I've been in and out of information security professionally, but somehow always have related projects. Mainly working with zeek and network level detection at the moment. SDR, cycling, and climbing enthusiast.

I boost a lot. Topics range far and wide from security and "the cybers" and may include politics, food, humor, science, law, nature, art, and other sundry unsavories. I occasionally post my own projects and thoughts.

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jbaggs, to FreeBSD

Well, I got #FreeBSD installed on a 2012 Mac mini. It went incredibly smoothly considering the number of articles scattered around the Internet hinting at difficulties. (There were none.)


@autolycus Good to know. I haven't attempted anything with thunderbolt and probably won't need to with what I am planning for this one. (I'm basically running it headless for some jails and VMs.)

jbaggs, to random

Hmm. I misread that as:

cookies and advertising chaos.

and somehow it's fitting.

dangoodin, to random

A crowd in San Francisco surrounded a Waymo robotaxi on Saturday night, broke the windows and threw fireworks inside, setting the vehicle ablaze, the company said.

Waymo said that the autonomous vehicle was not transporting any passengers at the time of the incident and no injuries were reported.

Video posted to social media showed a crowd of several dozen people surrounding the car and scrawling graffiti on the sides. One man bashed the front passenger window and the windshield with a skateboard, shattering the glass.

Subsequently, someone threw a firework inside, setting the car on fire. Flames quickly engulfed the Jaguar, totally destroying the car.

It was not clear what prompted the crowd to set upon the robotaxi. The San Francisco Police Department said authorities are investigating the incident.



@dangoodin Self driving cars have enough trouble with anomalies such as construction, I can't imagine how they wold handle street celebrations. Perhaps there should be certain days they are kept off the streets entirely, like all the ones ending in "y".

wendynather, to superbowl

@wendynather That owl's head isolation is broken.

MLE_online, to random
@MLE_online@social.afront.org avatar

Today's set build was a dreadful affair. I spent most of it painting this tessellated stencil over and over



@MLE_online That looks tedious. What's the minimum distance it will be viewed from?


@MLE_online I was just curious due to the level of detail.

tess, to random
@tess@mastodon.social avatar

My Mac has been at "about 5 minutes remaining" on its update for about fifteen minutes.

Macs were a mistake.


@tess I want to know what dusty closet their damn update server lives in. It seems like the crappiest bit of their infrastructure and it's been that way for decades.

lzg, to random
@lzg@mastodon.social avatar


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  • jbaggs, (edited )

    @lzg (a pace around the room, a look outside, and writing down anything you wished you'd remember tomorrow. (Sorry to hear.))

    simon, to random
    @simon@simonwillison.net avatar

    Here's a fun thing to do with an LLM like ChatGPT: use it as a mischievous idea buddy

    I told it I wanted to build my own orchestrion. Then that I wanted to keep adding to it for decades, inspired by the Winchester Mystery House. And then that I also wanted my project to take inspiration from how Faberge eggs told the story of the last years of the Russian empire.

    It "yes and" agreed with me every step of the way

    For extra delightful weirdness, I used voice chat mode for the whole conversation


    @simon ChatGPT is simping pretty hard.

    18+ ai6yr, to politics
    @ai6yr@m.ai6yr.org avatar


    "Hey, ya better pay up or Ima gonna send Guido over to your house to break yer knees"


    @ai6yr I'm still wondering when we all go after Mark Burnett.


    @ai6yr "You're fired!" lol, lol, ha ha, oh .


    @ai6yr My memory was Trump was a has been, until he got turned into a celebrity for being a "hard business man" in the early "reality" TV era.


    @ai6yr And we still sit in a moment where shouting loudly and degrading anyone who opposes you gets traction.

    ai6yr, to Weather
    @ai6yr@m.ai6yr.org avatar

    @ai6yr I kind of feel like California needs to build up the sort of infrastructure where it can play "musical reservoirs" in the future, instead of getting pummeled in one region and going through drought in another over and over.

    (Well, not really in the spirit of musical chairs, but you get the idea.)

    ai6yr, to diy
    @ai6yr@m.ai6yr.org avatar

    Test fit of my DIY network rack in the closet. I wonder how the closet doors will work. #network #diy #Ethernet


    @ai6yr Got a nice smooth place on top for a laptop if you ever have to console into anything.

    cybergibbons, to random

    Someone going full AM in the middle of the amateur band.

    Carrier keeps on showing up now but with no audio.


    @cybergibbons Well that's rather rude.

    LifesAHaskell, to random
    @LifesAHaskell@mastodon.social avatar

    Never roll your own date time library kids


    @LifesAHaskell RIP David Mills.

    MLE_online, to random
    @MLE_online@social.afront.org avatar

    Before I got called in to deal with today's earthquake, I got to visit Apex Electronics for a bit



    @MLE_online That place looks like serious fun.

    MLE_online, to random
    @MLE_online@social.afront.org avatar

    Never in my worst nightmares would I imagine something as awful as a terrycloth toilet seat cover


    @MLE_online Thhere is nothing good about that.

    jbaggs, to random

    Motion to rename "rolling release" to "roiling release".


    Okay. That was an extremely inconvenient time for PKCS11 to just stop functioning with ssh, but it's working again after the latest update at least? ¯(ツ)/¯

    MLE_online, to random
    @MLE_online@social.afront.org avatar

    Looking at T shirts on Aliexpress and thinking about getting one of these wildly nonsensical ones



    @MLE_online Low on cash and wondering if I should buy coderstanding, or hold out for coderstandling.

    meetar, to random
    @meetar@mastodon.xyz avatar

    pix and it didn’t happen


    @meetar Personally I prefer pix xor it didn't happen, or simply 1.

    kissane, to random
    @kissane@mas.to avatar

    @kissane @dsalo I started reading that and somewhere in the middle completely forgot coffee was waiting.

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