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wigbert, to Mexico
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jon, to random
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Welcome to today's thread - South East Europe Day 05 03 Jun 2024 - Vilnius - Warszawa, onto night train

Crossing these borders:
Road border 🇱🇹 🇵🇱
Zebrzydowice 🇵🇱 - Bohumín 🇨🇿

These borders on the borders map:

Today's routes on the routes map:

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maybe you look like a refugee to him ? 😬… (as they did announce some stricter inner-European border controls)

drcaberry, to random
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So when was purchased I joined Mastodon, Post, Spill, Spoutible and BlueSky. Post is going belly up on 5/31. I left Spill because of members policing the way I engage on social media. If I wanted to be critiqued and criticized in my downtime I could go read my course evaluations. Now spam complaints on Mastodon?? I may need to just delete everything except the dark place.

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I am sorry to hear that - and it certainly is understandable, when IMB (ignore, mute or block) is not an option anymore - but surely you will be missed!

I still like to think, that there is a chance for respectful, friendly & intelligent (yes, sometimes challenging) conversations here on Mastodon - more so (currently) than in all the other social media places…

RickiTarr, to random
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Avatar really did rip off Dune, and don't get me started on Star Wars.

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@thepoliticalcat @RickiTarr

a wonderful - a classic ! …
the colours … 😲

b_rain, to history

"Enough about You" this is great.

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Mrfunkedude, to random
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A friend cam over yesterday to talk. At 65 he's decided to go to therapy to deal with issues that have gone unresolved in his life.

We sat and I listened for hours about his hopes and dreams and how the pursuit of them through out his life, has left him feeling dissatisfied and empty.

I praised him for his willingness to understand himself more and his desire to be at peace in the time he has left.

It's never to late to make changes. It's never to late to find peace.

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absolutely - “never too late !“

and certainly not for

RickiTarr, to random
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Seriously heard someone saying they don't listen to many black artists, because they aren't really into rap. Bitch please, feel free to share songs from Black artists from any genre. Here is one of my favorites, if you like this song please check out her other work:


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wigbert, to Copenhagen
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almost exactly 5 years after the NotreDame fire in Paris, the historic #StockExchange in #Copenhagen is on fire - a national cultural treasure & important #CulturalHeritage in #Denmark


wigbert, to Fonts
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wigbert, to twitter
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I know, I am nostalgic, but I refuse to update on my phone (anyhow, I’m not using it anymore since Nov. 2022) -

just to keep that cute old bird icon …


liztai, to random
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i was looking forward to my resort hotel. Only to realize that I was supposed to go last Sunday not this Sunday so I totally missed my damn stay 😭

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truly tragic !

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is there a link you are sharing ? just seeing this post (must be a bug reading lemmy-posts ??) from masto ??

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thank you!

mwadmin, to random
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Update: The images are working again!

We worked with Wasabi in getting the illegal content removed, and they re-instated our account.

We will work with them in getting better procedures for preventing this issue. Also we will get Premium support to get quicker responses in the future. (Donations are welcome :-), see https://lemmy.world/post/12531572)

Thank you for your patience!

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@mwadmin ... Thank You ! 🙏🏼

FlyVapen_Pikk, to mastodon
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Wtf is going on with ? wasn't working, so I just un-installed and tried 3 other apps. All are slow/not working/loading.

? 🤔

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@StillIRise1963 @FlyVapen_Pikk @LeftistLawyer

i’m on .world also - have the same issue

@ruud -> are you aware of this problem ? (ThankYou)

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@ruud @StillIRise1963 @FlyVapen_Pikk @LeftistLawyer

Thank You very much !! 🙏🏽

CindyWeinstein, (edited ) to random
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Superb sign posted by @wigbert. Love this line: "As Librarians, we're not here to judge, we're here to help." Amen.


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thank you for the credit, but it was originally posted by #good - an instagram account - and I am not sure, where they got it from 😬

in any case, I am happy, the picture goes viral (at least it’s my first toot here, which has over 200 boosts…)

wigbert, to goodnews
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  • wigbert,
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    Here is an anti- reading list from December 2016 👇🏽 @bookstodon

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    @lizstl13 @bookstodon

    „… anything by …“ !

    RickiTarr, to random
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    I'm gonna be honest y'all, it's felt dark lately, and for good reason, LGBTQ+ rights in the balance, an election coming up, women struggling to get basic Healthcare, mass shootings, SCOTUS, the environment. The list goes on and on, and the media twists everything to sound even worse, or just straight up ignores actual news. But here's the thing, I know a lot of you, and the fact that you exist in the world gives me hope. You care about the future and you want good things, and so do I, and as long as that spark is there, we have hope. So, let's focus on some good today! Share a good headline, some positive news either on a larger scale or just something personal, a nice picture you took, a funny meme or video, whatever made you feel good or at least, gave you a smile. Let's share some joy!

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    moment during protest against 2 weeks ago in


    wigbert, to worldwithoutus
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    if you are interested in some real & direct from (Northeast-) , follow this 👇🏽 excellent journalist



    wigbert, to random
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    published an open tribute letter to , r.i.p.

    & with

    You can sign here 👇🏽


    chrismessina, to random
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    @chrismessina @Iconfactory

    ha! I was under the first 200 … 😬

    18+ KimPerales, to climate
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    Don’t say insurrectionists. Don’t say there’s such a thing as . Don’t say gay. Don’t say CRT or DEI. Don’t say you’re protesting (some: is illegal in FL). Don’t say immigrants enrich America & increase the GDP. Don’t say climate change… & his Republican cronies have destroyed Florida. “While Florida sinks into the ocean, Republican lawmakers wanna use their supermajority to ban the phrase “climate change” from state law.” -Carlos G Smith

    I’m not kidding.👇️

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    for once I agree, albeit for different reasons …

    instead we should rather use the terms or

    (because „change“ is too nice a word for what is happening)

    pvonhellermannn, to random
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    What a time to be alive

    New research that tipping within this century, even quite soon, is a definite possibility:

    Sea levels would rise by a metre in some regions, inundating many coastal cities. The wet and dry seasons in the Amazon would flip, potentially pushing the already weakened rainforest past its own tipping point. The southern hemisphere would become warmer. Europe would cool dramatically and have less rainfall.


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    wasn’t “the change of the #ocean currents” one of the main reasons for the #ClimateDisaster in the movie “The Day after Tomorrow” 👇🏽 ??


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