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Supporter of progressive economic policy. Aspring small business owner. Volunteer lawyer. Amateur economist. Software developer.

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jrefior, to Massachusetts
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Moody St. bridge in #WalthamMA is currently shut down by police, can't drive or walk across it.

I spoke to an independent photojournalist on site (with First Arrival on Instagram), and he said someone was magnet fishing and found an old bomb
very old... like from some old war

#Waltham #Massachusetts #LocalNews

kim_harding, to random
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China is no longer Germany's leading trading partner
The US overtook China in trading with Germany in the first quarter – a symbolic change, which could continue.

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Is this thanks to fossil fuel exports from US to Germany?

jrefior, to Texas
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"More than a half-million homes and businesses in #Texas remained without electricity by midday Saturday"

"There’s a cacophony of signs, traffic lanes, hedges and small buildings. And it just layers to a vibrant but chaotic environment that is hard to describe.. This area is pretty typical of Houston, a driver’s city with no zoning restrictions."

"The western zone of greater #Houston had 10,000 new home starts in 2023"

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"power plants do annual maintenance in April. That takes thousands of megawatts offline, making it harder for the grid to handle a burst of heat..."

It wasn't particularly hot in Texas in April, but the electricity grid was strained.. "Thanks to crypto mining, data centers, electric vehicles, manufacturing, and more people moving to the state," plus global warming.

"If it’s bad now, what the heck will summer be like?"

#Texas #ClimateChange #ERCOT #energy

ProPublica, to ethelcain
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Academies Still Operate Across the South.

One Town Grapples With Its Divided .

70 years after Brown v. Board, Black and white residents, in this town say they would like to see their schooled together.

But after so long apart, they aren’t sure how to make it happen.


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"As the federal courts repeatedly ruled against the South’s massive resistance, many white people pivoted to a new tactic, one that is lesser known and yet profoundly influences the Black Belt region today: They created a web of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of private schools to educate white children."


#segregation #ushistory #brownvboard

jrefior, (edited ) to apple
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Sucks when your elderly mother, who hardly ever uses her iPhone, spends ~$250 on a cellular apple watch so it'll call 911 if she falls and doesn't respond, and then when she gets it she can't use it because she has an iPhone 6s+ and Apple wants to force her to upgrade so they won't allow it to pair.

So now what's she supposed to do? Spend $800+ on an iPhone she'll barely use just so she won't have to buy another one for 4-5 years?

#apple #aging

jrefior, to random
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This is weird.

"President Joe Biden on Wednesday said he will not participate in fall presidential debates sponsored by the nonpartisan commission that has organized them for more than three decades"

jrefior, to Florida
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"The Florida Highway Patrol arrested the driver of a pickup truck that crashed into the farmworker bus. Troopers said Bryan Maclean Howard, 41, faces eight counts of driving-under-the-influence-manslaughter for Tuesday morning’s crash.. State records show he has previous arrests for alleged driving with a suspended license, leaving the scene of an accident, and marijuana possession"

jrefior, to ukteachers
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"for decades, American schools have been re-segregating... around 4 out of 10 Black and Hispanic students attend schools where almost every one of their classmates is another student of color.

"Fifty years ago, in Milliken v. Bradley, #SCOTUS struck down a plan for integrating Detroit public schools. The ruling undermined desegregation efforts in the north and Midwest, where small districts allowed white families to escape integration."

#education #segregation #poverty

jrefior, (edited )
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"'If you have the tools taken away from you ... by the Supreme Court, then you really don’t have a whole lot of tools,' said Stephan Blanford, a former Seattle Public Schools board member."

#law #racism #inequality #ushistory

jrefior, to maryland
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"If elected, the 52-year-old Alsobrooks would be only the third Black woman ever elected to the Senate, and the first from Maryland."

scottsthoughts, to random
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One thing that always bugs me in tech is when I’m editing code someone else wrote but need to wholesale move a block so it then looks like I wrote it. Then people code review it and I look like an idiot for using a bad pattern that I didn’t even write.

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Their code never makes you look like a genius? Ideally it would balance out

tiesselune, to random
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Tired of explaining to people that if "soy culture is a major cause of deforestation" it does not mean that vegans are destroying the planet since a large part (like, 90%) of said soy is grown to feed livestock, and we would need far less surface to cultivate soy for direct consumption.

In fact you're causing more soy culture and thus deforestation by eating meat than you would be eating soy.

It's exhausting.

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I’ve been vegetarian for 30+ years, am mostly vegan, and I rarely eat soy. With all the soy derivatives in packaged foods, there must be a number of meat-eaters who consume more soy than I do

Loukas, to random
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Half a million displaced by floods in Brasil. Half. A. Million.

We're going to keep seeing these numbers and we're going to get numb to seeing them, and it'll be the new normal. https://www.reuters.com/world/americas/persistent-brazil-floods-raise-specter-climate-migration-2024-05-13/?taid=6642658ec92493000158bfd7&utm_campaign=trueAnthem:+Trending+Content&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=twitter

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A reminder that when corrupt US politicians who work for the oil industry, like Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, complain about the "southern border crisis," they're trying to deflect and distract from the fact that they helped create the situation

jrefior, to random
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“Delays in U.S. assistance, particularly since Israel’s war with Hamas began to preoccupy top administration officials, triggered deep concerns in Kyiv and Europe. Blinken, for example, has visited the Middle East seven times since the Gaza conflict began in October. His last trip to Kyiv was in September.”

jrefior, to ai
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"Stack Overflow, a legendary internet forum for programmers and developers, is coming under heavy fire from its users after it announced it was partnering with OpenAI to scrub the site's forum posts to train ChatGPT...

"AI may consume a quarter of the U.S.'s power grid by just 2030, according to reports from industry professionals and agencies."

jrefior, to Idaho
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"Coeur D'Alene and northern Idaho became known as a haven for extremism and racist groups in the 1970s and '80s when the Aryan Nations relocated its headquarters there. Skinheads held parades in the 1990s"

ComicContext, to random
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Some shows/movies have made me feel this way too

jrefior, to random
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"Leaders of the slaveholding South called the Declaration [of Independence] 'a most pernicious falsehood.' South Carolina’s John C. Calhoun called the very idea of equal rights a 'false doctrine.'..

"The influential 'second' Ku Klux Klan of the 1920s was anti-Catholic and anti-Jewish as well as anti-Black, which was why, unlike the original Klan, it flourished outside the South.. Christian nationalism has been a powerful force throughout America’s history"

@jrefior@hachyderm.io avatar

"He [Trump] made his debut as presidential aspirant on an unabashed white supremacist platform, championing the birther conspiracy that America’s first Black president was not in fact an American. Riding that issue alone, he catapulted to the front of the Republican pack..

"Whether his debut as a white supremacist was opportunism or sprang from conviction hardly matters.. white supremacy has been his calling card, and white nationalists have become the core of his movement"

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"There is no reason to doubt that he [Jamie Dimon] spoke for many of the richest Americans and for other corporate leaders. There was no outcry among them.. They know that Trump’s White working-class followers don’t have to be paid off economically because most care chiefly about the culture wars. Trump can still cut taxes and reduce other obstacles to corporate profit.. Trump will want to make deals for himself and his family, as he did in his first term."

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"White Americans tolerated the systematic oppression of Black people for a century after the Civil War. They tolerated violence in the South, injustice in the courtrooms, a Supreme Court that refused to recognize the equal rights of Black people, women and various minorities...

"Irish Americans may not remember Thomas Nast cartoons.. Italian Americans may not recall that a riot by 'New Orleans’ finest' lynched and murdered 11 Sicilian immigrants and were never charged."

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"Many Catholics seem to have forgotten that they were once the most despised group in America, such that one of the Founders, John Jay, wanted them excluded from citizenship altogether. Most White Americans were at one time members of despised immigrant groups. They were the victims of the very anti-liberalism they are now voting back into power..

"If America's system of government fails.." [it will be because its people failed, not its Founders or institutions]


jrefior, to Economics
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“policymakers should be wary that policies that expand the freedom of some people may come at the cost of the freedom for many more people”

jrefior, to Massachusetts
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"On Friday, the inauguration of the University of Amherst’s 31st chancellor, Javier Reyes, faced numerous disruptions and walkouts by pro-Palestinian students and faculty calling for the university to cut ties with weapons contractors and drop academic discipline charges against 56 students and a faculty member arrested for a sit-in in October.

"Hundreds of protestors marched from the Mullins Center to the Old Chapel.."

@jrefior@hachyderm.io avatar

"Police clashed with and arrested more than 130 protesters on the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus Tuesday night, after students reestablished an encampment in solidarity with Palestine"

#UMass #WesternMass #NEPM

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