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Could Reddit's data be "poisoned" to prevent its use in training AI?

In case you didn’t know, you can’t train an AI on content generated by another AI because it causes distortion that reduces the quality of the output. It is also very difficult to filter out AI text from human text in a database. This phenomenon is known as AI collapse....

Another good reason not to use reddit: Scalpers.

A bit ago I posted on reddit about how gameboys (handheld console) were getting more expensive and Scalpers were making it worse. For a bit the post maintained in the double digits with the occasional scalper downvoting. I went to bed and the next morning- Boom. I had been spam downvoted by people who’s main activity is on...

OC Any EU based users of reddit should immediately file a complaint under GDPR with their supervisory authority for the sale of their data to Google to train their LLMs

reddit is telling it's future investors with recent news and more info on their IPO, that they're currently selling and looking to sell their user's data to companies wanting to train their LLMs, including Google....

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