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internet gryphon. admin of Beehaw, mostly publicly interacting with people. nonbinary. they/she

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Kinda nice (www.bydamo.la)

A kind person will help you understand reality as it is, prompt you to reflect, and nudge you to fine-tune your position till you get to a place where your resolution is helpful for you. A nice person will tell you what feels good - and often what you think you want to hear at that time - even if it doesn’t help you move past...

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i think this is a very good illustration of how better things are legitimately possible, even in America where the infrastructure can be truly doom-inspiring.

Removed threads should still be reachable and interactive (beehaw.org)

I posted an apparently off-topic post to !foss. The moderator removed it from the timeline because discussion about software that should be FOSS was considered irrelevant to FOSS. Perhaps fair enough, but it’s an injustice that people in a discussion were cut off. The thread should continue even if it’s not linked in the...

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this is definitely undesirable in a number of contexts, but as far as we’re aware this is a Lemmy thing we can’t change and don’t really have control over.

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One might find disappointing the disjunction between UATX’s tantalizing marketing and its conceptual yields. UATX had tweeted, “Dare to think with us,” had promised that they were “Not your typical summer school…,” had titled their program “Forbidden Courses.” But what was aired in this particular Forbidden Course were opinions neither audacious nor surprising. They were platitudes about the nature of man and woman, of the kind encountered in bad romantic comedies produced in the aughts. “Women are more complicated than men.” “There are things that women want that they don’t like that they want.” “With boys, their bodies and their desires are one.”

it’s… incredible how not-transgressive and not-marginal these opinions are

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