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"Evil Does Not Exist," which delves into humanity's relationship with nature, was directly inspired by a collaboration with musician Eiko Ishibashi. #culture #film #ryusukehamaguchi #eikoishibashi #hitoshiomika

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June Caprice (November 19, 1895 – November 9, 1936) was an American silent film actress.

Wikipedia link:

#silentera #cinema #film #movie

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Two Comrades Were Serving (Soviet Union, 1968).

The film is about the Russian Civil War. The focus is the friendship between two decidedly different characters.

Wikipedia link:

#cinema #film #movie #1960s

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It's the side of extreme weight loss rarely seen, but that's why it's needed


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Tammy (1997) from .

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Drive Away Dolls film will drop on the 3rd of June on UK VOD sites. I’ve preordered it on the Apple Store.

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A shy man and his sentient handkerchief best friend visit a remote mountain cabin and discover that only they can save the Earth, in Hanky Panky

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A Powerful Executive Praised for His Efforts Shared Racist, Antisemitic Sentiments in Texts

Ryan Millsap has built important relationships with Black leaders and Jewish colleagues.

But his private communications, copies of which were filed in court, exhibit derogatory views toward those communities.

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How a longtime film critic's death represents the great dissolve of local film criticism

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Trump lawyers say they tried to serve subpoena to Stormy Daniels last month

#film #trump

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Had lowered expectations and they were met. Wasn't expecting much. Didn't get much.
Typical #Netflix Sandler #movie with the added bonus of cameos from the ASEU (Adam Sandler extended Universe).
Sandler must have a lot of friends that owe him favors or need money.
This is what we get for not nominating him for Uncut Gems

#letterboxd #letterboxdfriday #movies #films #cinema #cinemastodon #Reviews #film #filmmastodon #comedy

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Taiwanese film studio snaps up Chinese surveillance camera specialist Dahua

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Ob auf dem Standesamt oder im Bekleidungsgeschäft: Repressalien und Zwänge durchdringen im #Iran alle Lebensbereiche. In "Irdische Verse" erzählen die iranischen Regisseure Ali Asgari und Alireza Khatami mit schwarzem Humor von alltäglichem Machtmissbrauch.

Kinofenster stellt den #Film vor und hat eine iranische Filmexpertin zur Situation des Kinos und der Gesellschaft im Iran interviewt:

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Germany's Anti-Palestinian Stance Is Rooted in Anti-Communism

#communism #film

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Moving Picture World, USA, March 2nd 1912

A Mexican Courtship (USA,1912)

IMDB link:

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Daichi Murase’s understated drama about a dying community in rural Nara Prefecture benefits from Takeshi Dodo’s beautiful cinematography.

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Hiroshi Shoji’s blood-soaked feature presents a sympathetic and layered protagonist fighting to make amends.

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Former Sean Cody gay porn film star sentenced to 99 years for murdering his Alaskan doctor partner

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"When I came across a clip of a song-and-dance number from the 1964 Japanese movie You Can Succeed Too , the MGM musical fangirl in me reawakened. Thus began my foray into an era of Japanese cinema, when entertainers and studios sought to emulate American musical comedies."

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'Princess Bride' star Mandy Patinkin shared a moving detail about the film with a grieving woman

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