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The guy to the right, whose dictatorship we finance by producing all of our products in his country, just signed a deal to strengthen his partnership with the guy on the left, who wants to kill us.

How about we stop funding the guy on the right?

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They are the same.

They need you to hate the #UnitedStates and #isreal so they can consume their oil and neighbors.

So they provoke a #war in #gaza through #iran

It's really quite obvious to anyone who observes the #hypocrisy out of the #unitednations regarding current #world conflicts.

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On top of that, the guy on the right steals all out intellectual property of the products we are producing in his country and dumps product below cost price to gain share and destroy our markets. He has a long term plan. We don’t, it seems.

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@randahl BOTH of these morons should be shot by firing squad on public tv !! 🖕🏻

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