“A Suggestion for a Different Existence in Israel-Palestine” – Eastwards: R. Binyamin, Binationalism and Counter-Zionism (trafo.hypotheses.org)

Avi-ram Tzoreff in conversation with Georges Khalil about his new book on R. Binyamin, his take on binationalism, (counter-)zionism and how this relates to current historiographical and political debates within Israel.

CFP: “Small Islands, Proximity, and Connection in the Eastern Caribbean” (repeatingislands.com)

Here is a call for papers for a special issue of In the Same Sea, a project that “advances the hypothesis that the Lesser Antilles were decisively shaped by inter-island connections that transformed separate islands into a common world of slavery and freedom.” This project, based at the University of Copenhagen, has received...

Cosmic Impact 12,800 Years Ago Forced Hunter-Gatherers In The Levant To Adopt Agricultural Practices (www.ancientpages.com)

Agriculture in Syria started with a bang 12,800 years ago as a fragmented comet slammed into the Earth's atmosphere. The explosion and subsequent environmental changes forced hunter-gatherers in the prehistoric settlement of Abu Hureyra to adopt agricultural practices to boost their chances for survival.

In 1992, following independence from the Soviet Union, an error in the new constitution of Estonia led to Torgu being left out. In response, the area's 500 inhabitants decided to form their own kingdom. (en.wikipedia.org)

Journalist and activist Kirill Teiter became its first monarch. The following year, the error was corrected and Torgu officially became part of Estonia. Nevertheless, the kingdom's flag and coat of arms can still be seen in the parish.

Historians race to find Great Lakes shipwrecks before quagga mussels destroy the sites (phys.org)

The Great Lakes' frigid fresh water used to keep shipwrecks so well preserved that divers could see dishes in the cupboards. Downed planes that spent decades underwater were left so pristine they could practically fly again when archaeologists finally discovered them.

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