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In dismissing calls for Netanyahu's arrest, the west is undermining its own world order | Nesrine Malik

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I enjoyed following Legal Twitter, back in the day. For anyone else who did, too, here's a cool article that will bring back memories:

h/t @jeffjarvis for the gift link.

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Finally, people are realising the harmful effects of tobacco. Good move taken by the Telangana government!

The Telangana government has issued a one-year ban on the manufacture, storage, distribution, transportation and sale of gutka and pan masala containing tobacco and nicotine throughout the State, effective immediately.

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Heading into what may be the final week of the #TrumpTrial, here are links to my threads for each day of coverage starting w/opening statements & then testimony (excludes jury selection)

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How Oregon's right-to-die law has inspired other US states and countries

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filed court papers Fri asking a judge to order not to make any further incendiary claims suggesting that agents were “complicit in a plot to him.”
In the filing to US Dist Judge , Smith argues Trump’s statements earlier this wk exposed FBI agents involved in the case “to the risk of threats, violence, & harassment.”

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The wife of #SCOTUS JusticeSamuel #Alito told a WaPo reporter in Jan 2021 that an #UpsideDown American #flag recently flown on their flagpole was “an international signal of distress” & indicated that it had been raised in response to a neighborhood dispute.
#MarthaAnnAlito made the comments when the reporter went to the couple’s FairfaxCounty, VA, home to follow up on a tip about the flag….

h/t @wndlb
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"An 'Appeal to Heaven' flag was flown last summer outside Alito’s beach vacation home in New Jersey, according to NYTimes, which obtained several images showing it on different dates in July and September 2023. The Times previously reported that an upside down American flag—a sign of distress—had flown outside Alito's Virginia home less than two weeks after the violent #jan6 attack by Trump supporters"

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I was in law school when Samuel Alito was nominated to SCOTUS. One of my law professors knew him personally. Outside of class, he tried to reassure me that Alito was a "good" conservative, and not one of those crazy right-wing ideologues.

Maybe he was really trying to reassure himself. He couldn't have been more wrong.

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Imagine the response if Justice Jackson had this flag flying outside her home.

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How Could Have Been So Foolish?

work because people trust . Taking sides in this way erodes that .

By Judge Michael Ponsor — a snr on the Dist Court for MA, appointed in 1994 after 10yrs as a fed magistrate judge.

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“The controversy about the decision to fly an #UpsideDown American #flag outside the home of Justice #Alito recalls St. Paul’s admonition that while some things may be lawful, ‘not all things are helpful.’

“I can offer no opinion as to whether the flag display at the justice’s house was #unlawful. I won’t even opine whether my flying the flag upside-down at my house would have constituted a violation of the code of #ethics that binds me & all #FederalJudges — except the justices.

#SCOTUS #law

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“To me, the issue is much simpler. The fact is that, regardless of its legality, displaying the flag in that way, at that time, shouldn’t have happened. To put it bluntly, any w/reasonable instincts would have realized immediately that flying the flag then & in that way was improper. And dumb.”

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“The same goes for the flying of an flag at Justice ’s vacation house along the NJ shore. Like the flag, this is viewed by a great many people as a banner of allegiance on issues that are or could be before .

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“…In 4 decades as a , I have known scores, possibly hundreds, of federal trial & appellate pretty well. I can’t think of a single one, no matter who appointed her or him, who has engaged or would engage in conduct like that. You just don’t do that sort of thing, whether it may be considered over the line, or just edging up to the margin. Flying those flags was tantamount to sticking a ‘Stop the steal’ bumper sticker on your car. You just don’t do it.”

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'Danger to law enforcement': Jack Smith asks Judge Cannon to make Trump stop lying about FBI

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Transphobia Will Dominate the Ballot now in the UK Election!

The UK is in a bad state economically and socially, largely as a result of the Conservative government’s disastrous policies, like austerity and welfare reforms, the mishandling of the Covid 19 pandemic and, of course, Brexit.


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Looking for an outlet to place my more -focused (and thus less or strictly ) policy writing -- anyone know of an outlet that might be amenable to a freelance contributor?

DMs are open, I'm a weekly columnist at Bloomberg Tax, contributor to Forbes Money, among some others. Looking for a tech publication that wouldn't mine hearing a tax/tech attorney and prof opine on things like the currently being contemplated AI rules, etc.

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It's the typical case of using power to exploit the poor and bribing them to get away with anything.

In Pune porsche crash case, the accused's grandfather told the family driver to take the blame for the accident and threatened him against speaking about the matter to anyone and now has been arrested.


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Justice Sotomayor describes well what the last eight years have been like for many of us. I am worried for the end of this SCOTUS term. (Gift Link)

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Leasehold reforms become law without ground rent cap

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As Samuel Alito’s reputation reaches new depths, it's worth remembering that he wasn't George W. Bush's first choice for the court. Harriet Miers was.

We'll obviously never know, but nearly two decades later, it's hard not to wonder what could've been.

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“Lisa Rubin explained a couple of years ago, ‘Miers withdrew within weeks, in part due to her relative inexperience but more so because of vociferous opposition from anti-abortion conservatives. Days later, Bush announced a more reliable anti-abortion nominee: then-Judge .’

“…NBC News reported the day after Miers’ nomination was announced:

“‘...Bush insisted that “people are going to be amazed at her strength of character & intellect.”

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“‘But that left open the question: If Miers is a classy, top-of-the-line , then why was Sen Charles Schumer, D-NY, beaming in contentment at his press conference Mon when he proclaimed that in nominating her, Bush had rebuffed “the very wing of his party”?’

“Democrats didn't belittle Bush for choosing an unqualified nominee; Democrats were relieved that Miers wasn't .”


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Biggest loser in the Trumpists’ Super Bowl the release of new names in a Jeffrey Epstein case is in fact .... Donald Trump’s lawyer.

In newly unsealed documents, we learn that allegedly forced Doe 3 - a minor - to have sex with (be raped by) on numerous occasions. He also witnessed the rape of many others. played a role in Epstein and his associates’ sweetheart deal in Florida.

Alan Morton Dershowitz, often referred to as Alan Dershowitz.

He was a member of Harvey Weinstein's defense team in 2018 and of Donald Trump's defense team in his first impeachment trial in 2020. He was also a member of Jeffrey Epstein's defense team and helped to negotiate a 2006 non-prosecution agreement on Epstein's behalf.

Donald Trump appears on the 7 (SEVEN) times.

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You know what is crazy about this photo of Andrew, Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein's most famous child victim, Virgina Giufree?

That child victim was a Mar-a-Lago employee. She worked at Trumps home massage spa.

She, while only 15, was hired to work at the 'spa' of Mar-a-Lago, DJT's personal home.....where she was directly recruited into Epstein's sex trafficking ring by Ghislaine Maxwell.

DJT remained friends with Maxwell and Epstein for years after that.

Also- Here is a photo that features DJT, Melania, Epstein, Prince Andrew and Maxwell.

Such a small world.

They all knew what was going on.

That child victim was a Mar-a-Lago employee. She worked at Trumps home massage spa. She, while only 15, was hired to work at the 'spa' of Mar-a-Lago, DJT's personal home.....where she was directly recruited into Epstein's sex trafficking ring by Ghislaine Maxwell.

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