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New Randomized Trial Shows Trans Care Lowers Suicidality (

A randomized controlled trial (RCT) conducted by researchers in Melbourne, Australia, has demonstrated significant benefits of gender-affirming care for trans individuals, offering a critical insight amidst rising anti-trans sentiment questioning the efficacy of such treatments....

Tucker and Ben Shapiro Pegged By Con Man Prostitute with Sham Story (

Tucker Carlson recently hosted an exclusive interview with Larry Sinclair, a convicted fraudster who has been peddling uncorroborated tales involving former U.S. President Barack Obama since the 2008 presidential campaign. During the interview, Sinclair recanted his widely debunked claims of engaging in illegal drug use and...

A New Climate Conspiracy Theory Claims Traffic Control Is an Attack on Freedom (

A concept to reduce city traffic called the “15-minute city” is being accused by far-right critics as a Communist-style attack on personal freedoms. This urban planning principle aims to locate resources such as grocery stores, schools, and hospitals within walking distance of homes to lower carbon emissions. Opponents,...

Aspartame: still no evidence for cancer risk (

Recently, it was disclosed that the World Health Organization (WHO) is considering reclassifying artificial sweetener aspartame as a ‘possible’ carcinogen, reigniting long-standing rumors and conspiracy theories about its safety. However, more than 60 scientific bodies worldwide and thousands of studies maintain...

RFK Jr. resurrects an old antivax half-truth about “saline placebos” in randomized controlled trials of vaccines (

The article debunks the antivaccine misinformation campaign by Aaron Siri and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. They cast doubts on the safety and efficacy of vaccines by contesting the use of placebos in clinical trials....

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