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„Qatar is reassessing its role as a mediator between Israel and Hamas, the country's prime minister has said.
Qatar has had a key role - along with Egypt and America - in trying to secure a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas and the release of Israeli hostages.“

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“since last September, under the [Russian] defence ministry, enlisted prisoners must fight until they die or the war is over - whichever comes first.”

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Secret document urges action to weaken the

’s Foreign Ministry has been drawing up plans to try to weaken its Western adversaries, including the , & leverage the to forge a global order free from what it sees as American dominance, acc/to a secret Foreign Ministry document.

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“We need to continue adjusting our approach to relations w/unfriendly states,” states the 2023 document, which was provided to The WaPo by a service. “It’s important to create a mechanism for finding the vulnerable points of their external & internal policies w/the aim of developing practical steps to weaken ’s opponents.”

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The doc for the 1st time provides ofcl confirmation & codification of what many in the Moscow elite say has become a hybrid against the West. is seeking to subvert Western support for & disrupt domestic in the & European countries, thru campaigns supporting & policies….It is also seeking to refashion , drawing closer to , & in an attempt to shift the current balance of .

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…tougher & blunter…than the public doc, the secret addendum, dated April 11,2023, claims the is leading a coalition of “unfriendly countries” aimed at weakening bc Moscow is “a threat to Western global hegemony.” It says the outcome of Russia’s in will “to a great degree determine the outlines of future ,” a clear indication Moscow sees the result of its invasion as bound w/its ability—& other nations—to impose its will globally.

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…The creation of the Concept & the classified addendum followed a call to Russian academics for policy suggestions. One proposal submitted in Feb 2023 to the Foreign Ministry by the deputy head of Moscow’s Institute for the Commonwealth of Independent States, which maintains close ties to ’s apparatus, laid out Russia’s options more bluntly still.

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The academic, Vladimir Zharikhin, called for to “continue to facilitate the coming to power of forces in ,” “enable the of Latin American countries & the rise to power of forces on the far left & far right there,” as well as facilitate “the restoration of European countries’ sovereignty by supporting parties dissatisfied w/ economic pressure from the .”

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"Glascoed: Explosion at BAE Systems Monmouthshire site...

"...It happened at in , ... on Wednesday, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service said...

"...Primarily an arms factory, last year work began on a bomb-making building at the site....

"...The funds were set aside to refurbish and upgrade manufacturing lines making ammunition, mortars, medium and large calibre artillery and tank shells."

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Good to repeat. The logic is clear.
"A victorious Russia that succeeds in its aim of destroying Ukraine entirely, on the other hand, will pose a major conventional military threat to NATO in a relatively short period of time. It will be much harder to deter future Russian aggression and both more difficult and far more costly to defeat it if deterrence fails. "

ISW scenario of Ukraine victory.

Explosions, fire reported at military airfield in occupied Crimea (

Explosions were reported in the town of Dzhankoi in occupied Crimea near a military airfield during the early hours of April 17, according to Russian-affiliated telegram channels. Following the explosions, a large-scale fire reportedly broke out at the airfield.

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