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Improving filtering for the Vulkan hardware database (

Eight years after launching the Vulkan database to the public, it’s approaching 30,000 uploaded reports from more than 3,300 different devices across Windows, Linux, Android, MacOS and iOS. With that much data available, good filtering capabilities are crucial.

Well this is neat... (

This is a script called m5.awk that I randomly found after reading a paper about it on the ACM website. The paper’s worth reading too but the script is just a piece of work. Commented to the brim, clean, and most importantly, useful as hell. it could be a replacement for m4. It allows you to embed AWK in text files, and...

[FILMUL]! » Madame Web { 2024 } Filmul Online SUBTITRAT în Română 1080p

"Madame Web (2024) Film / Film FULL Online Subtitrat / Dublat in Romana. ❗❗️️ Daca subtitrarea nu porneste automat, apasati pe butonul CC de player si selectati limba (Romanian sau English). ❗❗️️Urmăriți (Madame Web ) Film Online Subtitrat in Română 1080p....

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