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Five, (edited )

They love to claim Martin Luther King Jr. as one of their own, but when Lyndon B. Johnson told him to wait until after the 1964 election to demand civil rights, MLK also told him to suck it. LBJ passed the Civil Rights Act in 1963 and lost the support of southern Democrats, but beat Goldwater in 1964.

Joe Biden knows what he has to do to get Rashida Tlaib and her supporters’ vote. Tlaib isn’t the one supporting Trump; it’s Netanyahu.


A late pattern in Reddit was personal subreddits - communities named after the account that created them. They were infrequently used, but it provided a smoother pipeline for people who lurked or commented in existing communities to become comfortable making posts and moderating communities themselves.

Ideally these communities would be prevented from appearing in the “Trending Communities” list or local/global feeds unless someone other than the owner was subscribed to them, but wouldn’t be private in the sense that no-one could see them. Just they wouldn’t get wide distribution.

Another pattern is the “Country Club” post - where individual posts in a community could be limited to people verified to post in restricted threads. This comes from BlackPeopleTwitter. The individual verification method is likely not the only way to achieve this. People who comment or vote could be limited to only those who share the instance, are subscribed to the community before the post is made, or are members of instances whitelisted by the community.

Both of these patterns are interpretations of ‘private’ to mean ‘restricted’ and not ‘secret’.


That makes sense.

Alexey Navalny has died in a Russian penal colony in the far north (

I feared he would be martyred, when he returned to Russia after getting poisoned by the FSB and helping Bellingcat track down the agents who poisoned him (nobody in power did anything about them). Back then, his life was saved by a pilot deciding to make an emergency landing and a doctor suspecting a neurotoxin....


I admired him for his bold resistance to the secret police, and his brave exposures of Putin’s mansions and hidden wealth. The world mourns with Russia.

I don’t mean to speak ill of the dead, but I don’t know very much about his personal politics, and have frequently heard that despite his anti-Putin stance that he’s politically a Russian chauvinist. I’d like to learn more about his defense of anarchists.

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