molly0xfff, to random avatar

i am so over the web design trend where every piece of text on the page has to animate in

A webpage for a "Noble" crypto project, where each piece of text slides into view on scroll

wooliex, avatar

@molly0xfff A client once told me they trusted my firm's engineering skills because our website was so simple and retro.

molly0xfff, avatar

@wooliex yeah, my sites might look overly simple and perhaps a little retro but they work without javascript, won't make you motion sick, and are accessible!

The Smothering of Abortion Rights Reveals Something Else About Republicans (

The states’ rights case for determining abortion access — let the people decide — falters on the fact that in many states, the people cannot shape their legislature to their liking. Packed and split into districts designed to preserve Republican control, voters cannot actually dislodge anti-abortion Republican lawmakers. A...

Jerry Manders, 5-Year-Old Prodigy Liar, Already Hailed as Future Political Star (

There’s a up-and-coming political star that is making waves on the local level, 5-year-old Jerry Manders from Chicago, Illinois, has been identified as a lying prodigy with a skill set so advanced that he is already being hailed as a future star in American politics....

Shibanarchiste, (edited ) to random French avatar

J'ai vu pas mal de comptes et camarades migrer de Xitter à ici mais depuis, beaucoup ont quand même préféré rester sur le réseau social du daron de l'alt-right américaine et ça me rend tout triste.

Looping, avatar
Shibanarchiste, avatar

@Looping @Camille_Poulsard @heldum MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERDE

GottaLaff, to random avatar

Friends, can you please not hashtag "NFL" so others don't think it's about something other than "Not For Laffy"? Thanks.

msbellows, avatar

@GottaLaff Okay. I worry about your sanity, is all. :-)

GottaLaff, avatar

@msbellows Appreciate it. I get suggestions all day every day.

People are so kind. But sadly, most suggestions won't work or are unnecessary.

I'm insane, regardless.

Cybertruck Deliveries Halted Due To Car Being A Big Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Work (

Tesla, a future case study for securities law classes across America, had to stop delivering Cybertrucks this past weekend. No, not because the hundred-thousand–dollar medium-duty pickup, which is only any of those things in the loosest interpretive sense, tends to brick when it gets rained on; nor because its stainless steel...

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