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My Son is an Uncultured Simpleton for Ordering a Burger at an Authentic Mexican Restaurant (

As a father, I take great pride in introducing my son to new experiences and cultures. So you can imagine my disappointment when we recently visited a highly recommended authentic Mexican restaurant, only to have my son order a burger and fries?...

Quakes do not kill people, bad buildings do (

“The Rumbling Earth,” a newly released book on earthquakes on the sub-continent, warns that tunneling and road-building in the fragile Himalayas should be limited. It takes lessons from the 2015 Nepal quake which resulted in massive loss of infrastructure, as well as claiming 9,000 lives....

ChatGPT combined with Wilfram|Alpha, for more reliable data (

ChatGPT—for all its remarkable prowess in textually generating material “like” what it’s read from the web, etc.—can’t itself be expected to do actual nontrivial computations, or to systematically produce correct (rather than just “looks roughly right”) data, etc. But when it’s connected to the Wolfram plugin...

Boeing to pay $443 million to airlines for its Max 9 grounding as losses and problems mount (

Boeing reported a slightly smaller loss in the first quarter compared to the same time a year ago, but said fixing the problems that got attention after the Alaska Air incident will push back its financial recovery and cost it $443 million in compensation to its airline customers....

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