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Interests: cosmology, astronomy, the sciences in general, wildlife.
Rusty polyglot. Slowly learning Gàidhlig (Scottish Gaelic).
I informally tweet ESA news when I can.
GRB090423 was the furthest Gamma Ray Burst known to us back when I started on social media.
Both avatar and header images were taken by me.
I rarely boost images that don't have Alt Text.
I boost The Vagina Museum posts; please don't be offended... it's good to learn.
I always check your TL - If no posts, I don't follow back.

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Minimus, to random
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fabula murina (mouse story) CLXIV
Silvius inter stipites et spinas rosae caninae scandit (Silvius scrambles between stems and thorns of a dog rose). flores punicei et stamina aurea ei delectat (The pink flowers and golden stamens delight him).

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They do me too 👍💕

markmccaughrean, to Netherlands
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A return to lovely early summer weather for this evening’s enjoyable 52km ride 🌞🙇‍♂️

Not fast, as I was up at 4am & knackered by now, but sometimes it’s more about soaking up the ambience … 🤷‍♂️

Not least as I’m now in my final few rides before moving from The Netherlands – I’m getting quite emotional about it 😭


The row of wind turbines at the Barrepolder which supply the Heineken brewery outside Leiden with electricity. The setting Sun is behind one of the turbines and the rotating blades are casting a moving shadow over the foreground field, which has some geese in it.

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Love the shadows.

vicgrinberg, to Bloomscrolling
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Still struggling today, but hey, look at how happy my plants are. Aren't they total beauties?

The aloe flowers a second time this year (I missed the peak of the flower last time but collected the seeds that I'll try to plant in fall, when the worst of the work travel is over.)

A flowering red and green aloe on front of a large bookshelf.
Flower buds of a dark green and purple plant.
A small pot with three cactii with white flowers.

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What beauties!

You look after plants well 👍

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I should try to keep that in mind.

(I either over or under water houseplants 🤦‍♀️)

grb090423, to random
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russellt, to Palestine
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Netanyahu and Biden governments in meltdown again as three countries bypass US veto and declare Palestine a state

The US and Israeli governments have reacted with fury to announcements by three European governments, at the same time, that they are recognising Palestinian statehood. Ireland, Norway and Spain have all now formally declared Palestine to be a state.


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More countries need to have the courage to declare they recognise Palestine as a state.

Bravo Leading the way!

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grb090423, to worldwithoutus
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😆 👍

aral, to DuckDuckGo
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@bruno @aral

Mojeek is much better recently.
When I first started using it, it was a bit limited.

grb090423, (edited )
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Ha! Been experiencing this for the past couple of days if I have used DDG.

(Does no harm to try others listed in the responses.)

Just tried Swisscows and it's not working.
ZoTop is working fine.

grb090423, to random
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NunavutBirder, to random
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A bit of a strange day for me, carpentry wise. I finished framing the floor for the addition and hit pause. I went in to see what I’d take on and was suddenly overwhelmed by it all. Realizing there’s still so much to do, and realizing it’ll be worse come sealift when so much arrives and I’ll be racing winter. And overcome with the feeling I’m just not good enough.

I am, and this will pass. But two days in and I just gave up on the day.


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It's ok to leave stuff because your head isn't in the right place to do it.

There's always another day.

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Good words 👍🙂

statisticsworld, to random
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She got married at 40!

She started YouTube at 45!

She got pregnant at 48!

She had her first collaboration with a beauty brand at 50!

She had the second at 51!

And at 52, her YouTube channel went from 50k to 165k in just TWO months!

Everything happened later in her life, and she has a funny feeling that there is even more to come. Every day, she prays for God to grant her a long life.

Just because something is DELAYED doesn't mean it's CANCELED!

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Good on her 👏👍 I've always done stuff later in life too.

We're all different.

We don't all conform.

That's what being human is all about.

grb090423, to random
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grb090423, to random
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grb090423, to Bulgaria
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benroyce, to ai
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this is not

this is not a scene from a movie

this is simply a one in a billion video shot at the right time at the right angle by a teenager in a few days ago, may 18/ 19

fucking amazing! positively biblical

experts say it was a fragment, a few feet wide


amazing meteor video

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I love this so much! The look on their face 🤗
(Rightly so!)

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@pa @benroyce

This! 😂😂😂

It made me chuckle. (It's all just words 🙂)

Alice, to random
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When women were asking for better pockets in pants/skirts/dresses, they were NOT talking about cargo pockets.

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Do cargo bikes go in cargo pockets?

EU_Commission, to random
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R to @EU_Commission: A proposed EU pharmaceutical reform will ensure that everyone:

💊 has access to the medicine they need
💊 when they need it
💊 wherever they live
💊 whatever their illness

It will also provide access to new medicines and address shortages of critical medicines.

[2024-05-22 09:46 UTC]

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Why did the UK leave the EU?!

clacksee, to UKpolitics
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Well said.

I do not like Labour as it stands, one iota. But I much prefer them than the current nasties.

grb090423, to random
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