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Software since 1998. Ex-Apple. I smushed AppKit and UIKit together and never looked back.

Black lives matter. Trans lives matter. LGBT+ rights are human rights. Healthcare, security, a decent income, and housing with dignity are human rights. Abortion is healthcare. Science is our best hope as a species. Kindness and empathy are the noblest of human traits.

I block assholes and bigots.


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drahardja, to random
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Wait, it’s still February?

What the hell?

drahardja, to apple
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Not even is immune to using to get rid of workers.

“AppleCare Support Advisors Testing New ChatGPT-Like Tool 'Ask'”


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You realize was never going to do “surge pricing” at all, right? It was a viral marketing stunt and it totally worked, yes?

drahardja, to random
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Me: You can’t gentrify homelessness
Techbro: Hold my beer

Original post (now deleted): https://www.linkedin.com/posts/jared-boynton_today-marks-day-1-of-homelessness-for-me-activity-7166172593115377664-geVb

drahardja, to TeslaMotors
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So can actually maintain working chargers! They just have to be bribed to do it.

“For any of these companies to reap the financial rewards of the Inflation Reduction Act for charging, they need to increase their charging station uptime to 97 percent.”

“Here’s what it’s like to charge an EV at Electrify America’s new station”


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@darwinwoodka The question is if they stay on six months from now.

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@AlexMorin Yep. It’s punishment money and they knew it.

drahardja, to random
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Indigenous people in Canada are suing because they were subjected to nonconsensual MRI scans to “study their livers”.

In 2018.

“Indigenous people accuse radiologists of secretly studying their organs”

#indigenous #firstNation #civilRights


JamesGleick, to random
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I sometimes feel that the people responsible for the interfaces between their computers and their customers don’t care enough about their customers.

Can anything be done to improve their attitude?

“Sorry, an error has occurred while processing your information. Phone number must be of the form ###-###-####.”

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@JamesGleick Not as long as the people writing the checks aren’t the ones using the products.

This sort of “well it meets requirements” garbage has been the scourge of corporate software for decades, hasn’t it? You can’t write requirements for empathy because it’s subjective, yet it is an essential part of the end product.

drahardja, to random
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UNIX is now illegal, I don’t make the rules. https://mastodon.social/

drahardja, to random
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The Japanese and the German beasts. https://gram.social/p/carspotting/668341985680404428

drahardja, to memes
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Excellent post by Olivier Blanchard. #disinformation #propaganda #memes #psyops

Original Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/olivier.a.blanchard/posts/pfbid025pTHuFSx8ika9TxNNFU8YjZm5vWt9RVg6aqJKbAPwBtdMMXKzZaRrq4F45fF4d7Al

“How internet memes are used to manipulate your behaviors: An example.

Chances are that you have seen this meme floating around, especially around elections. It isn't what you think it is. It is not a friendly digital handshake. It isn't meant to help neighbors mend fences. It is a deliberate instrument of psychological manipulation.

I worked in Marketing for nearly two decades. I know this kind of device when I see it. Let me explain.


@drahardja@sfba.social avatar
  1. The image

Note the childlike simplicity of the image, the super basic smiling face. The finger pointing up at it. The open posture. The baby-like head. What part of the brain is this image stimulating? It looks like the kind of flip card used in psychological tests, right? Or something from a children's book. Why do you think that is? What emotions is this image designed to instantly trigger?

  1. The message

Now note the subtlety of the message, layered over the image: I'm the adult. You're the child. Also note the cleverly toned-down passive-aggressive scolding, the peer pressure at the root of it. (You want to be an adult too, right? Don't you want to be a grown-up?)

  1. Script-flipping

Note how it flips the script: "No matter what I do, I'll still be your friend" is flipped to "no matter what you do, I'll still be your friend." It's easy to miss. Take a second to appreciate the insidious cleverness of that technique.


@drahardja@sfba.social avatar
  1. Accountability avoidance

It makes you (the "child") feel guilty and "bad" for holding someone (the "adult") accountable for their harmful actions.

It also changes the subject from an objective harmful action (voting for a divisive, hate-filled, or antidemocratic agenda, for instance) to the subjective realm of "being friends" and the emotional safety that comes from preserving social bonds.

  1. Tapping into the human operating system

If it wasn't already clear, beyond the deflection, it's also an authority play. It exploits hardwired adult-child archetypes AND people's need to belong and feel accepted by their peers.

Psychological manipulation: That's all this meme is about. (Or did you think it was designed by some random soccer mom somewhere?) This meme is deliberate. It was designed by people who know exactly what they are doing and how to achieve the response they want.


@drahardja@sfba.social avatar

The purpose of this meme and others like it is to normalize malicious political views and suppress pushback, using guilt, confusion, and social pressure as subconscious levers of control. It is not designed to bring people together regardless of their political views. That is not its purpose.

Learn to spot when you're being manipulated by online memes.

PS: Whatever "side" you may be on, and whatever your politics may be, if you're sharing this meme, either you've been had, or your penchant for gaslighting is showing.

Despite how unsophisticated it looks, this is one of the best ones I've seen.”


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@deirdrebeth I like your friends.

thomasfuchs, to random
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OMG drinking wine. Our service dog for gluten detection okay’d it! 🙌🍷

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@thomasfuchs Dogs can detect gluten!?

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@thomasfuchs Amazing. They are the best.

drahardja, to apple
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RIP Project Titan, you were never meant to be. #Apple #cars

“Apple Cancels Work on Electric Car, Ending Decadelong Effort”


Non-paywall link: https://archive.ph/aYAWK

adr, to random
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I have zero, zero, zero, less than zero problems with whatever writing or anything else I've done being used for training any LLM. I'd be pleased as punch, actually. But man, I'm pretty sure I'm a decided minority, and what tumblr/WP is doing (and reddit and....... probably jillions of others) is really not cool at all.

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@adr Which is what they’re doing.

drahardja, to Scotland
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There’s a scammy exhibition in Glasgow #Scotland that uses 100% #AI-generated images to advertise a “Willy’s Chocolate Experience” (not at all related to Wonka, I’m sure). The actual exhibition is basically an empty warehouse.

“Glasgow Willy Wonka experience called a ‘farce’ as tickets refunded”


Their website is still up: https://willyschocolateexperience.com/index.html —check out the images!

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Look at their website’s images. #ai #bullshit


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@bgrinter Sign me up baby

drahardja, to comics
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(artist unknown)

#comics #humor

taylorlorenz, to random
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I sat down with Chaya Raichik of LibsofTikTok to talk about Nex's death, her role in Oklahoma politics, her beliefs on gender, the great replacement theory, sex education, her false accusations against the Uvalde shooter, why she and Seth Dillon cut ties and more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XL-40gDBRx0&t=2359s

Read my latest story on her impact in Oklahoma: https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2024/02/24/libs-tiktok-oklahoma-nonbinary-teen-death/

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@taylorlorenz Sorry, but why the fuck did you do that

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