Feminism Hot

Gender alert: Scarcity and fear: A gender analysis of the impact of the war in Gaza on vital services essential to women’s and girls’ health, safety, and dignity – Water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) (www.unwomen.org)

As the war on Gaza reached its six-month mark, it continues to be a war on women. According to UN Women estimates, more than 10,000 women have been killed to date, among them an estimated 6,000 mothers who left 19,000 orphan children behind. Women who have survived have been displaced, widowed, and are facing starvation. More...

France Protects Abortion as a 'Guaranteed Freedom' in Constitution (www.hrw.org)

Yesterday at a special congress in Versailles, France’s parliament voted by an overwhelming majority to add the freedom to have an abortion to the country’s constitution. Though abortion has been legal in France since 1975, the historic move aims to establish a safeguard in the face of global attacks on abortion access and...

Men benefit more from their looks at work than women do, new research shows (www.cnbc.com)

Study (N=11K;20 years) finds attractive men more likely to attain better jobs & earn more than similarly attractive women. Attractive women had a slight advantage over unattractive women but men saw greatest benefits. For women being attractive is incompatible with stereotypes of leaders. “Women are held to a specific standard...

Courtney Dauwalter's Historic Triumph at UTMB Redefines Ultra-Running (runnerstribe.com)

UTMB, spanning three international borders and encircling Europe’s highest peak, is globally acknowledged as one of the most demanding ultra-marathons, characterized by both a festive ambiance and a staggering elevation gain surpassing Mount Everest....

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