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You know the dilemma folktale type where four men create a woman? Carpenter carves her, tailor dresses her, jeweler makes her jewelry, scholar brings her to life. And then they fight about who gets to marry her.

Well I just found a Tamil version where the woman dumps all four of them, saying they should care about her own qualities, and not bicker about who did what for her.

And then she goes to the king and requests a proper husband.


#folklore #folktales #feminist #storytelling

JamesFinn, to queer

Welcome to week 2 of @prismnpen #Pride! We sing our love, weep over loss, shout defiance, demand inclusion even in Church, share parenting tips, and debate the “true” meaning of Pride. #LGBTQ, #transgender, #gay, #bisexual, #queer #storytelling 👇


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I was telling a folktale about a prince who likes to wear red leather boots (and in the end he is identified by them, Cinderella style). And the entire time I couldn't help but picture Kinky Boots... 😂 😅

#folktales #folklore #storytelling #KinkyPrince

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Revisiting Franz Xaver von Schönwerth's Bavarian folktale collection (contemporaneous with the Grimms). It has a number of tales where fairies or elves help girls who have gotten pregnant out of wedlock.

Sometimes folklore is surprisingly kind.

#folklore #folktales #fairies #storytelling #Germany #Bavaria

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"Making is not just about creating new objects. It's about imbuing every piece with a part of your story, a fragment of the world as you see it." - Unknown

#craftsmanship #storytelling #artisan #handmade #creativity

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"In the heart of every craftsman, there's a love for the material, devotion to craftsmanship, and the silent pride in saying 'I made this.' Each piece is not just an item; it's a story being told." - Unknown

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"In the universe of craftsmanship, each handstitch is a whisper of time, telling stories that machines can never articulate." - Anonymous

#Craftsmanship #Handmade #ArtisanWork #Storytelling #Timeless

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Reposting an old one (as it’s a good reminder).

Attitude isn't about being positive all the time; it's about figuring out what's important, what's not, and where to put that energy in the moment.


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I see very impressive, very complicated with curves in my TL these days. And again and again the outcry: Why don't people want to understand that!?

Quite simply: because even highly educated non-specialists can't interpret these graphs. Because you show no . Tip: Tell the behind it! Tell it so that EVERYONE understands it. (That's why I love news for children: they do it!) A survey showed: people want more .1/2

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I am searching for folktales for a summer camp where kids can learn about various professions. Including movie stunts.

Does Siegfried count as a stunt man when he takes his friend's place in the duel with Brünhilde? 😆

#folklore #storytelling #folktales #stunts

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First flight trip since the kid. Going to Brussels for a gig. Flight anxiety is real 😬😬 But yay travel 😄

#travel #anxiety #storytelling

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The Amazonia Future Lab https://amazoniafuturelab.fh-potsdam.de will exhibit their interactive video installation on material practices from the indigenous communities of the Upper Xingu at re:publica 24 in Berlin next week!

📆 27–29 May 2024
🔗 https://re-publica.com/de/session/xingu-entangled

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16. What's your target audience? Why?

First and most obviously, enthusiasts, as well as those who are interested in German history and culture.

I also hope that players find these of interest - I am one of these myself, and the old German folk tales I am translating often have the same chaotic energy that the best role-playing game sessions have.

And finally, those with an interest in in general. We should all try to find inspiration in those who came before us, and these stories break a lot of modern storytelling conventions which we take for granted.

(Note: Yes, I know I am a day late with this, but I still wanted to get my two cents in.)

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It can be difficult to come up with a single infographic that summarizes a complex topic without hiding more detailed information. I think this example from The Guardian is excellent. The estimation of the coming climate crisis in a nutshell. “Planet is headed for at least 2.5C of heating with disastrous results for humanity, poll of hundreds of scientists finds”
Source: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/article/2024/may/08/world-scientists-climate-failure-survey-global-temperature

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RiP Alice Munro obituary | Alice Munro | The Guardian


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@AnnaAnthro The article says Munro never embraced the novel. I would argue that she did; her short stories were novels (or perhaps novellas). The completeness and depth of her short stories made them so compelling. The incompleteness and shallowness of so many short stories are a reason I mostly don't like that genre. Munro was the best. RIP .

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  • his evolution from teacher to dad to business owner
  • how he met his wife, Erin Feher of REPCO
  • moving to the Outer Richmond
  • making vegan donuts and more!

Up now at the link in our bio. Also available wherever you get your . Thanks!

📸 Jeff Hunt

Butterfly Joint and Café
Tools hang on the wall at Butterfly Joint and Café
Tools hang on the wall at Butterfly Joint and Café

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I did a half-hour long telling of the myth of Palamedes at Floralia today. It still felt rushed. I'm going to have to turn this into a full hour show. I think Palamedes deserves it.

Working titles:
"The hero that Homer forgot"

"Palamedes and the Invention of Everything"

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livus, to asklemmy in What some Lemmy communities that are dead or very low number of new posts that you would like to get more active?
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Hey, neat! Thank you! It's an "imagination engine" - the original mod @Arotrios kbin.social wrote a detailed description here.

I never really fully got my head around it but it seems to be a combination of art, poetry, music, cinema, mythology, etc and a lot of the posts in it bounce off other posts in it.

I don't think Lemmy uses hashtags but it still gives you an idea:

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Just read an article about a theory that the myth of Asclepius and the story of Alcestis used to make one continuous epic. Which kinda make perfect sense.

The story starts with Asclepius killed by the gods for trying to bring back the dead with medicine.

And it ends with a drunk Heracles bringing back the dead by beating up the god of Death and breaking some of his ribs.

Resurrection. Best accomplished with booze and wrestling.

#mythology #GreekMythology #storytelling

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I managed to complete this yeat's A to Z Challenge, mostly because I scheduled the posts ahead of time.

I also decided to announce my theme for NEXT year... mostly because it will take a whole lot of reading to pull it off :)

Read here:

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