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ProPublica, to Atlanta
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Movie Studio Executive Apologizes After Sending , Texts

Ryan Millsap’s apology for his messages, which were revealed by a ProPublica and Atlanta Journal-Constitution investigation, comes as influential and officials said they were disappointed by his derogatory rhetoric.


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Read our original report on Milsap's racist messages here:

ProPublica, to random
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10 Times as Much of This Pesticide Could End Up on Your and Celery Under a New Proposal

Against the guidance of scientific advisory panels, the EPA is relying on industry-backed tests to relax regulations on acephate, which has been linked to neurodevelopmental disorders.

“It’s exactly what we recommended against,” one panelist said.


ProPublica, to news
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New Legislation Would Expand Access to Disaster Relief, Provide Help With Titles for Large Number of #Black Landowners

The bills come after ProPublica’s reporting on land passed down informally within #families, known as heirs’ property.

Representing about one-third of Black-owned land in the #South, it can be ineligible for aid and vulnerable to forced sales.

#News #Property #RealEstate #Race #Law


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Black landowners are disproportionately vulnerable to laws and discriminatory practices that allow speculators and developers to acquire their property.

Read all our previous coverage here:


ProPublica, to Virginia
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The Family That Helped Us Investigate How a University Displaced a Community

A longtime resident of the Shoe Lane area in chronicled the life of his community as it was demolished by Christopher Newport University.

His photographs helped a reporter seek .


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Read our full "Uprooted" series — investigating how Virginia colleges expanded by displacing Black communities — here:


ProPublica, to mentalhealth
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Senate Veterans’ Affairs Chair Calls for More Mental Health Care Providers in #Rural Areas

Citing ProPublica’s reporting on the barriers faced by veterans in crisis, Sen. Jon Tester asked VA Secretary Denis McDonough to increase the number of providers and ensure they are “in locations where #veterans need them most.”

#MentalHealth #Health #HealthCare #Hospitals #California #News #Government


ProPublica, to environment
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Companies Must Set Aside More Money to Plug Wells, a New Rule Says. But It Won’t Be Enough.

The new Bureau of Land Management , which applies to nearly 90,000 wells on federal public land, is hampered by math errors and overly optimistic cost projections.


ProPublica, to Israel
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Resists U.S. Plan to Bring Sanctions Against Israeli Unit

After months of inaction, Secretary of State Antony is poised to bar U.S. aid to an unit accused of human rights abuses.


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Last week, we revealed that Blinken had, for months, been sitting on recommendations from a special State Dept. panel that the US bring sanctions against certain Israeli units linked to a variety of abuses:

ProPublica, to Army
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Charged With Violent Will Now Face More Scrutiny Before They Can Simply Leave the

The change comes after reporting from ProPublica, The Texas Tribune and Military Times revealed that hundreds of soldiers charged with offenses like sexual assault and domestic violence left the Army without facing courts-martial.


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Read the original 2023 investigation that exposed how hundreds of soldiers charged with violent crimes were administratively discharged instead of facing a court martial:

ProPublica, to random
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ICMYI: The incidents under review mostly took place in the West Bank and occurred before Oct. 7. They include reports of extrajudicial killings by Israeli Border Police; an incident in which a battalion gagged, handcuffed and left an elderly Palestinian American man for dead; and an allegation that interrogators tortured and raped a teen who had been accused of throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails.


ProPublica, to Atlanta
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A Powerful Executive Praised for His Efforts Shared Racist, Antisemitic Sentiments in Texts

Ryan Millsap has built important relationships with Black leaders and Jewish colleagues.

But his private communications, copies of which were filed in court, exhibit derogatory views toward those communities.


ProPublica, to Israel
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BREAKING: Secretary of State Is Sitting on Staff Recommendations to Sanction Israeli Military Units Linked to Killings or Rapes

A special State Department panel told Blinken that the U.S. should restrict arms sales to military units that have been credibly accused of human rights abuses. He has not taken any action.


ProPublica, to Tennessee
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#Tennessee Is Ramping Up Penalties for #Student Threats.
Research Shows That’s Not the Best Way to Keep #Schools Safe.

Zero-tolerance measures can counteract what some experts consider a crucial tool for protecting #students and the larger community.

#Safety #News #Education #Kids #Teachers


ProPublica, to kentucky
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The #EPA Has Done Nearly Everything It Can to Clean Up This Town. It Hasn’t Worked.

Despite years of air monitoring, inspections and millions in penalties for petrochemical plants, the air in Calvert City, #Kentucky, remains polluted.

The EPA’s inability to fix it is an indictment of the laws governing clean air, experts say.

#Pollution #Environment #Climate #CleanAir #CleanWater #Cancer #News #Science #Law


ProPublica, to Indiana
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A man serving 55 years has filed a motion to overturn his conviction, arguing that the state prosecuted him for giving a to a drive-by shooter even though another man had already pleaded guilty to giving the same gun to the shooter.


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This is just the latest in our years of reporting on the criminal justice system in Elkhart, Indiana. Catch up on everything here:

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The Elkhart case is another in a line of instances across the US in which prosecutors have been accused of presenting contradictory accounts in court, depending on the defendant they’re trying.

At least 29 men have been sentenced to death in the US since the 1970s in cases where prosecutors were accused of presenting opposing versions of the truth, according to a search of legal cases.


ProPublica, to climate
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Read more of Abrahm Lustgarten's reporting on climate migration here:

ProPublica, to Idaho
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After Decades of Imprisoning , Approves Secure Mental Health Facility

The Idaho Legislature has approved funding for a 26-bed facility after ProPublica found that state lawmakers and officials ignored repeated warnings about the practice of locking up mentally ill patients who hadn’t been convicted of a .


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A ProPublica article in December found that Idaho lawmakers and state officials were told at least 14 times since 1954 that the state needed a secure mental health unit, separate from a prison, and at least eight times since 1974 that locking away patients without a conviction could violate their civil rights and invite a lawsuit.

The patients haven’t been convicted or, in many cases, even charged with a crime.


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