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Via Politico:

George ’ campaign committee raised no money and reported no activity in March, calling into question his plans to return to Congress.

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15 April 1934 | A Dutch Jewish boy, Herman Ruzhaner, was born in The Hague.

In September 1943 he was deported to #Auschwitz and murdered in a gas chamber.

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This lovely child, and millions like him, deserved better.

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So, Microsoft is silently installing Copilot onto Windows Server 2022 systems and this is a disaster.

How can you push a tool that siphons data to a third party onto a security-critical system?

What privileges does it have upon install? Who thought this is a good idea? And most importantly, who needs this?

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@Amelia @sos

Oracle and Microsoft have formed a joint partnership to develop cloud data centers & AI in Saudi Arabia.

Here's the flaw.

If the Russian Internet Agency could get Trump elected with 150 employees, imagine what 50,000 AI empowered Saudi employees will do in 2024 and 2028.

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Very tired of suspending accounts rooting on Iran bombing people. And no, none of them are right wing, at least not self-described as such anyway.


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@GreenFire @TonyStark

Historically speaking, Russian disinformation has weaponized all.

For example, one motivation behind Democrat support for the 1965 Voting Rights Act & other Great Society legislation was to thwart Russian efforts to use the disaffected & poverty-stricken during the Cold War.

You can't build NATO using moral high ground arguments, while keeping Jim Crow.

Thwart poverty, & you thwart fascist movements.

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"Chain migration" is the BEST kind of immigration. You want people who move to you country to have a local network and support. You want new immigrants to bring their family, and the economic activity they generate and the value they add to communities to be in YOUR country.

I can't believe we let them use it like a slur. It's good and do it more.

What? They brought their elderly parents? That's good for US and for them (the new American we want to be successful and happy.) RIGHT?

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If Melania was allowed to immigrate under an Einstein application, then followed by her parents, then that means the GOP are okay with chain migration.


If we look at the immigration pattern of Republicans, there will be innumerable examples of chain migration or siblings following a relative or children following a parent

It's so common, it went unremarked until the GOP were funded into making it into an issue by racist megadonors like Tim Mellon

Strandjunker, to random avatar

I know there is a lot going on, but CIA agents were killed, captured, or compromised because Trump sold their names to our enemies.

Just thought I should remind everyone of that.

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Trump considers national security secrets as saleable items.

Republican megadonors like libertarian billionaire Charles Koch believes every aspect of government & taxpayer-funded services should be privatized for his personal self-enrichment.

Prisons. Schools. IRS. Social security. CDC. EPA. Courts. Law enforcement. Military services. Roads & bridges. Airports. Rail. Water. Sewers.

Reminder: privatized water services in the UK, run into bankruptcy.

Green_Footballs, to random avatar

The fact that every mainstream news site is now locked behind a paywall is a real boon for the spread of misinformation, because very few right wing sites have paywalls — which means their disinfo and propaganda can spread much more easily. Paywalls are a slow motion disaster.

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May I suggest getting a public library card?

I access almost all paywalled material for free via PressReader using my public library.

If you live in a red state, Brooklyn Public Library offers services to victims of GOP book bans & other attacks on literate citizenship. Ditto Boston Public Library.

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THE problem.

Via Emptywheel:

Criminal protection racket.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Just to sum up. You support #Trump for pres even if he's convicted in classified docs case. You support him for pres even though you believe he contributed to an insurrection. You support him for pres even though you believe he's lying about the last election. You support him for pres even if he's convicted in Manhattan case. I just want to say, the answer to that is yes, correct?

SUNUNU: Yeah. Me and 51% of America.

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@DanadasGrau @timo21 @troy_frizzell @GottaLaff

That math can be defeated if pro-democracy voters wouldn't mind taking up residence in large enough numbers in GOP-held territory.

If Mark Meadows can register to vote from an abandoned trailer, what's stopping others from doing the same?

If Josh Hawley can live in Virginia while being a "Missouri Senator", why can't others do the same?

Mehmet Oz

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Ukrainian pilots who trained on the F-16 in Britain have graduated and will now continue into the new phase which will take place in France.

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GottaLaff, to random avatar

Last night, via Ruth Ben-Ghiat:

Oh I see. The ideal date for the authoritarian to have elections: never.

Biden-Harris HQ:

#Trump says he “wants to be able” to override the Constitution to “pick” when elections are held

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kellogh, to iran avatar

in the first hour of this #iran attack, i saw the word “unprecedented” probably 12 times, and i can’t figure out for the life of me what’s unprecedented about this situation

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Yet another Middle Eastern oil war triggered by a terror attack & a nonproportional retaliatory response, that Tories & Republicans will misuse to distract from domestic issues and maintain their rule.

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How does The Onion stay in business?

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benrowswell, to Facebook avatar

#Facebook whistleblower @franceshaugen on Day 2 of Canada’s #democracy summit, Democracy XChange. Her leaks have informed the cases of 44 states suing Meta for liability from harm done to teenage girls from Instagram algorithms. That’s real impact

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@benrowswell @franceshaugen

Now imagine the kind of influence peddling that went on behind the scenes to get a criminal case dropped in Australia.

Cryptocurrency is a scam with international security implications, yet an investigation into Facebook's ads for fraudulent crypto got dropped.

w7voa, to random avatar

"I would like to demand our border be closed," says Donald Trump with House Speaker Mike Johnson standing at his side. Biden "should close the border immediately."

Npars01, avatar


Voter ID laws are voter suppression laws.

Proof of citizenship laws are voter suppression laws that penalize the elderly, the poor, & the unlucky.

One house fire and you lose the right to vote.
One pickpocketed wallet and you lose the right to vote.
One negligent nursing home and you lose the right to vote.

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Trump is calling for Arizona, a pivotal swing state in this year's presidential election, to relax its strict abortion ban.

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'Guess who didn't get paid'

Trump attorney who became a crucial witness against him has departed Trump's legal team
#AureFreePress #News #press #headline #GOP #Politics #uspolitics #uspol #Trump

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QasimRashid, to random avatar

“Israel Has Declared Record Amount of West Bank Land as State-owned in 2024”

This isn't self-defense. This isn't a counter to Hamas. This is de facto violation of international law.

Would love for someone to explain how this is any different than Russia forcibly taking Ukrainian land?

Go on. I’m waiting.

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The forcible theft of lands in Netanyahu's case, and his fossil fuel enablers, is his hope for a Ben Gurion canal using expropriated Palestinian land.

In Putin's case, Republicans are trading a conquest of Ukraine, the bread basket of Europe & Africa, to purchase Putin's help in ending American democracy and ensuring permanent one-party rule.

Strandjunker, to random avatar

76% of those opposed to abortion are men. 100% of them will never be pregnant. — These numbers tell the whole story, sisters.

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The male opponents of reproductive medical care don't want the children either.

They are simply recreating the conditions for the horrors of the Romanian Orphanages.

Starving, neglected children chained to cribs, banging their heads against the bars and dying en masse.

With Republicans, the cruelty is the point.

This is what a forced birth program does.

GottaLaff, to random avatar


Trumpy Long Island Republican County Supervisor creating a privately deputized militia

“Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman is taking heat for his bold plan to deploy deputized residents during county emergencies.”

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noelreports, to random avatar

Overnight and early in the morning, drones attacked the Tambov region in Russia. The Russian Ministry of Defense claims 3 UAVs were intercepted and destroyed. The drones were reportedly aimed for a powder mixing workshop in Kotovsk.


Npars01, avatar


That powder mixing shop's days are numbered, I suspect.

jackhutton, to random avatar

Every Trump supporter is a traitor.

Npars01, avatar


Every Republican megadonor is funding a seditious conspiracy to end American democracy.

This just lists the domestic donors. We don't know the identities of the GOP's foreign donors

Jeffrey Yass
Richard Uihlein
Kenneth C. Griffin
Timothy Mellon
Rob Bigelow
Paul E. Singer
Warren A. Stephens
Jan Koum
John Joe Ricketts
Rob Walton
Ronnie Cameron
Diane Hendricks
Vince McMahon
Timothy M. Dunn
Janet J. Duchossois
Jay Winters Faison
Lynne Walton
Patricia Duggan

Npars01, avatar

Kelly Navarro
Alice Walton
Jody Burgum
Shirley W. Ryan
Thomas Klingenstein
Stephen A. Schwarzman
Walter W. Jr. Buckley
Bernard Marcus
Richard G. Haworth
Miles D. White
David Millstone
Rosemarie Buntrock
Perkins-Leone. Patricia
Marc J. & Carolyn Rowan
James Davis
Steve Brodie
Timothy C. Draper
Sherrilyn Fisher
John Kelsey
Stanley F. Druckenmiller
Howard W. Lutnick
Cantor Fitzgerald
Susan Fox
David A. Tepper
Stephen Wynn
Wynn Resorts
Patrick Ryan
Sarah Perot
John W. Childs

Npars01, avatar

Clifford S. Asness
Katherine V. Pope
Rupert Murdoch
Phillip Ruffin
Wayne L. Laufer
David Duffield
Eva Dolan
Geoff Palmer
Laura Khouri
Thomas Mcinerney
Michael L. Hodges
Shawn Peed
Thomas J. Peed
Keith Rabois
Kelcy L. Warren
Rob Granieri
Paul Levy
Ben Horowitz
Marc Andreessen
Robert T. Jr. Hale
Laura Arnold
Reid Garrett Hoffman
David Zalik
Winklevoss twins

Don't know the identities of straw donors, PAC's, DAF's of &

joeinwynnewood, to random avatar

Anti-public education billionaire Jeffrey Yass is at it again trying to buy a Senate seat, just in case you were wondering who the MAGA GOP serves.

A billionaire-backed super PAC is pouring millions into Dave McCormick’s campaign to beat Bob Casey

Npars01, avatar


Jeffrey Yass is doing more than "just supporting" his guy, he's funding efforts to thwart progressives.

These folks are buying an anti-democracy movement.

They are buying a system where the rich ignore the law, legislators, & regulations.

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