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Originally from New Delhi, India. Now living in the Netherlands. I gossip about news, current events and programming.

Born at 333ppm

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pfefferle, to wordpress German
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Are there any statistics about what is used for these days? Is it still blogging?

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@pfefferle Wouldn't it be amazing if Wordpress became a first class fediverse instance?

ironicbadger, to random
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Bluey makes me want to be a better parent.

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@ironicbadger Is it appropriate for parents of 10 year olds?

reckless1280, to random

I don't have a lot to say about this -- our newsroom is independent of the company's business dealings as it's always been. We'll figure out some disclosure language and do a disclosure when it's appropriate, we are pretty good at those ;)

RE: https://www.threads.net/@tomwarrenuk/post/C7jtU28tuHZ

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@reckless1280 Verge stories were always available on web. I am assuming that they are already part of any LLMs's training data.

adnan, to random
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The farmers have been camping for months for their rights. https://youtu.be/XByFcaMnCTI?si=Zmj4pg5xDSwODNPz

preshit, to random
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Still undecided about renewing my Ivory subscription for another year. Haven’t used it nearly enough to warrant a renewal, but also that Phanpy and Elk have been getting increasingly delightful to use. Oh, and Threads…

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@preshit I feel bad about dropping support for indie apps. :-( However I also didn’t renew my Ivory subscription. I hadn’t used it in a while and one of the features that I am looking for is how threads are rendered in the timeline and treatment of quoted posts. I want the posts and replies to be shown together so that it is simpler to follow the conversation

madhu_shrieks, to random
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TIL "middle class energy". Example:
Chunky Pandey is so down to earth, he has total "middle class energy". (learned this from an actual Instagram caption)

Indians have really milked this identity of being middle class.

adnan, (edited )
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@madhu_shrieks what is “middle class”? I bet it is the (false) belief that they are neither privileged (“upper class”) nor receiving “handouts” (“lower class”) from the govt. So, according to them, life is a struggle and they have no one looking out for them.

Basically fake victimhood.

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@Ohsin @madhu_shrieks I have watch this whole show. I love Punit Pania. Although my favorite comic from India is Hoezaay.

adnan, to random
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Over on Threads, they have started complaining about how the algorithm censors (political) speech.


What did they expect - that Meta will not have its own profit motives as first priority?

Deus, to random
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#Covid #Lockdown days. Picking up his wife for a final check up from a quarantine center and maintaining social distance - Mizo style 😁 Checking if she's comfortable is the cute part. #Archives

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@Deus awesome. But that plastic chair has to make it less safe for her.

adnan, to random
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@mountdiscovery How do you get a flipboard dot social address?

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@mountdiscovery Interesting. I had forgotten that flipboard was a regular Mastodon server. I thought you were posting from within the flipboard app and this handle was somehow your flipboard “magazine”.

adnan, to random
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This year has to be coldest 🎂 I have ever had. I am used to 40C in 🇮🇳 but it is 10C here in 🇳🇱

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@mountdiscovery Thank you.

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@sharninder Thank you sir

jetton, to random
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Why was this never mentioned in school?

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@jetton Speaking of school - my son is taught how to use Google in his primary school. Now these schools will have to undo all that training! The damage to Google brand is immense. Even if they turn this back, we can’t rely on the current management to be good custodians of the brand.


DaveMasonDotMe, to microsoft
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The deed is done. Debian is installed. Windows is gone for good.

30 years of Microsoft OS experience down the drain, because they can't not be capitalist dicks.

What a waste. 🙁

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@DaveMasonDotMe I am sorry to hear that. What was the proverbial last straw that broke the camel’s back?

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@aral @DaveMasonDotMe I don’t blame them. But I am hoping that if Microsoft makes NPUs standard in laptops, we will Linux supporting this hardware too. Linux for Qualcomm snapdragon elite blah blah ARM chips.

AmbaAzaad, to random
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What I really miss about twitter is being able to @ a brand and blast them after all other options of customer support have failed. Not because it achieved anything, just. You know. To vent spleen

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@AmbaAzaad that is the best reason to keep threads or Twitter account active.

sushubh, to random
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CEO of Google Says It Has No Solution for Its AI Providing Wildly Incorrect Information

Garbage in garbage out.


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@sushubh How it is that Perplexity or even Arc Search are not providing these wildly wrong answers that Google AI Overviews does⁉️ There are limitations of LLMs but these overviews on Google are especially bad.

GossiTheDog, (edited ) to random
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This food delivery app has an offer on where if the fail to deliver within the advertised time, they both refund you and give you the value of the meal.

There’s a marathon on here today, so I ordered some food, which didn’t get collected, and now they’ve paid me. So I ordered some more and yes, it wasn’t collected either.

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@GossiTheDog Such delivery targets are usually the delivery person’s targets. They are allowed to miss a few deliveries and the company will pay for it but eventually they start getting penalized. Such refunds are common in India.

slashdot, to random
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@slashdot @bull500 One of the comments on /. is that you can choose a color profile on regular Android phones to get a display that is easy on the eyes. I have never heard of this.

mountdiscovery, to random
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@mountdiscovery Are you considering shifting?

AnirbanM, to random
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I don’t think enough people realize that even if AI doesn’t get any better than it is right now, a massive wave of job displacements is coming with just greater adoption— first with fewer jobs for fresh graduates but then with redundancies up the entire management ladder.

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@AnirbanM I haven’t found any task in my field where AI can do the job efficiently, viz low cost and low error. I am a programmer.

adnan, to random
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    @sharninder Sigh. 😔 there is so much buy and so little money.

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    @sharninder Ha ha. Very nice!

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