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Gardner F. Fox (1911-1986) was born on this day. Bibliography: https://www.isfdb.org/cgi-bin/ea.cgi?1305

L, Gray Morrow, 1966; R, Jeff Jones, 1969


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Dionysus in Wisconsin won third place at the New England Romance Writers Readers' Choice awards in the fantasy/paranormal category. I am definitely going to be cool about this and not use it as an excuse to call myself an AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR at every turn because that would be obnoxious.

Check out the AWARD-WINNING NOVEL here: https://books2read.com/u/49dN1p

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I review How to Become the Dark Lord and Die Trying by Django Wexler. Excellent western take on isekai, with a sarcastic heroine and a lot of gore.


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2405.20 — How did you settle on your antagonist's appearance?

Antagonists almost always are regular people with different agendas than the MC's. Rarely, they have a skewed sense of right and wrong or how reality works, which could describe a few MCs. In any case, I very much wish to prevent latching on to a stereotype as it will paint a divergent picture of what I want to represent and, far worse, comes with a subtext that I have no control over. Like the MC POV, I keep appearances vague so the reader can use their imagination, only less so because antagonists are seen and features important to the story must be eluded to. The MC will also make uncensored comments in her internal dialogue, aka 1st person narration.

In one case, the antagonist got her own side story as the POV. Note in the following from Fledge, she has woken up with bodily changes (and amnesia). She self-labels herself as a chimera, a monster that's a combination of creatures but in her case parts of other people. She never states facial features, needs never say anything about hair color, or what we relate to as race. She does mention an in-story kind of human. However, the following feature is important to her "appearance" as it relates to the question, as well as the plot. She's squatting on a tree limb two dozen stories high...

He [her rescuer] pointed at the useless things on my back. "You remembered enough to shield your fall [...] using them. You're learning."

Below my normal right shoulder blade, a red-feathered monstrosity twitched. Adjusting my hips carefully, I glared left to see iridescent blue and purple feathers and down lit by the setting sun, better suited for a pigeon's breast. The day angel wing poked out, balancing, splaying breeze-rustled feathers to instinctively steady me. My blue "add-on" was larger than the red. Both went thwack to my back, acting as if they'd noticed I'd noticed my alien, unasked for, new limbs playing—behind my back—and hid. I had to steady myself with a hand.

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R.S.]


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#PennedPossibilities 320 — What was the worst event of your MC's childhood?

At the funeral for her parents, her mother's best friend, the main antagonist, took the opportunity to make a political statement instead of comforting the MC. Yes, her mother was (secretly) the strongest mortal "mage" of the modern era and the MC shows signs of surpassing her, but what the 4-year-old needed was to be hugged and told it would be alright—not elevated, titled, and given estates to govern.

The MC never forgets a kindness.

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R.S.]

#BoostingIsSharing and #CommentingIsCool

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What's your favorite fictional CITY, and why does it appeal to you?

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New: Bellora Quinn & Sadie Rose Bermingham's new MM dark fantasy romance: Dark Paths.

When British rock latest release, there’s time for a little fun. During a visit to a strip club with a friend, he hears one of his songs being played, and he can’t resist a chance to meet the sexy dancer performing on stage.


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A great honor to have "When Carousels Dream" place third in the 5/17/2024 contest "Circus" held by the Symbolism Group! Many thanks to group / contest administrator, June Walker, and to everyone who voted for my image. Congratulations to the other winners!!!

At my website: https://lois-bryan.pixels.com/featured/when-carousels-dream-lois-bryan.html

At Fine Art America: https://fineartamerica.com/featured/when-carousels-dream-lois-bryan.html

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Here's my review of the Free Comic Book Day 2024 issue of Conan the Barbarian. The digital edition is free on Kindle and direct from Titan Comics if you want to check it out yourself!

(As always, boosts are appreciated!)


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319 — MC POV: Where did you grow up? What was your childhood like there?

On a farm and in the Fell Woods. I don't remember much about the former, but the latter was both exciting and difficult every day. I chose to live with wolves, which because of my gift better understood me every day. They were still wolves, and they lived and ate like wolves, not humans. I survived despite the dirt, raw meet, living without shelter, and an incredible amount of walking. The wolves cherished the cunning and technology I brought to the pack and helped me find a way. They taught me to hunt. People, I learned much later, like to be touched; contact was natural to wolves, but sadly despite people liking to be touched they don't routinely do so. The whole leaving the wild to attend school has left me with what one of Her Highness' psychologist call species-disphoria. I'm more comfortable living amongst beasts than people because they are so much more friendly and, if not, so much more predictable. I'm sure I'll go back when school's over—despite having a new boyfriend.

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R.S.]


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318 — What do you need in your writing space to help you stay focused?

Less is more in this case. That doesn't mean that in a perfect situation I won't suddenly find myself sweeping the floor instead of writing. They don't call it displacement activity for nothing!

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R.S.]


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2405.19 — How did you settle on your MC’s appearance?

Historically, I wrote my characters such that I found them attractive. I don't do that anymore.

Sometimes I don't have control, except for hair styles and clothes, or the lack thereof. The story or character may have certain in-the-moment requirement, like when the MC needed to train in an almost all-male fight gym as a prizefighter (she'd later win a championship). Of course she had tailored pink and black gym wear made of technical fabric that outlined every curve—which proved interesting.

These days I do the best not to assign an appearance at all, instead keeping things vague and sticking to describing only what's absolutely necessary. My experiences with publishers is that'll they'll ignore your descriptions for cover art and promotion anyway. In any case, doing this allows the reader to imagine someone they would find attractive(†). The MC in the current WiP is described physically only as tall, shy, so beautiful that both sexes fall for her, and that she has "winter eyes," whatever that is. In the other story, the only thing I'm settled on is described by the devil-girl something like this:

"Take two finger length pieces of rusty rebar, sharpen one end, bend it ninety degree, and stick one above each temple, pointing backwards. Makes wearing hats problematic. Yeah. Gets messy when they try to grab you by the head in a fight, especially if it sticks in..."

She's also describes her very olive complexion; she's mentioned green eyes in a mirror and red hair everywhere. It could easily change in revision.

(†) A recent writer's prompt asked about my target audience. Can I say "imaginative?"

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R..S.]


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Amazing discussion of remasters, messing with your old work, technical mistakes, creative mistakes and how important grading is to a film

HT: to @tvaziri fine purveyor of film content who posted it first.

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Roared Conan, "By Crumb! This is an excellent comic book!"

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It's , so what better time to promote my cat-related fantasy epic? "The Secret of the Sorceress" is just one of the (mostly) moggy themed stories in the new anthology, "Feisty Felines and Other Fantastical Familiars", out now from .

Many thanks to the editors (Kevin J. Anderson, Allyson Longueira and their students at ) for giving my story a chance!


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Jejuniu, jakie to proste, płaskie i szablonowe. Książka (a raczej seria) na pewno ma potencjał, ale tutaj brakuje szlifu i dodania jakiejś ciekawej głębi czy choćby wyjaśnienia pewnych elementów świata. Mam wręcz wrażenie, że to takie "tanie" fantasy. Czyta się nieźle, ale do zapomnienia. A wstęp mówiący o połączeniu kryminału i fantastyki to jakieś nieporozumienie.

Pełna opinia: https://lubimyczytac.pl/ksiazka/5007211/decimus-fate-i-talizman-marzen


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2405.18 — What kind of dragon (behavior or looks) would your MC be?

In one WiP, this question makes as much sense as asking a typical Irish person what kind of Tahitian they would be (body type). In the other, dragons also exist but seem to be (it's not totally defined) the result of some kind of contagious magic. We've already seen a wyvern, wbo is a monstrous fire breathing bat, and will soon realize there is a monitor lizard version (a wyrm?), but by this token there could also be a cat dragon. Thus, this question makes no sense in the other WiP, either.

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R..S.]


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Ch 9 Nbr 18 — Have you written sections where the action occurs against the clock? How did you do it?

My current story segment in serialization takes place over a very short time period, after the last third of the previous story taking place between dusk and dawn. The other story I am working on is a three act story, each act taking place over very few hours.

Writing stories in compressed time isn't much different than writing stories that take place more episodically over longer periods of time. In both cases, I write about what is important for the character and how they deal with events. An example may help.

In the serialization (obviously spoilers if you know which story I'm referring to), the MC realizes that though the leader has left on a military adventure to handle a "guerrilla insurgency," she sees evidence that same foe may attack the capital city. In theory, she's politically second in command. In practice, she has no real power. How she spends that day scheming and conniving with only a title to get a single frigate on patrol drives the story and the clock. It starts with a PTSD episode where she realizes she may be responsible again for innumerable deaths without the power to prevent them, then her working every contact she knows, butting heads with the generals who discount her experience running a crime syndicate (briefly), convincing a discriminated against officer who wants to accept discharge to instead command a museum-piece frigate, getting into a bloody fight with the XO, avoiding what the reader will see as assassination attempts, and it just gets worse with her love interests (plural!) pulling at her heart.

All in 12 hours. Tick-tock! That's one day of three days of escalating existential threats. The fourth day's events take place over one hour, which is about the time it would take to read.

It's no different than writing any other novel.

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R.S.]


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Ch 9 Nbr 16 — What's your target audience? Why?

"Were my trust misplaced, I'd learn something about myself. But, then again, that seemed to be my method of operation: win—or get hurt, pick myself up, make different mistakes." HRH CPE S. G. Regina A. M.

Any set of readers who appreciate all the characters working (whatever that means) to the best of their ability. The above quote is how my MC views getting things done. Plot advancement by stupidity is verboten. They should probably like fantasy or soft / social SF, too.

[Author retains copyright (c)2024 R.S.]


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A TALE OF LOVE AND MONSTERS is a heart-stopping, action-packed fantasy adventure, a unique romance, and a deep, wise parable about self-sacrifice and family stories. Beautifully crafted kaleidoscope of distinctively new and classic legends. A MINUS



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