10 British woodland wonders to discover this summer (

If you go down to the woods today, you’re in for a big… treat. Britain’s ancient forests are magical realms, carpeted with nodding bluebells and gleaming galaxies of anemones and celandines in spring, festooned with butterflies and dragonflies in summer, studded with mushrooms and toadstools in autumn....

How Israel nixed Haaretz's report into alleged Mossad extortion of Hague prosecutor (

The investigation this week by Britain’s The Guardian newspaper revealed an alleged extortion operation led by then-Mossad head Yossi Cohen against then-International Criminal Court prosecutor Fatou Bensouda. About two years ago, Haaretz was about to reveal the affair, but an Israeli security official blocked publication. Now...

Vermont Moves to Hold Fossil-Fuel Companies Liable for Climate-Change Damage (

Recently, with memories of the floodings still fresh, Vermont lawmakers voted to assess a fee on fossil-fuel producers to pay for “climate-adaptive” infrastructure projects in the state. The bill operates on the polluter-pays principle, the basis of the federal Superfund law—it’s been dubbed the Climate Superfund Act....

Taking the plunge: The real health risks of swimming in Britain’s rivers (

When Russell Brand and Bear Grylls took a dip at Henley-on-Thames in late April for Brand’s much-vaunted baptism, let’s hope for their sake that the water was first tested for E.coli. British waterways are rife with the harmful bacteria, along with other nasties, and for the thousands of keen outdoor swimmers diving into the...

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