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“It shouldn’t take this amount of money to get justice.”

From yesterday: Daniel Villegas was acquitted of a crime for which he served nearly 20 years in prison. James Montoya, one of the prosecutors who tried to keep him locked up, is running for district attorney. https://www.texasobserver.org/el-paso-da-race-wrongful-conviction/

aby, to anarchism
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I got to use my jail bag today!

I live near Bathurst jail. I used to live across the corner from it, but now we've moved about 10 minutes away.

While we lived across the corner I'd often see people released from the jail and start the 50 minute walk down to the station as they were just dumped back into society with less and less assistance or support in place. I'd often pop out the front door and ask of they wanted a lift, a number of times they'd say yes and I'd drive them down to the station (and once to Lithgow because he missed the train). People who do their time at Bathurst have been shipped in from all over the state, and are expected to just be able to get home again.

They also all carry their belongings in a clear plastic baggie the jail has given them, and everyone here knows if someone is carrying that bag they've just been released.. and a lot of people treat them like shit.

I started keeping a reusable shopping bag in my car to give them instead of using the clear baggie. Then I started stocking the bag with some essentials (masks, soap, socks, deodorant, snacks, drink, water, crossword book, pen, etc), so they might have a bit of comfort on their journey home.

Today I drove past the jail after dropping my housemate to work, and there was a guy standing at the bus stop with a clear baggie, so I asked if he wanted a lift to the station and gave him my jail bag.

He's excited to get home and see his dog after 16 months.

slcw, to random
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Lets be clear, Jesse. The are not locking up . The system is enforcing the law and prosecuting those who break it. That just happens to be Republicans. By dishonestly reframing the issue, is trying to turn his party's rampant criminality into a matter of in which they are the victims, and their political opponents are the evil oppressors. Don't buy it.


rpardee, to random
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jeebus, the pedigree on this guy

Son of prominent conservative family sentenced to nearly 4 years for Jan. 6


aby, to anarchism
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Fuck me, there are some bad anarchist takes here.

I just read someone talking about how anarchists shouldn't wear masks to hide their identity at protests bc then govts will outlaw mask wearing for everyone and that will effect people masking bc of covid.

We've masked at protests for decades - the reason anti-masking laws are coming into play now is because of facial recognition software being used by governments, and because the chipping away at protest laws that have happened over the last 20 years (looking at you, Australia.. you started it and 5Eyes followed) have gotten to the point where they don't have to pretend it's for "the public good".

You all have to get some better critical analysis skills. I'm begging!

junesim63, to Law
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"What is crystal clear is the prison spaces crisis is a consequence of the government’s approach to justice including over a decade of underfunding of our criminal justice system, which also sees chronic shortages of judges and lawyers, huge backlogs of cases and crumbling courts.”
Nick Emmerson, President, The Law Society

Emergency measure to postpone court hearings as prisons run out of cells | The Independent

TexasObserver, to news
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Featured: “Arrests are going to become the weapon of choice for all city officials. We just can’t have a system that treats arrests more leniently than other ways of punishing your critics.” https://www.texasobserver.org/small-town-politics-national-consequences/

bicmay, to random
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"The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday denied an appeal from California corrections officials who sought immunity from lawsuits claiming they acted with deliberate indifference when they caused a deadly COVID-19 outbreak at one of the world’s most famous prisons four years ago.

The justices turned down the appeal without comment or dissent."


#PublicHealth #covid #incarceration #SCOTUS #CriminalJustice

TexasObserver, to Texas
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“We just can’t have a system that treats arrests more leniently than other ways of punishing your critics.”

This week's top story: A small-town dispute that spiraled out of control has landed at the U.S. Supreme Court, with potentially widespread consequences. https://www.texasobserver.org/small-town-politics-national-consequences/

TexasObserver, to Texas
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The arrest of two city council members in a small town set off a firestorm of legal controversy that's reaching all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. From Correspondent Jason Buch, in our magazine: https://www.texasobserver.org/small-town-politics-national-consequences/

bicmay, to random
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"At least 15 people died in Texas over a decade following a physical encounter with police during which medical personnel also injected them with a powerful sedative, an investigation led by The Associated Press has found...The deaths were among more than 1,000...documented across the United States of people who died after officers used...physical force or weapons such as Tasers that — like sedatives — are not meant to kill."


TexasObserver, to politics
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“This is a moment where I think there has been incredible clarity from our community about what they expect from the police department and from a police chief.”

From the archives: Our 2020 interview with Travis County's progressive prosecutor José Garza ... https://www.texasobserver.org/jose-garza-redefines-progressive-prosecutor/

Do you feel he's delivered on his promises to the community?

#politics #USpol #Texas #Austin #news #CriminalJustice #law

TexasObserver, to Texas
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Earlier this week: Every arrestee has a right to legal representation. But in Central #Texas, its often lacking at a crucial stage. Here's how the #ACLU and others want to fix it ... https://www.texasobserver.org/travis-county-magistration-aclu/

#news #politics #USpol #prison #Austin #CriminalJustice #Law #HumanRights

slcw, to random
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It's not surprising that a certified Canadian jerk doesn't quite grasp the American system, or the fundamental importance of the . In America, concerns about the nation's optics, or "", don't factor into the decision to prosecute someone accused of a . Such consideration would be antithetical to the rule of law, and would undermine the entire justice system. Stick to hawking wedding tchotchkes, and ruining people's dreams, Kevin.


booktweeting, to books
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AN EXPERT ON CARCERAL VIOLENCE and the system’s cruel injustices to poor and minority youth tells the story of a tragedy that happened in his own extended family—the loss of a bright, caring teen to imprisonment and then a gang-related murder. A MINUS



TexasObserver, to politics
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“Unfortunately, constitutional rights are not always realized for people, even when those rights are firmly established.”

From yesterday: Advocates say arrestees are all-too-often lacking representation at a crucial stage in their cases, according to this new report from Staff Writer Michelle Pitcher. https://www.texasobserver.org/travis-county-magistration-aclu/

#politics #USpol #prison #CriminalJustice #HumanRights #law #police #Texas #Austin

ProPublica, to Indiana
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A man serving 55 years has filed a motion to overturn his conviction, arguing that the state prosecuted him for giving a #gun to a drive-by shooter even though another man had already pleaded guilty to giving the same gun to the shooter.

#Indiana #CriminalJustice #police #court #prosecutor #law #news


ProPublica, to Idaho
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After Decades of Imprisoning , Approves Secure Mental Health Facility

The Idaho Legislature has approved funding for a 26-bed facility after ProPublica found that state lawmakers and officials ignored repeated warnings about the practice of locking up mentally ill patients who hadn’t been convicted of a .


TexasObserver, to brainfood
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“The death penalty takes one tragedy, a murder, and expands the pain and suffering to include so many others ...”

Previously: Capital punishment ensnares us all in a labyrinth of our own making, as Richard Linklater's recent film poignantly reveals. https://www.texasobserver.org/death-penalty-god-save-texas/

#DeathPenalty #documentary #film #culture #Texas #prison #CriminalJustice

TexasObserver, to politics
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Our top story: Ken Paxton escapes consequences for his actions, again ... As Senior Writer and Assistant Editor Justin Miller writes, for all the emphasis placed on his alleged #fraud, the attorney general was never headed for prison—at least not on these charges ...


#KenPaxton #politics #Texas #USpol #TXlege #Republicans #CriminalJustice #corruption #law

TexasObserver, to politics
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Today's top story: Same as it ever was! @justinmiller explains the sadly predictable outcome in Ken Paxton's latest trial ... https://www.texasobserver.org/paxton-legal-escape-deal-trial/

#politics #USpol #Texas #KenPaxton #CriminalJustice #news #Republicans

TexasObserver, to Texas
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“This is the most unusual resolution of a major felony that I’ve ever seen.”

Paxton's triumphant escape from his securities fraud trial further cements his status as #Texas' amazing political Houdini. New from Senior Writer and Assistant Editor @justinmiller: https://www.texasobserver.org/paxton-legal-escape-deal-trial/

#news #politics #USpol #KenPaxton #corruption #fraud #CriminalJustice #law

TexasObserver, to Texas
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From yesterday: The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals sided with a man incarcerated at the Estelle Unit who has been suing over his sleep schedule for a decade. You might be shocked to discover how little some #Texas prisoners sleep each night ... https://www.texasobserver.org/criminal-justice-prison-sleep-tdcj-sleep-deprivation-lawsuit/

#Prison #HumanRights #sleep #health #MentalHealth #news #politics #USpol #CriminalJustice

oconnell, to Texas
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Inmates in some #Texas prisons get less than 4 hours of sleep per night, and even that gets interrupted. Absolutely horrifying to contemplate.
https://www.texasobserver.org/criminal-justice-prison-sleep-tdcj-sleep-deprivation-lawsuit/ via @TexasObserver

#prison #HumanRights #news #politics #USpol #CriminalJustice

NewsDesk, to Astronomy
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As next week’s solar eclipse approaches, inmates at a New York state prison have filed a lawsuit over a lockdown that would keep them from witnessing the rare astronomical event. The six plaintiffs say the eclipse is a religious experience, and barring them from seeing it violates their constitutional right to practice their faith. Read more about the case from ABC News.


#Astronomy #Eclipse #Science #CriminalJustice

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