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Any neo-pronouns or he/him if you must.
Not new, I've just had bad luck with main instance picking

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astrid, to random
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they don't know what a monad is

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@astrid the only context I know is monads.lol (and I only know about them from ppl talking about them lol) but I have no idea what the instance is named after lol

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@astrid yeah I am clueless huh 😂

carnage4life, to random
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After thinking more about AI making programming obsolete.

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@carnage4life now I'm wondering if a neural-network-based (not an LLM or anything so wasteful and stolen) compiler would be a funny project... Probably not a good idea, but potentially funny

WizardOfDocs, to random
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somebody sent me a photo of "advertising is the graffiti of the rich" written on a wall, and I'm honestly having trouble coming up with anything truer

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@adron @WizardOfDocs @mcc yeah but it wouldn't be the first time that the rich people version of something is strictly worse for society

3TomatoesShort, to random
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It's very funny the way some people think "but you didn't mask before 2020!" is some kind of gotcha. I didn't wipe my own butt when I was a baby either, but then I learnt how. Learning new things and changing your behaviour is good, actually 🤨

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@fritzoids @3TomatoesShort same. Idk if I would have worn one daily like I do now, but I certainly would have worn them during flu season, or if I'm sick and being forced to go out in public anyway, or in large crowds

raphaelmorgan, to random
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Just autism things dating applications are open but it's just a blank space to infodump abt anything you want

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Am I fishing for cute ppl to infodump at me in the replies? Yes. Yes I am.

raphaelmorgan, to random
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Me: hm maybe we should move to Seattle, the minimum wage to living wage is a lot higher than here (ikr) and there seem to be a lot more queer and polyamorous ppl there
Also me: but why would we bother moving if we're still gonna be in the US?
Also me: lmao you think you're ever getting out of the US?

18+ cosmicallyf, to random
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What's something you can say both during sex and at an open casket wake?

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@cosmicallyf sadly it was good while it lasted

benjamin, to Israel
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The fact that continues to murder innocent people and steal their homeland proves that international law is a joke.

The fact that continues to be okay with it shows that American politics is a joke.

The fact that continue to execute innocent people every day shows that American national law is a joke.

If these people won’t even abide by the laws they’ve put forward, why in the fuck should we? Who gave them moral authority?

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@benjamin and the countless protests but the US government trying to silence them while funneling money towards the genocide proves that US democracy is a joke

ray, (edited ) to random
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neurodivergent people who are not diagnosed with/do not suspect bipolar -

do you experience periods of hyperactivity you liken to mania but less detrimental? increased energy, lessened sleep, more talking, more moving, hyperfocus more often/more readily, doing more activities, buying things you had been meaning to buy etc?

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@ray I said yes but I am diagnosed with BPD which is known for being similar to some types of bipolar... Voted anyway bc I've ruled out bipolar bc of a lack of true mania

trans_rescue, to trans
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Thing you can do to help people if you are a hobbyist or better type, make some more affirming, less stereotyped images of trans people doing normal stuff and release them CC. I'm making an explainer video, and needed a graphic of a trans woman on vacation, maybe on a beach...
The only ones in google image search are pornographic.
We need images that aren't porn and aren't overtly political.

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@trans_rescue I'm sure some of it is a lack of these pictures, but I wonder how much of the problem is that Google shows you what it thinks you want to see. Fetishists will be disappointed by a normal picture of a trans woman at the beach, and unfortunately they outnumber actual trans people from what I've seen 🙃 so even if there are plenty of good pictures, Google may just be showing you the most popular bad ones

PacificNic, to random
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Lockdowns were the closest we ever got to having a global revolution. People had time to think, for once.

Which is why we'll never have them again.

Anthrax, ebola, bird flu, airborne rabies... Whatever.

Nothing will be enough for them to take that risk again.

There's a reason they only ever talk about how "traumatic" the lockdowns were, but nobody talks about SARS.

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@messaroundmarx @PacificNic people are allowed to post about things they're not experts in. Do you have degrees about everything mentioned in your posts? Or 15 years experience?

starshine, to random
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every new user being shocked that DMs aren’t actually private is kinda scary because it means that everybody just assumes DMs on other platforms are private

because they aren’t. the only difference between fedi and other social media is that fedi admins don’t have a vested interest in making you think DMs are private

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@starshine yeah considering Tumblr DMs were being used against trans women on Tumblr and that's a part of this whole thing... Our DMs here are no less private than any social media site. In fact, I'd say they're better because only our 1-10 admins can see them, instead of a whole company's worth of moderation people and whatever corporations they sell our data to

futurebird, to random
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That said, the recent spam attacks show the need for more advanced tools for server admins and mods to share information. The call for such tools became a point of contention during the first twitter migration last year and the fediverse and mastodon missed out on the support of black users, trans users, and members of other groups targeted by bad actors due to was was perceived to be unresponsiveness and "free speech absolutism" by some of the big players.


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@futurebird hmmm now I'm considering making something like this. I'll see if there are admin panels with plugin capability, otherwise a separate tool
And taking @doctormo's criticism into account as well, because I think that's solvable while still making/using the tool

asaflowerblossoms, to tumblr
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I joined mastodon today because the CEO of had a complete meltdown recently when people called him out for deleting a trans woman's blog because she posted a transition timeline. The vibes were definitely off, just doesn't feel like a safe place right now. I'd love to follow more and folks on here! This is my second social media account (third if you count myspace. omg should I go back to myspace??) so I need all the help I can get with navigating this place.

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@theresnotime @asaflowerblossoms besides the spam and moderation problems, being on one of the instances mentioned here is also a great way to find trans people to follow lol, because you can just hop on the local timeline and boom! Transfems!
On mastodon.social I imagine the local timeline is rather hectic and full of cis people :blob_cat_ohnoes:

thelusciouslibra, to random

The fact that there’s nothing akin to “circles” here is a big mistake

Why can’t I make a post for mutuals only huh???

If the little elephants in the computer can figure out what the fuck “unlisted means” then I think they can figure out mutuals

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@thelusciouslibra I hate that I can't make mutuals only posts or even "only people who I follow" posts

sidereal, to random
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"Come to the fediverse! Everyone can run their own server!" is starting to sound more and more like "everyone can grow their own food!" or "everyone can make their own clothing." Like. Some people can do these things. Not everyone has the knowledge, resources, and/or time.

@raphaelmorgan@disabled.social avatar

@sidereal like in order to run a server I would have to
A) expose my IP address and location to anyone who can use the internet, with my persona attached to it, which as a trans person doesn't seem exactly safe?
B) pay for a VPN to hide my IP address, bc free ones don't let you port forward
C) spend money on hosting.
For some of us, $5/month is a lot. Plus with bots and scrapers running rampant it could get way more expensive

pisscotheque, to random
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this is the lock on the bathroom door in my parents’ home. the important thing is that thieves and attackers can’t gain access but you can see out

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@pisscotheque the important question: while locked, can the door open enough to pass toilet paper through

StevenSaus, to random
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I just discovered MIT's living wage calculator. You can specify down to the county level.


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@StevenSaus 🙃 even if my spouse and I both got full time jobs (which is laughable rn since we're two disabled autistic trans people in a place with an artificial but big job shortage), we'd have to both be making $4.50 above minimum wage in a place where jobs advertise minimum wage like it's good pay

The same chart but for 2 adults that are both working. The minimum remains $16 an hour but now the living wage with no children is $20.56 an hour, the living wage with 3 children is $43.32 an hour, and the poverty wage with 3 children is $8.79 an hour.

riotmuffin, to random
@riotmuffin@ni.hil.ist avatar

Some people will talk about encampments like “if ten tents suddenly appeared in your backyard would you be okay with that????”

And like, duh, yes??! It’s my landlord and asshole neighbors like you who would be the problem lol

@raphaelmorgan@disabled.social avatar

@riotmuffin I wouldn't be okay with that only because my backyard is only big enough for 2 or maybe 3 small tents and I'd want to give them more space.

maia, to random

welcome to all the tumblr folks hopping onto fedi today, on here you can post about car hammer explosions all you want

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@skuppr @maia tbf so is Tumblr (moreso ime) so if there's any sort of mass migration they'll prolly come over too

@raphaelmorgan@disabled.social avatar

@skuppr @maia my guess is you've curated your Tumblr experience better than I have 😅 bc yeah, I do see transmisogyny discussed a bit more there, but always met with way more pushback than I see here... Here I see it less, but usually when I see a post about how transmisogyny bad the replies are mostly along the lines of "yes it is"
A few exceptions being things like "white person accused of racism calls it transmisogyny" but I'm not rlly counting that as discussion of transmisogyny

kayleeserenada, to fediverse
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I really can’t overstate how important it is to be conversational on this platform. The passive consumption of content is such a raw cheat of APub.

Comment on everything. Invite others to conversation. Create dialogue, discuss differences. With strangers, with creators, with news article bots - it doesn’t matter. A reply is better than a repost any day

Talk to each other.
#fediverse #mastodon

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@kayleeserenada I do have a habit of replying to bots 😅

burgerdrome, to random
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Tumblr's moderators falsely flagged a trans woman's completely clothed and non-sexual pre- and post-transition photos as 'explicit content' and refused to rescind the ban, so she posted that she hopes the CEO "dies a painful death involving a car covered in hammers that explodes multiple times and the hammers go everywhere". The CEO of Tumblr is currently having a very public and extended meltdown about this, and is claiming that the Wile E. Coyote ass scenario of CEO Car Hammer Explosion was a "credible death threat" which required the intervention of the FBI and has banned the woman in question. He has spent the last few hours being Definitely Not Mad Online in all of the comments and replies. Truly incredible next levels of Silicon Valley Bro brain

@raphaelmorgan@disabled.social avatar

@burgerdrome you'd think that they would try simply becoming someone who gets less of these criticisms, but apparently that's not an attractive option

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