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Gaza has began to attack Central Israel through rockets!
Will the war ever end?

A massive barrage of rockets targeted Tel Aviv and central Israel for the first time in months. The rockets were fired from Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

#news #journalism #war #genocide #humanrights #government #democracy @mastodonindians

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"'I was misidentified as shoplifter by tech...'

"...[Sara] says after her bag was searched she was... banned from all stores using the .

"I was just crying and crying the entire journey home… 'Oh, will my life be the same? I'm going to be looked at as a shoplifter when I've never stolen'.

" later wrote to Sara and acknowledged it had made an error..."

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I'm struggling with seeing stuff ATM. This year will be first one, without my . Me & my family still have from night my Dad died, after failed us all & he lost our personal protections when he was hospitalized in 2022 for ambulatory leg issues. I hate all & every single person who still supports BC NDP on on & citizens of . Not going to stop yelling.

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Again, please see pinned posts with videos of abusing our & rights - in our own home. After refusing to leave for a strictly 911 call. After being told to leave. After being told my Dad has from abusive cops in past. After being told, this is a family & aren't welcomed unless absolutely necessary & it wasn't necessary.

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Did you know that the employees with disabilities often have to go above and beyond to navigate and devise solutions for inaccessible environments?

This additional effort comes with significant mental health costs for these employees.

The burden leads to heightened daily stress levels.

Many people may take these basic necessities for granted, making it challenging for them to empathize with our experience of living in a world not designed for us.

#Disability #HumanRights

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We need to enshrine #HumanRights for everyone, otherwise they do not protect anyone.

One of the reasons for censorship in a country can be because other people's human rights are being violated.

People should read the transcript of @how recent presentation at #EmpoderaLIVE.

It's about Human Rights, censorship and the gaslighting on the political stage that can happen during conflicts.

You can't hold rogue regimes to account if you allow censorship.

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@nobs Guten Morgen, Auf der Suche nach Podcasts bin ich über diese Episode gestolpert mit der Architektin SAMANEH MOAFI. Musste sofort an dich denken, habe die Folge allerdings noch nicht ganz zu Ende gehört.


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The silence from the #MeToo movement, college students, celebrities, #feminists & #HumanRights activists is deafening.

#FreeGazaHostages #BringThemHome

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Katherine Strongwind called the move from an “insult.”

She said there is “nothing about the RCMP.”

“They can hire Indigenous people but it doesn’t change their many violations and their continued role in . are & not to be associated with ,” she said, adding whoever thought of the idea should be fired.

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Armed vigilantes in TX and AZ are collaborating with law enforcement, who have sometimes failed to arrest or charge them—even when vigilantes were filming committing crimes in front of officers, or when police documented violations.

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ICC finally ordered Israel to immediately halt it's violent military operations in Gaza.
What do you think will Israel listen?
The top United Nations court have ordered Israel to halt military operations in Rafah, a landmark ruling likely to increase mounting international pressure on Israel more than seven months into the Gaza war.


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Peru's new bill classifies LGBTQ people as mentally ill! This is the new of society.
Transgender model Carmen Carrera is speaking out against Peru's new bill that officially classifies transgender, nonbinary, and intersex people as "mentally ill"


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@how was at #EmpoderaLIVE this week, talking about #Palestine @NGIZero #SocialHub @fediverse @NGI_Taler and #Synware...

EmpoderaLIVE is an intimate conference gathering experts for two days in #Málaga, organized by

This year's topic was decoding digital colonialism.

This session was particularly improvised as the original plan was to share a dialogue with @hellais on open technologies to guarantee human rights. Enjoy!

ps, avatar

@how @NGIZero @fediverse @NGI_Taler @hellais

We realize that this conference was . We've reached out to the organizers to understand the situation.

The original text that was censored can be found here:

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AmiW, to hamburg German avatar

💧Artist: / in City: , Millerntorstadion,
Harald-Stender-Platz 1, Germany 🇩🇪 05/2024 - Title: "Water is a Human Right" - 💦

LALegault, to humanrights avatar

groups are urging US President Joe Biden’s administration to oppose threats against the International Criminal Court (ICC) after its chief prosecutor’s decision to seek arrest warrants against Israeli officials drew ire in .

In a letter to that was made public on Thursday, more than 100 organisations from around the world called on the US government to “oppose any legislative efforts to undermine the ”.

DemocracyMattersALot, to humanrights avatar

Be sure to call Jeff Landry and give him a piece of your mind at (225)342-0991 or (844)860-1413.

#BoycottLouisiana #JeffLandry #NoRepublicans #Abortion #WomensRights #HumanRights #VoteBlue

Louisiana legislature approves bill classifying abortion pills as controlled dangerous substances

Aleenaa, to news avatar

Good initiative taken by the people to preserve Palestinian culture before it gets completely eroded.

A cozy family-run Palestinian restaurant in Saint Gilles which aims at educating about Gaza’s culture through food.

#news #journalism #humanrights #genocide #culture #food #democracy #education @mastodonindians

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A church of Scotland was receiving donation money from slavery and even refused to apologise for such sinful offence. Ironic isn't it?

The Free Church of Scotland has been accused of “shameful” behaviour after it refused to apologise for receiving money from slavery worth millions of pounds today.


artistsatrisk, to art avatar

When the Director-General of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay speaks of the ARTISTS AT RISK PAVILION in Venice, you sit up!

We were pleasantly surprised to be informed, retrospectively, of her powerful message on World Art Day 2024, which emphasised the key role of the protection of the status and livelihoods of artists and cultural professionals by the UNESCO-Aschberg Programme.


sco7sbhoy, to humanrights avatar

Over 100 MPs and Lords have signed a letter calling on the UK government to respect the International Criminal Court. #ICC #WarCrimes #HumanRights #palestine

Keir Starmer and David Lammy have not signed the letter.


puneetsiinghal01, to accessibility avatar

Accessibility isn't a luxury or a burden—it's essential and affordable.

The negligence and indifference embedded in current designs are a direct affront to inclusivity and equity.

It's time to stop treating accessibility as an afterthought and recognize that without it, everything remains fundamentally broken.

msquebanh, to Canada avatar

& have worsened in most of in the past year & most provincial governments aren't doing enough to address the problem, according to a just-released series of .

, a national based in Mississauga, Ont., gave the federal a near of D-.

junesim63, to humanrights avatar

In other news Jersey approves plans to allow assisted dying for terminally ill adults.

Jersey can make its own laws, as a Crown Dependency, but I hope all the UK governments take note.

msquebanh, to humanrights avatar
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