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Patriarchy has everything to do with men, but at the same time, nothing at all (bikepacking.com)

Patriarchy has everything to do with men, but at the same time, nothing at all. In a male-centered society where maleness is associated with power, what’s really being centered is power itself. What’s suppressed is mutual relationality. Patriarchy is intertwined with colonialism, racism, and other oppressive social...

Saltanat Nukenova: The politician, the astrologer and a murder that could change Kazakhstan (www.bbc.com)

A high profile murder trial of a former government minister in Kazakhstan has been followed by millions and shone a spotlight on the country’s domestic violence problem. After a landmark sentence saw a once powerful politician held to account for his wife’s murder, and a new law brought in, it has raised the question about...

Men benefit more from their looks at work than women do, new research shows (www.cnbc.com)

Study (N=11K;20 years) finds attractive men more likely to attain better jobs & earn more than similarly attractive women. Attractive women had a slight advantage over unattractive women but men saw greatest benefits. For women being attractive is incompatible with stereotypes of leaders. “Women are held to a specific standard...

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