub server for themself and their friends and family."

#EvanPoll #poll

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@evan this is precisely how I took the poll and why I voted strongly agree. Honestly, I’m a bit shocked in the sentiment that it should not be built for individuals to host and maintain their own servers.

scottsantens, to BasicIncome
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Two headlines, one truth. #BasicIncome works. Those who want to ban experiments know the results will be positive. That's why they want to ban them.

They are scared. They are scared of a future where they wield less power over others, where freedom is real instead of just a marketing slogan.

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@scottsantens #ALT4you Headline from Gizmodo.com: Universal Basic Income Has Been Tried Over and Over Again. It Works Every Time.
Headline from ArizonaMirror.com: Arizona Republicans want to ban guaranteed basic income programs.

pcambra, to drupal
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After the wave of spam thorough Mastodon, we had to limit the registration on drupal.community to a manual/pre-authorised system and there was a bit of discussion on whether we should require/validate through a #drupal dot org account, I've opened a GitHub issue on the repo to gather feedback, so if you have an opinion or thoughts on how to implement this, please chime in :) https://github.com/Drupal-Mastodon/mastodon/issues/6

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@pcambra I have a Drupal dot org account but not a linked GitHub account. I like one of the suggestions posted about using a string for verification the same way Mastodon does verification.

shoq, to random
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I mention D iscord once yesterday, and suddenly my notifies are drowning spam, or whatever this is. Related or coincidence?


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@shoq sorry, I shouldn’t post a link without context. This is part of a thread dealing with your exact issue. https://grimgreenfo.rest/notes/9pttc1dveciy0282

shoq, to random
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Only big pharma can get away with charging the same price for twice the product, proving the price has nothing to do with the cost of the product anyway. We’re all such suckers.

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@shoq the only way this would make sense is if the filler cost just as much as the active ingredient. In which case, burn the whole system down because that price per bottle is outrageous.

Archnemysis, to random
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Met a young couple tonight with a 5 year old and we got to talking and reminiscing about that age. It is an amazing time in a young child’s and parent’s life. My daughter is a Junior now but was in Kindergarten when Sandy Hook happened. Her teacher at the time was about the same age as Victoria Soto. To this day, I still can’t understand how badly we have failed. Have we made any progress in the past 11 years since that horrible event?

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I have no direct connection to the events that day. But I constantly pray for the victims and their families. That day was a turning point for our nation and we utterly failed. 26 people slaughtered and we could not be moved to act. TWENTY 6 and 7 YEAR KIDS AND WE DID NOTHING. Over a decade later and we are exactly where we were. Yes, the NRA is a shell of what it once was, but the blood lust in this country has not diminished. More people worship the second amendment than Christ or Mohammed.

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I have no idea where I am going with this. I don’t have the answers. I just beg you to please help the forces of good prevail. Let us beat our weapons into plowshares. Let’s find a way to change our culture to turn away from a love of guns and violence.

StefanThinks, to random
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I'm going to start a true-crime investigative podcast about why people I have never interacted with blocked me.

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@StefanThinks I am sure this is a joke, but most of the people I have blocked I have never interacted with. I blocked them because of what they said to others.

indivisibleteam, to random
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$5 = A box of 60 pens
$10 = Signs for tabling
$16 = 6-pack of clipboards

This is what your support means to our Arizona groups as they collect over half a million signatures to get abortion rights on the ballot (and boost voter turnout) in November. Please pitch in if you can: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/indivisible-arizona?refcode=mastodon20240210directpost&source=mastodon


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@indivisibleteam get your point, but do not buy clipboards, they slow you down. Cardboard and rubber bands. Every organizer and petition circulator knows that. Also, ironing boards are better than card tables. They are the perfect height for signing.

LikeItOrLumpIt, to random
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I'm sure I've shared Pork Chop in this exact position before on

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@LikeItOrLumpIt Howdy Pork Chop! Jack (o’ lantern) shares your love of lazy rolls.

CelloMomOnCars, to random
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The skin of your laundry pods dissolve in the washing machine, right?

They dissolve into microplastic.
And wastewater treatment systems have no way to filter that out so the microplastics go straight into streams and the ocean.

Just pour your laundry soap out of a box or bottle.


@Archnemysis@mastodon.social avatar

@CelloMomOnCars why did I think the pods were made from seaweed and not plastic? They dissolve so easily with the slightest touch of water.

nyquildotorg, to random
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I just remembered the time, in 3rd or 4th grade, when my class spent an hour doing art.

I didn't know it at the time, but the teacher was clearly trying to replicate Bob Ross's style "painting" a mountain scene with happy little trees and what not, using chalk on the chalkboard. The expectation was that all the students would be following along with their crayons on their paper.

But I was like "hey, cool, time to do art," and drew a shockingly good Max Headroom instead.

I got in so much trouble and did not understand why.

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@nyquildotorg plus two internet points for calling the trees happy. That was one of the things I liked about watching him, he always had a positive attitude when painting. I wonder if he ever painted sad trees?

LifesAHaskell, to random
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Never roll your own date time library kids

@Archnemysis@mastodon.social avatar

@AskPippa @LifesAHaskell it’s a myth that cats like milk. It is actually not very good for them.

GottaLaff, to random
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THREAD 🧵 1/...

6 composite photos of Dick Van Dyke (& me, my class) in black box theater of public perform. arts high school where I taught/directed Comedy class/shows. Dick wanted to see us in action, loved it, asked me to write/direct his annual theater prod. to "make it funnier."

I couldn't believe Dick Van Dyke asked ME to make HIM funnier. Did it for 2 yrs, finally had to quit due to time conflicts.

He visited us, played w/ us, had a ball! I'm the redhead in blue jeans. Here we go!

@Archnemysis@mastodon.social avatar

@GottaLaff @DaSkinny1 @ParanoidFactoid All these years later and you still get $9 for two lines. (Yes, that is a drastic over simplification) This is why unions are important! Everyone needs bargaining power and strong contracts.

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