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Co-host of "The Dalrymple Report", a podcast dedicated to tech, friendship, and curiosities.

I wrote Audio Cupcake (audio processing app), bunch of dev books, created Ovichase.com (hockey site) support kindness and community,

CMU/Stanford alum.


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davemark, to nba
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davemark, to apple
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Steve Jobs, 23 years ago, showing off the first Apple Store, just before it opened...


davemark, to streaming
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Samsung TV Plus is free and has a TON of content, both live and on demand.

You will have to sign up for an account, but Apple's "Hide My Email" works just fine. The signup process is VERY buggy, but press on, you'll get there.

Currently watching "Jobs" on my Mac. Thought that was apropos.


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@aardvark Solid point. Maybe fire up a VPN before you watch anything?

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@aardvark Is your point that most VPNs are garbage?

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@mlanger Yup. Ad supported, like Freevee

davemark, to movies
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This trailer for "Megalopolis" is 🔥

From Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, etc.), a lifelong project, coming to theaters late 2024.


davemark, to apple
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"The Forged Apple Employee Badge"

I absolutely love this story.

@cabel is a terrific writer, lays this out like a prosecutor would, with links and pictures that bring the story to life and bring home the guilty verdict.

#Apple #History

davemark, to privacy
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"NYPD will deploy drones to respond to 911 calls"

  • Pilot program is in 5 precincts.
  • Each precinct will get rooftop drone platform
  • Calling it “drones as first responders”

This a good thing? Drones can certainly get eyes to an emergency quickly. Video footage admissible in court?

Privacy implications? Will people be shooting these down?

#Privacy #NewYorkCity #NYC #Police #Drones

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@Oshaughnessy you absolutely know this is coming.

davemark, to MLB
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Baseball friends, don’t sleep on this pirates rookie Paul Skenes.

In his 2nd major league appearance, he’s:

  • thrown 6 innings of no-hit ball (he’s on a pitch count, done for the day)
  • got 11 strikeouts
  • ended his day throwing pitches of 99mph and 100mph

Skenes is special. ⚾️

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@Phreba He’s my favorite pitcher since Strasburg.

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@randolph34 I’m a #glasshalffull kinda person. 😉

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@skoobz that tournament is on my bucket list. Amazing you got to see him pitch before he went pro. Lifetime memory.

davemark, to apple
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New Dalrymple Report is live!😎

Air fryers, Apple adds Eye Tracking, all sorts of iPad stuff, lots more.

Dig in, and thanks for listening. 🙏🏻❤️

#Apple #TheDalrympleReport

davemark, to apple
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"Speed Up iPhone Typing With This Simple Keyboard Trick"

This is one of those low-discoverability things that is absolutely worth knowing:

  • In iOS, bring up the keyboard (works in any app)

  • Press and HOLD the "123" key, then drag up to a number

  • Let go with the number selected.

The number is typed, you are back in the alpha keyboard, all with a single click, rather than the 3 clicks you normally use.

#Apple #iPhone

davemark, to apple
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"Apple says the majority of Mac users also own an iPad, which likely means macOS is never coming to the iPad"

I, for one, don't want macOS on my iPad.

I love the simplicity of the magic piece of glass that is iPad.

I do wish we had an iPadOS that worked more cleanly with my Mac. Hard to put into words, but I wish the shared models were more similar.

Finder on the Mac and Files on iPad for example. Very different experience.

But macOS on my iPad. Nah.


davemark, to ai
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Google is adding "an AI-generated summary at the top of many of their search results"

If Google AI pulls detailed answers directly into the search page, the less likely you are to visit other sites.

Better for Google. Worse for the external sites, yeah? Or am I missing something?

#AI #Google #Search

davemark, to science
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"Experiments generate quantum entanglement over optical fibres across three real cities"

  • Quantum Entanglement, where 2 particles are connected and affect one another even if those particles are light-years apart.

  • The demo used existing fiber cable, proof of concept that quantum entanglement can work in existing network

  • One experiment, in Boston, used fiber that crossed the Charles River 6 times

Huge leap forward!

#Science #Physics

davemark, to apple
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San Francisco Apple Store.

Took this a few years ago. Popped up in my widgets just now.

Love this photo, especially love the reflection. Very clean.

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@DadeMurphy Thanks !

davemark, to apple
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From Apple Support, an Apple Pencil Pro video showing actions, gestures, features, and settings.

Worth watching if you are thinking of buying one...


davemark, to apple
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Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, definitely my favorite from my previous post.

Look at the fondness in their smiles. Wonder what they were thinking.

#Apple #Miscrosoft #SteveJobs #BillGates #Photography #History

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@HootenHaller Have at it!

davemark, to tech
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Bill Gates shares some little seen photos from his past.

Follow link, start scrolling.


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