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So. Cal. engineer (hardware/software, retired, he/him), born at 313 ppm, musician, chef, now living in West Virginia. KW2P ham radio (the original social network), father of three, grandfather, astronomy, solar dynamics, photography, writing, birding, birdwatching, eBird, fountain pens, cats and dog, reader of banned books, Chairman of the Charcuterie Board, Whisk Manager, Compuserve refugee, founder of The Church of The Unwarranted Assumption. Crypto is short for cryptography. Blog: shuttersparks.net


"To hold a pen is to be at war." --Voltaire

"I never understood wind. You know, I know windmills very much. Gases are spewing into the atmosphere. You know we have a world, right? So the world is tiny compared to the universe. So tremendous amount of fumes and everything." --Donald Trump

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knittingknots2, to random
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Texas doctor who said nine-year-olds can safely give birth appointed to maternal mortality committee | Texas | The Guardian


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@knittingknots2 You can't make this stuff up. Fiction has to be believable at some level. Reality has no such limitation.

hanse_mina, to Ukraine
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Inside the White House, a Debate Over Letting Shoot Weapons Into

After a sobering trip to , Secretary of State Antony J. is urging the president to lift restrictions on how Ukraine can use American arms.


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@kavo3 @hanse_mina Not for the Russians.

I understand the Ukrainians are very good at gathering intelligence on enemy troop movements. They presumably have F-16s now and know how to use them. An F-16 can carry four Mk84 bombs. Being anywhere near one of those takes the fight right out of you. It's a relatively inexpensive munition and we have thousands of them. Turn them loose.

Leaves a 50 foot crater. Kill radius is 1000 feet. Quite unforgettable. Observe the shockwave.

shuttersparks, to random
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Seems this design has been around for a while.

rightardia, to random
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Trump’s Social Media Company Posts Massive Loss

The company reported less than $1 million in income and nearly $328 million in losses.


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@rightardia Remember, this is the guy who failed at the casino business.

There are only two ways to fail in the casino business: 1) fail to attract enough customers, 2) embezzle the lifeblood out of the business.

lauren, to random
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Currently 61F in my corner of L.A. Big time heat could begin at any time and go on for months, but for now, I'll take the cool.

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@lauren Heat finally hit here today. It's been cold since October so I'm not complaining.

shuttersparks, to random
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Why is there a gun? O.o

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@TruthSandwich Or when the surgeon in the operating room says "oops".

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@TruthSandwich Exactly.

taniel, to random
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Jaw-dropper in Montana: the AP is reporting that the Republican attorney general admitted on recording that he recruited a challenger in the primary so he could raise more money and skirt campaign finance rules. https://apnews.com/article/montana-attorney-general-campaign-finance-primary-opponent-54b427bb9f71d51adadcf76ca244c8c6

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@taniel Well, as a Republican strategist in Washington once said, if we didn't cheat we'd never win anything.

It's tough being the minority party and they're tired of it.

lauren, to random
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Tomorrow on my usual Monday evening national network radio tech segment, I'll be briefly discussing concerns about declining search quality of Google Search and problematic issues related to Google's new "AI Overviews" on search results.

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@lauren Good topic. I became acutely aware of the declining quality in 2018 so the decline has been underway for a while.

shuttersparks, to random
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Idle question of the day: who is the original nitwit that thought uppercase I (i) and lowercase l (L) should be the same symbol?

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@TruthSandwich That too.

HamonWry, to random
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BREAKING: Trump accepts NRA endorsement.

In unrelated news, Trump is also taking credit for abortion bans as he talks about protecting life.

With more than 40,000 gun related deaths each year, the irony seems to be lost on Trump.

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@HamonWry The concept of irony is beyond Trump's intellect, so yeah.

kilroy_was_here, to amateurradio
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BUY a logbook!?!? Are you crazy?

If somebody wants the file let me know. I set this up so I can either staple on the side, as done here, or punch holes in the top for a binder.

I took a lot of the layout from this old RSGB logbook: https://archive.org/details/g4apj-logbook-2

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@kilroy_was_here Back in the last century I used official ARRL spiral bound logbooks.

HCBunny, to random
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Not now, Chad, I'm making a ham joke on The Internet.

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@HCBunny As in ham radio?

shuttersparks, to random
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This happened to me today while reading negative reviews of a flip-phone on Amazon today. Let's just say quite a few people from the smartphone era have no idea how a non-smart-phone works. smh

shuttersparks, to random
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Whistleblower questions delays and mistakes in way EPA used sensor plane after fiery Ohio derailment

atomicpoet, to random
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You know what I miss about VHS?

Not needing to use subtitles to understand what people are saying. I’m watching a VHS movie right now, and one of the characters whispered and I could hear him clearly.

I miss good audio mixes in movies.

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@atomicpoet Another "secret" I figured out around 1970 (now obsolete info I suppose) back in the days of analog TV (FM audio), the audio quality in headphones was superb. You can hear every detail. But most people listened to the cheap built-in speaker, not realizing how great the audio was.

karlauerbach, to random
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I just (re)watched the old movie Spartacus.

I remember when it was filmed. We often had to drive from Studio City (where my grandparents lived) to Hollywood - past the Universal back lot. I remember the big Spartacus sign on the hillside and the Roman temple at the top of the hill. When I watched tonight I noticed that that temple is present in many scenes in the movie.

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@karlauerbach From back when they knew how to make movies ;-)

@shuttersparks@qoto.org avatar

@karlauerbach Haha, yup, same background here. I grew up thinking it was normal to recognize the streets and settings in most TV shows and movies.

I know what you're talking about very well, plus my family was a Hollywood family. Finding a movie star in the living room chatting with my father was not unusual and I thought nothing of it -- Susan Hayward, John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, etc. I thought nothing of it. I went to school with their kids and child stars like Bill Mumy. Growing up in Hollywood is inconceivable to people in the rest of the country.

My high school was the scene for a movie, too. I don't remember the name of it. Something about a mad bomber. My house was the set for Charles Durning's film "Stand Alone". My kids got a big kick out of it. It was the first time they saw how movies are made. An episode of I Dream of Jeannie was also shot there. Our house I grew up in overlooked the 20th Century lot, dominated by the set for My Fair Lady. My friends and I used to dumpster dive behind Desilu and retrieve discarded film from the cutting room floor from the original Trek series. Haha. We had boxes full of it and I wonder what it would be worth today.

It's fun to grow up like that but it's weird as an adult to realize that everyone else has a completely different idea of movies and what they see on TV. It's impossible to relate.

randahl, to random
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After last night's drone visit, the Pervyy Zavod oil refinery in Kaluga Oblast, southwest of Moscow, is questioning whether invading Ukraine was such a good idea after all.


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@randahl Very good. Oil refineries are expensive to build. More of this, please.

HopelessDemigod, to random
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Supposed to be a nearly perfect weekend and as such I intend to rebuild my 40 meter dipole.

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@HopelessDemigod And, as usual, I'm working 12 hours shifts. Haha.

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@HopelessDemigod I can't complain too loudly. Thu, Fri, Sat are 12 hour days. Sunday is off but I'm an exhausted zombie. Then Mon, Tue, Wed are good days. Also, we've had thunderstorms and rain for much of the past two weeks. I keep the ant disconnected when lightning is near.

GottaLaff, to random
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Via Pagliery:

So, actual brain worms.

NYT reports RFK Jr. had previously undisclosed health issues, including a parasite in his brain. “I have cognitive problems, clearly,” . said in the 2012 deposition. “I have short-term memory loss, and I have longer-term memory loss that affects me.” https://nytimes.com/2024/05/08/us/rfk-jr-brain-health-memory-loss.html

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@GottaLaff Yes, I have long and short-term memory loss and cognitive problems so I should run for president. Makes sense, right?

Dodges, to Dog
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@Dodges Learned this trick from Billy Joel.

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