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Gardening, hiking, bike riding, game playing, inactive poly, left-ish/liberal-ish/radical-ish, partisan, urbanist, separated air force, RCV

Very interested in social media and how community is built

software engineering manager by trade


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jalcine, to random
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So The New York Times just be running straight lies for war, eh? Like it mixes it with some truth and left-adjacent voices so it's kind of seen as a both-sides space. (https://jacky.wtf/2024/4/oVWH)

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@jalcine yes. They're oligarch propaganda. They're awful.

Mojoe, to random
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Spotted Bruce Schneier here in the audience for @pluralistic and Randall Munroe.

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@Mojoe that's a hell of an event

jackhutton, to random
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[Bloomberg]: Vietnam Tycoon Lan Sentenced to Death Over $12 Billion Fraud -

Vietnam Tycoon Lan Sentenced to Death Over $12 Billion Fraud

by Nguyen Dieu Tu Uyen and Nguyen Xuan Quynh


#vietnam #corruption #VTP

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@jackhutton this is the way.

Capital punishment for capitalist crimes

qkslvrwolf, to random
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Short term rentals win on location, but real hotels definitely win on beds.

davidho, to random
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Maybe we should end fossil fuel subsidies.

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@Maddogeco capital punishment for capitalist crimes, I say

BlackAzizAnansi, (edited ) to random
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Our property manager just had to tell our HOA president to stop harassing people lol.

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@BlackAzizAnansi I'm sorry you have live in an HOA.

That shit is evil.

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@BlackAzizAnansi feel like people are better at living together in denser areas. I've never had a problem, but pretty much everyone I know in an HOA has.

Sucks enough dealing with zoning BS. Definitely don't need someone else telling me how I can paint or what I can grow.

qkslvrwolf, to random
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This is irresponsible, and the data we have actually shows it won't erupt in violence. Despite Jan 6, there have been multiple other threats of violence, like the mar a lago subpoena, and literally nothing has materialized. They're making violence MORE LIKELY by making folks thinks other people will participate.


Not that we shouldn't be ready. And find out whose side your local cops are on.

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Which side are you on, boys?


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@BlueDot Yeah there are definitely some planning and there may be some who try something. Nor do I not think folks should be ready.

I do think it's unlikely that unless they're all convinced that there's going to be millions out that they'll actually go, though. It's kinda the catch-22 of fascists. They're all fucking cowards, they tend to only show up if they think they're gonna outnumber everyone else.

Drive them back into their holes and they shrink.

qkslvrwolf, to random
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I think we need to start making fraudulent voter challenges illegal. Especially at scale. Like, come with a bunch of bullshit YOU'RE the one that ends up in jail.

cc fucking big lie purveyors that are apparently gearing up to make this year even more of a shit show.

TheOverheadWire, to random
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Tuesday's Most Read # 2 - The Towns Outsmarting Airbnb https://bit.ly/3VUUz99 Reasons to be Cheerful

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@capntransit agreed. Also not sure data supports the level of short term rentals contributing to housing issues people think it does.

crooksandliars, to random
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qkslvrwolf, to random
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I'd really like someone to write up a study of whether Biden's excellent work on student debt relief is translating to any appreciable vote bumps.

I feel like all the people who used to make a big deal about this (Berners) have been quiet about it, but instead of quietly appreciating that he's gotten a lot done they've quietly switched to calling him genocide joe.

@qkslvrwolf@mastodon.social avatar

My hypothesis is that you have to do good works because they are the right thing to do, and then do whatever politicing you have to do to win votes. That contrary to the consistent lefty claims that doing good things for people wins votes, there is basically nothing you can do to satisfy a lot of folks.

@qkslvrwolf@mastodon.social avatar

@kevinriggle It's not that I hear people still whining, it's that I don't hear people giving him credit and talking about how this makes it more likely they'll vote for him.

I don't think this has actually helped him politically, is my point.

And it definitely, definitely should've.

qkslvrwolf, to random
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#Amtrak really screwed up not offering extra trains today to the eclipse.

@qkslvrwolf@mastodon.social avatar

@rst @capntransit Well that is also a problem that should be remedied, then.

qkslvrwolf, to random
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noelreports, to random
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The Washington Post learned about the 'plan' that Trump has/had to end the war within 24 hours, based on anonymous sources familiar with the matter. Trump’s plan reportedly involved pushing Ukraine to cede Crimea and Donbas to Russia.


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@noelreports if that's trump's plan, that's Putin's plan for a pause for a few more years before attacking again.

angiebaby, to random
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Culture is the wealth of the poor.

To sing and dance, to make music or craft stories costs nothing and yet it enriches the one doing it, and often others.

Culture flows from lived experiences, struggles, yearnings, wishes, hopes and dreams.

When you're born rich, there's no struggle, no yearnings, no wishes unfulfilled, no hopes to inspire you, no dreams to achieve. Rather, your life is basically, "That there, that thing, I want that, do you take AmEx, wait, I'm bored with it already."

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@angiebaby I have a personal hypothesis that you need to have some stress and want some things you can't have in order to be mentally healthy. Especially when you're a kid, but also life long. I think this is why most wealthy people, and especially generationally wealthy folks, have so many mental illnesses.

the_etrain, to random
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Fuuuuuck. Yard work season starts today. Fuuuuccccck.

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@the_etrain Kill your lawn, go native. Less work, much better for you and the world. :-)

qkslvrwolf, to random
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Just read a thing from a person who discovered electric lawnmowers are great. That's true! If you have a lawn.


Just_a_fella_EU, to Ukraine German
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@Just_a_fella_EU didn't realize that hadn't happened yet. :rage:

Glad we finally fucking did it.

cryap, to random
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Hello! We want to show Cryap. We already wrote this, but our previous fedi.software instance was shut down without warning, so we had to create a new account. Please follow again if you have followed before.

Cryap is a federated social network written in Rust, which is under development. It can federate with Mastodon, Pleroma and other ActivityPub compatible social networks! We will be glad to new contributors.

You can find out more here: https://codeberg.org/cryap/cryap

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@cryap Been waiting for something like this. :-)

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