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Vegetarian, book lover📚 Living with ME/CFS and Dysautonomia since 1990 ♿️ She/Her

Please use #AltText on images/GIFs❤️

Yes, I'd love to see a photo of your cat😻

Avatar photo: Old photo of my cat, tabby with white chest & paws. Banner photo: Trees in a park with green leaves.

Just my posts, no boosts = https://justmytoots.com/@ahimsa_pdx?public_only=true

#MEcfs #PwME #Dysautonomia #POTS #LongCovid #Disability #Accessibility

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ranyart, to Bloomscrolling
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I was standing on a bench in the garden trying to be tall enough to photograph this one magnolia flower in particular

a view of the same flower from a different angle

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@ranyart Lovely!

nervous_jesse, to random
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Me to my toddler: Why do you collect so many rocks?

Her: Because so many are good

Me: Fair enough

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@nervous_jesse Hey @loren - thought you'd enjoy this 😁

aby, to Autism
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Packing for hospital next week.

I have shoulder surgery on Wednesday and it will be an overnight stay (hopefully only one night!), probably in a shared room.

Tips and tricks for preparation and packing would be super helpful, please!

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@aby I hope your surgery and recovery go well 🤞

ahimsa_pdx, to oregon
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From #OPB:

"Event in Pendleton honors nation’s first Black paratrooper battalion, the Triple Nickles"


“There were no Black airborne troops in the Army at that point, in 1944, said Bob Bartlett, a retired educator ...
There was a Black service company… that was serving white troops: doing laundry, patching holes in the street, guarding the gate, hauling ammunition. But they were strictly a service company."

#Oregon #Pendleton #History #BlackHistory #WWII

marcelias, to random
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With 204 days until Election Day, my law firm is currently litigating 55 voting rights and election cases in 20 states. States with the most cases: AZ, GA, WI, FL, NC and NY.

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I'm not Marc but I went to the Democracy Docket website and did a search- hope this link gives you the info you wanted!


Edited to add this link from front page of website that doesn't seem to be in search results


carturo222, to random
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Gosh, AI has made the internet useless.

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@carturo222 OMG, this is both hilarious and sad. That porcupine reference really came out of left field 😂

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@carturo222 I just saw that the alt text doesn't have full text. Im on an ipad so typing is hard (hate touch screens) but I'll try to come back later and type it in.

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Image text:
"Bulletproof birds: Feathered defenses
In the realm of bulletproof animals, birds are often celebrated for their remarkable feathered defenses. Feathers, once thought of solely as tools for flight have evolved into multifunctional structures that provide both protection and insulation. From the armor-like feathers of the ostrich to the impenetrable plumage of the porcupine, birds showcase a diverse range of adaptations that contribute to their survival"


SallyStrange, to random
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I yelled just about the same thing when I saw this! Then I tried to find a way to remove it.

Unsuccessful so far (I only use the free Adobe reader, no account or subscription)

HumToTable, to animals
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Darn it! I think my pug melted. 😄

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@HumToTable Adorable! 😍

ahimsa_pdx, to mecfs
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Jaime Seltzer of #MEAction gave her first "Teach M.E., Treat M.E." talk yesterday, part of a campaign to educate health care workers about ME/CFS and Long Covid.

Lots more talks scheduled for May and June.

This whole initiative is led by people who have ME/CFS and Long Covid.

Link: https://bsky.app/profile/exceedhergrasp1.bsky.social/post/3kpsjjnir2t2l

#MEcfs #LongCovid #MillionsMissing #MedEd #MedMastodon #PatientLed

ahimsa_pdx, to Women
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Gift link:


"Indeed, for most of her life she had thought of herself as a normal citizen of the 21st-century United States, endowed with the same rights and privileges as anyone else, and certainly not possessed of any special capacity for time travel."

#Women #USPol #SCOTUS #ReproductiveRights #Abortion #GiftArticle

spiralganglion, to random
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To whoever needs to hear this:

Your blog is better without an image than with an AI-generated one. I came here to read your words — let them stand for themselves!

If you must use an image, and some soulless AI mockery would suffice, do this instead:

Step outside, and take a photo of wherever you are.

Include a lot of sky, if you can.

This implicit "here's where I am" is a better reflection of your work than whatever midjourney or stable diffusion would splort out.

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Yes, so many sources for public domain images!

I think I first learned about the Smithsonian open access program here on Mastodon (can't remember who)



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Obviously, the first thing I did was a search for cat images 😁


TerpieCat, to animals
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Ziggy & Marley: Every day is #NationalPetDay at our house and we make sure Mom knows it! #CatsOfMastodon #Cats

Gray cat Marley is lying in the grass looking straight ahead.

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@TerpieCat Awww 😻 Give some pets to both pets for me 😁

Kaliah, to random

My cat wants to say hello to the fediverse. She has a cute meow for you guys to hear! At least, I think it's cute. I'm probably biased toward her, but say hello to Mittens if you will.

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@Kaliah Hello, Mittens 😻😁

blogdiva, to random
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women with long nails... WHY?!?!?!

i cannot do anything with long nails. may be the only woman on the planet that goes out of her way to cut her nails regularly. it's the only thing, beside fat, that grows faster than the speed of light.

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@blogdiva Same. My nails grow too fast and I'm always cutting them super short.

I have so many reasons for hating long nails but one is that I hate getting stuff under my nails, e.g., when cooking or baking.

freitag, to mastodon
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How are you all finding accounts to follow on #mastodon ?

The federated timeline is just a constant stream, I can't even keep up. Hashtags are fairly hit-and-miss. Seems like a "follow Friday" idea from the early days of Twitter could be helpful, but I don't follow anyone who does that.

@ahimsa_pdx@disabled.social avatar

@freitag Hi 👋

Does your server have full search? If so, you can search for keywords even if you don't know what hashtags folks use.

And have you tried the explore page? I don't know how it works on any app - I use the web browser interface - but here's a link to the explore page for your server:


There are three columns, one for trending posts, one for trending hashtags, and one for news. I hope this helps! 😁

FediTips has more ideas:


ahimsa_pdx, to mecfs
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From OMF (Open Medicine Foundation)

"Sean’s Voice: Living with ME/CFS and the Quest for Understanding"


"… we invite you to witness the profound narrative of Sean Henneberry, a brave soul who has been navigating the turbulent waters of ME/CFS and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) since his early teens."


ahimsa_pdx, to longcovid
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"Chairman Bernie Sanders Releases Long COVID Moonshot Legislative Proposal"


"Before formally introducing this legislation in the Senate, the HELP Committee wants to hear from the Long COVID community to get their views on how this proposal can be improved and strengthened…

committee is particularly interested in hearing from Long COVID patients and their families, scientific researchers, and medical professionals"


@ahimsa_pdx@disabled.social avatar

PDF file with more details:


Send comments to the Committee by email at


no later than the close of business on Tuesday, April 23, 2024.


#COVID #LongCovid #CovidIsNotOver #USPol

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ahimsa_pdx, to twitter
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I'm surprised to see so many folks still post links to X/twitter threads. (not common here but on other platforms/forums)

They obviously don't care about moral/ethical issues with X, but they also must not realize access to threaded replies is restricted to logged in users!

Many folks deleted their accounts long ago (🙋🏻‍♀️) & Nitter no longer works (right?) so I don't know how to see more than the first post of any X thread.

So why share links to X threads? 🤷🏻‍♀️


@ahimsa_pdx@disabled.social avatar

Just to be clear, I can't see threads via my mastodon account (can't follow, reply, like, etc) because my server blocks threads.net

I'm just talking about using the web interface as a non-user and trying to view posts.

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Here's an example of why I read threads from other platforms.

There are some chronic illness advocacy groups that do not post on mastodon. They might post info on Bluesky (not sure about Threads) that is not found on their websites or in other locations.

If I re-post that information here my hope is that it will reach more patients than it would if it were only posted on one platform.

RickiTarr, to random
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Hello! I want to do a Spooky Picture Prompt! So, find a picture in your camera roll that would represent the phrase:

Last Picture on the Camera Roll

This should be spooky, but completely up to your own interpretation. Here's one from me, with weird eclipse light.

@ahimsa_pdx@disabled.social avatar


I took this picture early one morning after our last ice storm.

I cropped it and made it black and white to look more spooky

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