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I write #erotica about sexy #GreekGods & #GreekMythology 🏛️

Commissions are open: commission@eroticmythology.com

New stories every month on Patreon: http://patreon.com/aimeemaroux

I host #MythologyMonday and #FannyFriday.


#Mythology #writer #indieauthor #forHire #commissionMe #fedi22
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AimeeMaroux, to antiquidons
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It's the Day of Zeus / Jupiter's Day / #Thursday! ⚡

#Ganymede on Olympus, surrounded by #Zeus who offered him a cock, a goddess crowning him and #Hebe.

🏛️ Side A of an Attic black-figure amphora depicting Zeus, #Ganymedes, and Hebe, ca. 510 BCE, Staatliche Antikensammlungen #München

@antiquidons @mythology #DayOfZeus #GreekRomanArt

AimeeMaroux, to Germany
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It's the Day of Hermes aka Mercurius Day aka #Wednesday! 🐏

"They say he [#Hermes] was responsible for profit and an overseer of the businesses: consequently they set up the statue of him weighing a purse."
Suidas s.v. Hermes

🏛 Hermes-Mercurius, Roman bronze statuette, #Rheinland, #Germany

@mythology @antiquidons
#DayOfHermes #Mythology #ancientRome #GreekRomanArt #Mercurius

phistorians, to histodons

Greek marble grave stele of a girl ~ c. 450-440 BCE

Every child is precious. This stele memorialising a lost girl who loved doves is heart wrenching for the beauty and the grief conveyed.

🏛 The Met, 27.45

#ReliefWednesday #AncientGreece @histodons

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@phistorians @histodons "May the earth rest lightly on her." ❤️

AimeeMaroux, to 13thFloor
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It's the Day of Ares / Mars' Day / ! 🗡️

This coin was minted circa 206 CE, during the reign of Caracalla. The obverse depicts the laureate head of Caracalla facing right. The reverse type features , naked save for cloak hanging from his shoulder, holding a branch and spear.

@antiquidons @histodons @mythology @CoinOfNote @Greenseer

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@CoinOfNote @Greenseer What a beautiful coins, thanks for sharing!

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@Greenseer @CoinOfNote @antiquidons @histodons @mythology What a beautiful coin! I wonder if it is reallya trophy he is carrying though 🤔
It looks to me like a soldier on the move, carrying his spear, his sword and/or armour.

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@CoinOfNote @Greenseer Newly struck coins with Greek or Roman gods on them? Hm... I can only think of the Athenian owl on Greek's euros but those are a symbol of Athene, not Athene herself.

starrytimepod, to Podcast

Perseus seeing a woman chained to a rock (b/c that's how love works... 🤔):

You can learn the entire myth of (and how make it less cringe) on our latest episode here: https://starrytimepodcast.com/episodes

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@starrytimepod As a Perseus simp, I have to point out that Perseus saw a woman in danger and he acted and saved her. There is a version in which he arranges the marriage to her first but in most versions he just does the right thing without his own gain in mind. Perseus is the purest cinnamon roll hero in all of Greek mythology, I prefer to believe he saved Andromeda because he saw someone in danger and had the means to do something about it. 🙂

AimeeMaroux, to mythology
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It's the Day of Selene / Luna's Day / #Monday! 🌛

#Fresco in the Fourth Pompeian Style depicting #Selene and #Endymion, from #Herculaneum, Empire of colour.

🏛️ Musée Saint-Raymond #Toulouse

📸 @followinghadrian

@antiquidons @mythology
#DayOfSelene #MoonMonday #ancientRome #GreekRomanArt #Luna

phistorians, to antiquidons

This opus sectile panel is arresting for both its detail and subject matter. The tiger and calf share a wild look to their eyes…

📍 C4th CE Basilica of Junius Bassus, Esquiline Hill
🏛 Musei Capitolini

#MosaicMonday #AncientRome @histodons @antiquidons

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@phistorians A late #Caturday 🐯

AimeeMaroux, to philosophy
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It's the Day of Helios / Sol's Day / ! ☀️

"Grant, oh, grant that I ride through the air in my father's car; give me the reins, O sire, give me the right to guide your fire-bearing steeds with the flaming reins; then let Corinth [...] be consumed by flames and bring the two seas together."
Seneca, Medea 28

🏛 Helios-Sol, Roman marble decoration, 3rd century CE, Terme di Diocleziano,

@antiquidons @mythology

TarkabarkaHolgy, to 13thFloor
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So was anyone going to tell me that the "sacrificial virgin rescued from dragon by dashing hero" story existed as a gay love story in ancient times, or was I supposed to just find out from Antoninus Liberalis myself?...

(Alcyoneus and Eurybarus, fyi)

#mythology #folklore #storytelling #Queer #LGBTQ #QueerLoveStories #Classics

@AimeeMaroux@mastodon.social avatar

@TarkabarkaHolgy I wrote about it back on Twitter one time, such a sweet story, really! 🥰

AimeeMaroux, to panther
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It's the here at Erotic Mythology! 🍇

Dionysos, crowned with ivy, holds a cup of wine while his pet panther is begging at his feet.

🏛️ with a , 2nd century CE, The State Hermitage Museum, Russia

@antiquidons @archaeodons @mythology

AimeeMaroux, to random
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I wrote a short piece on safe tracking apps, expanding on a few tweets I posted at the time was overturned. Incidents of testing women for abortion drugs in the UK prompted me to turn it into an article:


@AimeeMaroux@mastodon.social avatar

This toot by @evacide made me feel like the article on safe menstruation tracking apps was needed:


@AimeeMaroux@mastodon.social avatar

@allpoints This is from the article that made me put together a list of safe apps:

"Under Section 58 of the Offence Against the Person Act 1861, which carries a maximum life sentence, it is illegal for a woman to administer “poison” (abortion pills) with the intent to cause her own miscarriage after the 24-week legal limit.

Last month, the fifth woman this year appeared in an English court charged under Section 58, compared with only three previous prosecutions in the past 160 years."

@AimeeMaroux@mastodon.social avatar

@allpoints That is really scary! The apps don't help against actual drug tests like that but I hope showing these options helps keeping the data safe that might tip the wrong people off.

AimeeMaroux, to 13thFloor
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Have a beautiful Day of Aphrodite aka Venus' Day aka Frigg's Day aka Friday 🌹

A long, elegant gold hairpin adorned with #Aphrodite and her son #Eros. Eros offers support to his mum who appears to adorn herself, adjusting one of her anklets to complement the snake-shaped arm bracelets she already wears.

🏛️ Gold Aphrodite Hairpin, 1st century BCE, Greece

@mythology @antiquidons @archaeodons
#DayOfAphrodite #mythology #ancientGreece #GreekRomanArt

AimeeMaroux, to antiquidons
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Inside every man is a huge dick 😉

#PhallusThursday #GreekRomanArt #Priapus

@antiquidons @phistorians

AimeeMaroux, to antiquidons
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It's the Day of Zeus / Jupiter's Day / #Thursday! ⚡

Meet Etruscan #Zeus or #Tinia watch his adult son #Hercle being breastfed by his wife #Uni [Hera] as a sign of adoption. #Aplu [#Apollon] and another god and goddess are present to witness the ritual too.

🏛️ #Hera breastfeeding #Herakles, drawing of an #Etruscan mirror case engraving from Volterra, 4th century BCE, Museo Archeologico Nazionale, #Florence

@antiquidons @mythology @archaeodons #DayOfZeus #EtruscanArt

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@phistorians @histodons @antiquidons Oooooh, I know what I'm gonna listen to at work today!

MetalTigerDude, to writing

#NaNoWriMo day 1

2,500/50,000 words. Off to a good start.

#writing #amwriting #fantasy #WritingCommunity

@AimeeMaroux@mastodon.social avatar

@MetalTigerDude Awesome! I'm not doing NaNo this year but I'm cheering for you!!

AimeeMaroux, to random
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It's Raining Men


@AimeeMaroux@mastodon.social avatar

@Carole Which Magritte?

evacide, to random
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If you have a uterus and you live in the UK, it's time to update your threat model to include police testing you for the presence of abortion meds and requesting data from period-tracking apps: https://www.tortoisemedia.com/2023/10/30/british-police-testing-women-for-abortion-drugs/

@AimeeMaroux@mastodon.social avatar

@HauntedOwlbear @evacide I included the app in my brief overview of safe menstruation apps. Thanks again for sharing, I didn't know about Periodical 🩸


wolfdownwords, to 13thFloor Scottish Gaelic

Where to begin hunting down information on #mythology ? Specifically ancient British mythology (basically, anything but the King Arthur cycle of myths - I love it in its own way, but it's not what I'm looking for...). I'm aware of Orkneyjar ( http://www.orkneyjar.com/folklore/index.html ) which features some great info on folklore and myths of Orkney, but what about other places? Scotland, Ireland...? Been using Wikipedia thus far, and need a bit of direction beyond just typing "placename myths" into my search bar.

@AimeeMaroux@mastodon.social avatar

@wolfdownwords Forgot to mention @Amynearlyknowledgeable who is specialised on folklore from Shropshire and ghosts 👻

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